Mustache Bills (Long Beach Island)

Mustache Bills, Long Beach Island

Last week Tim and I made the trip to Mustache Bills Diner on Long Beach Island. This is not to be confused with Long Island. Mustache Bills (LBI) is one of the most popular diners in the entire state!  I had been wanting to go since moving to New Jersey, but I live about 90 mins away, so it was a hike.  During the offseason, Mustache Bills are only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which are never the days I’m off.  Finally last week, we made it. Mustache Bills is named after owner Bill Smith.

mustache bills

Mustache Bills was even featured on the Food Network!  Needless to say, it’s been on my “diner to do list” for a while!

Atmosphere: A

The atmosphere of Mustache Bills is typical of a shore diner.  It’s open, airy and has a nautical theme.  We arrived around noon, and there were plenty of open booths.  Mustache Bills is small, and I can see why it would get extremely crowded.  Luckily for us it wasn’t crowded, and we were even able to get a booth.  There is one big open room and then an entire back seating area too.

Coffee: A

The coffee was perfect.  I might be biased, but they added more whipped cream than actual coffee.  Mustache Bills Coffee

It came in a clear coffee mug and was so dark it looked like Guinness. Before the meal, I felt as if I had enough sugar.  Even Tim was jealous of the amount of whipped cream in my coffee.  The waitress also gave plenty of refills, so we were well coffee hydrated.

His and her coffees
His and her coffees

Service: A

The waitress was very friendly and accommodating.  Our food was out within 10 minutes of ordering, and she came back several times to make sure we were doing well. In fact, Mustache Bills Diner had one of the best and fastest services f any diner.

Food: A

The menu at Mustache Bills is extensive and they have some of everything from pancakes to omelets with home fries to sandwiches, and batter dipped chicken tenders. They even have chicken and tuna salad and chipped beef. Mustache Bills (Long Beach Island) is known for their pancakes, and that’s exactly what I ordered.

Mustache Bills is open until 3 pm on most days, so they also have lunch options too.  There are many different options from pancakes and eggs to salads and sandwiches.  I ordered scrambled eggs and pancakes.  I should have taken a better photo because the pancakes were about the size of my hands.

mustache bills pancakes

Since Mustache Bills is well known for creative shapes and pancake designs, I also ordered a mustache shaped pancake. The pancakes were light and fluffy but still filling.  The batter was sweet.  I’m a pancake snob, and I don’t like paper thin pancakes.  These weren’t dense bricks but weren’t as thin as pieces of paper.

Mustache pancake
Mustache pancake

Cost: $$

For my coffee, three pancakes, and eggs the cost was $13.  It wasn’t expensive at all.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back?

I enjoyed Mustache Bills, and I’ll be back.  The 90-minute drive is worth it in my opinion!

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $8-13
Overall: A
 Questions for you: 

Have you ever had or made a creative shaped pancake?
If I can make edible food it’s a success…
Where are your favorite pancakes from?  (Feel free to post a link)

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  1. Yum! I love Mustache Bill’s!!! They really do have the best pancakes/breakfast. My friend’s family has a beach house 5 minutes from there and we always go there for breakfast at least once a trip. Now I want to go there sooner than next summer lol 🙂

  2. I remember crazy Mustache Bill from like the first season of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives! Glad it was good, Hollie!

  3. I grew up spending every summer in LBI so this place holds a special place in my heart. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. i love pancakes especially flavored pancakes. best i had was kerby lane cafe in austin! i have never tried to make pancake shapes, im lucky if they turn out as circles 🙂

      1. usually its blueberry with cinnamon but sometimes i cant resist a seasonal flavor like gingerbread. yum! how about you?

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