Training: Mile Repeats & 2 Year PR

I think the majority of training posts I start out with “this was an unusual week for me”.  If I have a regular training week, then my blog will become boring.  I suppose that’s what happened when I ran oodles of junk miles. Speaking of that, I do have a post about how I changed my mindset and training coming soon.

Back to training this week:

Monday: Despite running the Panther Prowl 5k (19:04) and the Run the Vineyards XC 5k (20:30), I felt great.  I had an easy but strong run.

Tuesday: #tuesdaybruiseday I had serious DOMS, and it was my hardest run of the week.  Not every run is pretty but I felt better after the run.

Workout Wednesday: 4×1 Mile (hill) repeats (6:36, 6:00, 6:25, 6:06) With 90 seconds rest

As you can see consistency wasn’t my strong point.  I did a mile course around my neighborhood.  The first and third mile end with a steep .25 hill.  The 2nd and 4th miles went down that same hill. I’m happy with the effort and to average a 6:15 pace with hills, I’m thrilled.  In summary repeats, 1 and 3 were uphill, and 2 and 4 were downhill.

mile repeats

Thursday I rested. 

Friday: I did a shakeout run in Bethlehem. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you know I raced the 5k/13.1 this weekend. I could have done the trail run on Friday but, to be honest, that was too much for me. The trail run, especially, would be risking an injury.

I’ve been running healthy and taking a second trip to the ER this month is not worth the medal. Long story short, I did a shakeout run instead of going for the “grand slam” of all four events.  I think sticking with the 5k and half marathon was the best option for me and I’m glad I went that route!

Saturday: 5k: 18:55

This race is my fastest 5k in over two years. It was on a hilly and difficult course. I’m shocked with the time because of the course profile.  I have run under 19 minutes twice before, but they were on the flattest and fastest race courses possible.  This course was the opposite.  I ended up being 3rd women which is my best race finish in a while!

High Fiving Bart at the end of the race
High Fiving Bart Yasso at the end of the race

Sunday: 13.1: 1:28.13

Another surprising but great race for me.  I’ll try and have both race recaps up this week.  The course was hilly and I ran a range of splits from 6:21 (mile 7) to 7:15.

Total mileage: 70

Workout mileage: 20.2

Core: One thing I haven’t mentioned is that I’ve been doing core work at least 3-4 times a week.  I still like to do the Nike Training Club 15 minute core activities.  The app is free and I’m not being paid to promote it.  I like having someone/something to tell me what to do…otherwise I’m not as likely to work as hard.


This week was a successful week. My faster miles is a much higher percentage than normal, but that comes with running a half marathon!

So far this is probably my most training week to date. I know that sounds repetitive, but I’m glad to finally getting back to my previous fitness. Tonight I’m getting a deep tissue massage that I desperately need. 

Questions for you:
How was your week of training?
Have you ever tried trail running?
Do you do core work?  What is your favorite type, have you ever tried the Nike Training Club App? 



  1. What a great week Holly! I’ve been following the progression in your 5K times and it is so inspiring, especially on tired legs!!

  2. YAY!!! This is so awesome! I knew your PR was coming after all of the hard work you have been putting in lately. And that you got a Yasso high five at the end of it is icing on the cake. Congrats on breaking 19 and on a tough course. Your training has been really fun and encouraging to read and I’m so glad you’ve made it through smart and without injury, almost as good as the PR!

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping my 5k PR of 18:35 is finally broken soon. I haven’t run under 19 in two years so this was a huge step for me. I always appreciate your advice and comments Sam, thank you so much for following :-).

  3. LOVE that you’re hitting such amazing times, Hollie! Congrats to you! And trail running/racing is the best, IMHO!

  4. I saw you on the bridge in the 5k and you looked strong! Way to go! I do love trail running and can’t wait to get back into it! (I’m 10 weeks postpartum) its certainly way different than road running! Can’t wait to read your race recaps!

  5. Congrats! On what days and time of day do you do the core work? Do you do it at the end of the day or right after a morning run? On long run days or speed work days? Day before speed work? I’m always wondering when to do strength work as to not be over-exhausted for a speed work or something. Any insight into your timing would be cool!
    Thank you.

  6. WOW what a speedy 5K and half!! Congrats! (And smart on skipping the trail, in that environment it can be so hard to say no, but if you know it’s too much its smart to draw the line!)

    1. I completely agree Nicole. I knew if I lined up at the 10k and “took it easy”, I would probably run too fast for a cool down!

  7. Congrats! You’ve worked really hard for that 5k time!

    I don’t do core workouts, but I should. It’s one of those things that I’m perpetually thinking about adding to my schedule, but I never just bite the bullet and do it. I always find it odd/sad that I can motivate myself to get up at 7am on a Saturday for a nine mile run but can’t motivate myself to do a short ab session a few times a week.

    1. That sounds like me…I always try and get motivated to do core work and put it off until the last minute LOL.

  8. So cool to see all the work coming together, 2 kick ass races in one weekend! Can’t wait to hear about all the RW stuff too!

  9. I’m excited to read about the recaps.
    Some great race results after a back-to-back last weekend. Awesome 2-year PR, and looking forward to seeing if you can break 18:35 soon.

  10. Amazing job Hollie! I can’t believe how fast you are..especially after hearing that it’s a hilly course! I personally always run faster on hilly courses, but that’s just because I live in a really hilly area and that’s where I always train. Happy to see you’re getting back to those super speedy times and hope you can get a new PR soon- you earned it!

    1. I often wonder if maybe I do excel on hillier courses. There is obviously uphill but downhill too!

  11. Awesome week! Pretty soon, you won’t be as surprised you are kicking a** because you’ve definitely earned it by putting in solid training. Very happy for you!!

  12. Ugh I need to do more core work. and cross training in general. I find when I’m cross training, i’m more motivated to run. BUT a good motivation is that its FINALLY cooling down out here!! High of 75 today woohoo!!

  13. So happy for you with how your races went this weekend! I keep saying I’m going to get back into core again, I just need to make it happen.

  14. looking forward to your race recaps. you should come race in dc, lady! we have so many good ones here. and we have a silver diner (well, it’s in va but close enough). have you ever been there?

    1. I have been to Silver Diner. We have one in NJ (I reviewed it actually). We used to have a few in Hampton Roads but they closed them! It was so sad.

  15. You had an incredible week! Seriously – I’m so impressed. Trail running sounds and looks fun but I’m not apt to try it any time soon because it’s so easy to fall and hurt yourself. I think you were smart to run the most important events to the best of your ability. I can’t wait to see what kind of 5K times you’re able to throw down this fall. That old PR doesn’t stand a chance. 🙂

  16. Yaya, so much good stuff here! Corework has made a huge difference for me too, especially in terms of maintaining good form during the later stages of a run.

  17. You totally killed BOTH hilly courses and it was so great!!! I think there was something about the weekend that made for magic feet because I felt unusually great though out the half as well 🙂 So happy for you and glad I was there to see it…afterward anyway…

  18. You had a crazy week, and then to top it off with TWO amazing races?! That is so impressive! You just keep getting stronger and stronger! So glad we could all meet up this weekend!

  19. Nice job with a crazy week! I’ve heard of the app but never used it. I totally get that though, I need someone to tell me what to do with my workout or else I don’t push myself as hard.

  20. Great week:-)
    Total miles training this week was 14 for me. No races this past weekend but ran the beach Saturday 3.2 miles of hot and humid😝
    I have never done the trail runs but really would love to.
    I do a lot of core work. Planks mostly. 8 minutes of torch Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Try and do weight training on those days as well, and run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
    All your posts keep me motivated to keep on going👍 thank you!!!

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