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Often times my shoe choices surprise me. When I first started running the Nike Pegasus was my first running shoe. After running through my first pair of “real running” shoes, I felt as if I needed more cushion.  I left Nike and went to other brands.  I tried the Pegasus on in the store occasionally, but they never felt “good” to me.

Fast forward four years and I found myself truly enjoying the fit and feel of the Nike Pegasus 32.  After I had fallen last month while running in the Nike Vomero, I decided to retire them.  They were just reaching 400 miles and the fall caused them to be stained with blood too.  I retired the Vomero and inserted the Pegasus into my rotation instead. Plus I know one of my dearest (and fastest) friends Kris L loves the Pegasus and realistically who doesn’t want to be like her?

Nike Pegasus Review

Cost: $110
Neutral Cushion

The Colors:
The Nike Pegasus gets it’s own separate color review because of any running shoe in the industry it’s available in the widest range of colors.  My pair is actually a custom “photosynthesis” design.  (On the tongue of the shoe you can see I put LOLZ on it…because why not?) I knew this shoe was an appropriate shoe for me, and I was able to choose the colors later.  I did not just say “oh pretty colors” and buy the shoe.  So a major plus is the wide range of colors this shoe comes in. 

The Fit: 
Repeat after me: Most Nike running shoes don’t run narrow.  The last few models run true to size.  Nike uses “flywire” around the arch, so the shoe hugs the arch but gives plenty of toe box space. Personally I like it. I normally wear a size 9.5 wide or 10, and I comfortably fit into a size 10.  The Pegasus 32 fits true to size.

The Ride: 
Before the new models of Pegasus and Vomero, they used to be very similar. Too similar in fact. Why pay more for the Vomero when the Pegasus feels the same?

Nike has firmed up the cushion in the Pegasus and added more to the Vomero.  I like how firm and peppy Pegasus is.  It reminds me a lot of a firmer zealot.  It’s light weight, but I have run as much as 11 miles and my feet have felt great. The shoe itself is firm and responsive. I was surprised with how much I like the ride of the shoe.

Inexpensive for running shoes ($110)
Light and responsive
Widest selection of colors

Light weight and less cushion
Nike is known to drastically change shoes.  While you might like the Pegasus 32, the 33 could be entirely different.

Who I would recommend it for: 
A neutral runner who enjoys a light weight, firm shoe.  It could be a great shoe for someone already running in the Nike Vomero but wants a lighter shoe for speed or tempo workouts.

Similar options I’ve reviewed:
Saucony Zealot
Hoka Clifton 
Nike Vomero (most similar in fit and feel but has more cushion)

My personal current rotation of shoes:
Saucony Triumph ISO 2 and Saucony Zealot
Nike Pegasus and Altra Paradigm

With this last review, I don’t have anymore shoes to review for a while since I’m working through these.

Questions for you:
What was your first running shoe?
Which shoes are in your current rotation?

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  1. Ohhhh those are so pretty! 😍
    My first pair of running shoes were an utter mistake – they were the huge, chunky sneakers by under Armour when the company first started making shoes. Those suckers were heavy!
    I am a Brooks aficionado at the moment #runhappy


  2. I was first fit into a model of Asics that they don’t make anymore which is when I switched to mizuno. I do agree that the new nikes do not run narrow. That is a common misconception when customers come into the running store and I’m always explaining that it isn’t the case anymore.

  3. First pair was a pair of $39 Nike shoes from Kohls for freshman year of CC. No real complaints now that I think back – however I was so new to running I didn’t have a clue.

    Currently in the rotation – Brooks Pure Cadence 4’s

  4. I love the idea of being able to customize your shoes. I would make a black and silver pair! Although I would just wreck them and get them covered in mud within ten seconds of wearing them, so perhaps nice colours are wasted on me.

    My first shoes were New Balance, and I have no idea what type they were! I just bought the cheapest shoes in the store that actually fitted my feet. I was so lucky not to get injured in the first year that I was running, because I wore my shoes down to nothing and had no clue about whether they were neutral, structured etc.

  5. My first running shoe was the Pegasus back in high school in about 1993!!! I later switched to Vomeros and having been wearing them quite awhile. Also just added Hokas in last year. But I just ordered the prior season Pegasus 31 on Bc it was 1/2 price and I gotta say – I like it!i can def tell there’s less cushioning than Vomero obviously but it’s springy and light and it fits my foot perfectly. No issues right out of the box. I’m happy with my throwback. I’ve always liked Nikes!

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