Gear to Help Stay More Dry at a Rainy Race

Last week I posted about Racing Well in Unfavorable Conditions.  Many people asked if I had more recommendations got other products I like to use while running in inclement weather.

Gear to Stay Dry at a Rainy Race

During training runs, if the conditions are too miserable like sleet, ice, or torrential downpours, I’ll run inside on the treadmill or rest.  However when it comes to race time, either you race, or you don’t.  Thinking Out Loud, I do have a few favorite products that I like to use.  These are all personal products I use and I’m not getting paid to promote any of them.

Key Factors to Running in the Rain: 
  • Tighter fitting clothing. The clothing won’t get “as heavy” during a run.
  • No cotton. With cotton anything you will chafe and blister, and it will be painful.

My favorite hat is the Shamrock half marathon, and my favorite visor is a Headsweat brand visor with my work store logo on it.  I struggle with migraines if a hat/headband is too tight. Before 2016, I never realized how much hats help.

No rain on my face.
No rain on my face.
When running, I prefer a tight fitting and seamless top.  The less chafing, the better.

Saucony Dash Tank or dash short sleeve or even long sleeve (I do have and like all 3).

Don't let the Sun fool you...when it rains, the top doesn't stick to you either. It's actually just my all around favorite top
Don’t let the Sun fool you…when it rains, the top doesn’t stick to you either. It’s just my all around favorite top

Gortex Jacket:

As I mentioned, this jacket is worth the cost.  It’s my most expensive piece of rain gear and my single favorite piece of rain gear.  It kept me dry in the downpour of Broad Street.  I believe if I wasn’t wearing the Gortex jacket, my race would have gone differently.

As seen here


I prefer spandex bottoms because they don’t hold too much moisture.  I also prefer spandex that doesn’t become see-through in the rain.  So far the Saucony Bullet shorts and capris as well as the Lululemon running shorts.   They are thick enough, when it rains nothing is exposed.

saucony ride 9
Saucony Bullet Capris

Last week, I mentioned using thinner socks while running.  Why? Your feet are probably going to get wet regardless of how thick your socks are.  Thinner socks aren’t going to hold as much water and lay against your feet.


As long as you don’t use a cotton sock, you are significantly less prone to blisters but using a thinner sock reduces that risk even more.

As I mentioned, I do prefer the CEP low cut compression socks.  You can see CEP compression and socks on 99% of my race photos… 

Other Helpful Items:

Bodyglide: To be honest, you can never have enough body glide.

Eaglecreek lockers

I received these products from RockNBlog at no cost. However, I’m not being paid to review them.

Pack it Sport, Wet Dry Bag, and Shoe Holder:

I’m not sure if RockNRoll knew the Weather was going to be disgusting for Spring Racing, but the EagleCreek lockers have come in handy.  The bags themselves are antimicrobial; odor controlled, water repellent and machine washable.  At both Shamrock and Broad Street, I immediately threw my running shoes into the shoe locker and my wet clothes into the Pack-It Sport.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport

It kept them away from my dry clothes and away from me.  I recommend these to anyone. I’ll probably take mine to the beach this summer too.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport
Bonus if you can figure out which shoes are in there
Quick Packing List for a Rainy Race:
Race Outfit:
  • Tight fitting seamless top
  • Rain jacket
  • Hat
  • Tight fitting bottoms
  • 2 Pairs of thin socks
  • Body Glide
  • Plastic bag to put cell phone in
Post Race:
  • Bag to Put Items in
  • Towel
  • Extra Socks
  • Full dry outfit: Sweatshirt, top, bottoms, socks, and shoes. Don’t forget underwear!
  • Warm coffee
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Questions for you:
What are your favorite pieces of rain gear?


  1. How timely! I’m doing a race series this weekend, and the weather looks like rain for both days! The weather is going to be in the forties, so little bit chilly too. Will see what I end up wearing!

  2. Love that shoe locker. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finished a dirty trail run and regretted not having something to put my shoes in when getting back in my car. I’m also glad you figured out that you need to wear a jacket in the cold rain. I overheat too much but sounds like the jacket was a perfect decision for you.

    1. I think I’ve come to the conclusion, I don’t run well in the rain. Between overheating or staying dry, I need to stay dry. It actually doesn’t get as hot as a lot of jackets I own, thankfully.

      Running at First Landing can be like swimming in a mud swamp right? 😉

  3. This is so helpful! I actually love running in the rain and most of my PR’s were set on rainy days lol. I always struggle with what to wear though so I’ll definitely use this in the future!

  4. Great tips! I find the post race dry bag to be CLUTCH. I don’t care how wet I get running but I NEED to get dry and warm right after!

  5. While I’ve never run in heavy rain, sooooo much of this makes sense and I love that you put it out there since being wet is seriously one of the worst things ever. Also… spandex can go see-through when it’s wet?!? Definitely good to know 😯

  6. after all the wet runs you have had lately i know you know your stuff when it comes to rain gear! i’ll have to check out those socks I *gasp* use cotton socks still and probably need to switch because i always get small blisters

  7. I have to say I agree 100% with all of this AND you are the second person to recommend those bags. As someone who has wet stuff all.the.time I think I need those!!

  8. I have a race on Sunday. Right now it says 50% chance of showers. I’m hoping it’ll be more like 30% or less come race day but you never know…

  9. This is great advice. These are things that I usually don’t even think about, but next time I race in the rain, I might be due for a wardrobe change!

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