Golden Gate Diner (Allentown, Pa)

The Golden Gate Diner (Allentown, PA)

Via the Golden Gate Diner Website
Via the Golden Gate Diner Website

In typical LOLZ fashion, while in Bethlehem for the Runners World Festival I drove by a diner.  The Golden Date Diner looked cute, and there were parking spots available, so I doubled back and went.  The Golden Dawn Diner is actually on the outskirts of Allentown.  I immediately sat down at a booth in the back.  It was clear it was a very “regulars” place.  The staff and customers all knew each other!

Golden Gate Diner Atmosphere: A

The outside of the Golden Gate Diner is a shiny metallic building.  I’ve been to a lot of “classic style” diners lately.  I love the look of a long shiny metallic car with Easter colored booths and tables.  The inside was neat and tidy.  The inside atmosphere was clear everyone knew each other.

Golden Gate Diner Service: A

The waitress at the Golden Gate Diner was friendly.  It was clear she knew all of the regulars, and I watched as she chatted with each table.  She knew everyone and made a point to get to know me as well.  I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of a small-town diner where the customers and staff are all good friends.  It’s rewarding to see that because you know people appreciate the diner and become a regular there!

Golden Gate Diner Coffee: B

The coffee at the Golden Gate was good.  It wasn’t unusual but the staple diner coffee you come to expect.  It was slightly burnt, and the whipped cream was good.  One thing I did like was the slightly bigger than average coffee mugs (so sorry, I forgot to take a photo!)

Golden Gate Diner Food: B

The Golden Gate Diner menu is huge, with several options from omelets to salads to wraps.  I asked my waitress what her favorite item was on the menu, and she said the wraps were pretty good.  Since I was racing the 5k the next morning, I didn’t want anything too heavy.  The chicken salad wrap with like the perfect option.  It was jam-packed with leaf lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and, of course, chicken.  I would have preferred more chicken, but I enjoyed it a lot.  I also ordered a cup of vegetable soup but forgot to take a photo of it.


Golden Gate Diner Cost: $

For my food, the total was 8 dollars.  It was the cheapest meal I’ve had in a very long time.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to the Golden Gate Diner (Allentown)?

I enjoyed my food, but I definitely could have used more food! If I’m ever in Allentown again, I wouldn’t be opposed to stopping, but I would probably want to try another diner!  It’s a cute and stereotypical diner.

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: B
Food: B
Cost: $8-12
Overall score: B

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Question for you: Are you a regular anywhere?

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  1. What a deal, $8 for coffee soup and a wrap! Here in FLA it would be $8 for the soup. I have pizza joint that I’m a regular on Tuesday nite. My one cheat is two slices of pizza and a beer.

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