August Training

It’s hard to believe another month is down.   August was about the same as July.  It was a great training month and I made it through the toughest month (for me) without getting injured.  Normally I either burn out or get injured in August…but for the last two Augusts I was also training for a marathon (NYCM and Wineglass which I DNS).

I believe my body is beginning to absorb track workouts for the 5ks and I will see the benefits in the fall.

Total mileage: 292

Delaware Kid Fund 5k (21:33)
HJMC 5k (20:13)
Judy Johnson 5k (20:33)
Belmar Chase 5k (19:34)
United Medical 5k (19:59)

Range of paces: 5:53-12:13-untimed
Longest Run: 15
Shortest Run: 1.23 warmup
Favorite Run:
Despite not having a standout race I really enjoyed the Belmar Chase. It was a great to race with so many people as well as get out of South Jersey for a race!
Number of Rest Days: 5
Best Training Run:
My favorite training run was the ladder workout I did with Tim a few weeks ago. It was:
(2X800s,2X600s,2X400s,2X200s, 2X400s)
I felt really good and it was the first workout that I realized I enjoy going to the track!

Belmar 1

Thoughts for the month:

During August I normally realize I did too much and one of two things happen: I either burnout or I get injured.

I am happy to report neither of those happened.  I believe it’s because I  focused on shorter distances and didn’t run 20 mile long runs through the summer.  It is not the right move for me right now!  In August I trained consistently and smart.

I’m slowly making progress towards my goals.  Slow and steady wins the injury free race.  I am currently writing an entire summer training recap post because honestly it was the best summer of training in a very long time.  I trained happy and most importantly I stayed healthy and enjoyed running!

austin jeff and I

September will be the busiest month in general for me.  There are a lot of race I want to do, however, moving will take precedence.  I want to continue racing as much as possible but I think next month I’ll have to skip a weekend or two!  (Insert ten sad emoji faces).  I’ll still continue speed workouts to keep progressing towards my goals.

me run

Questions for you: 

How was your August training?

Are you ready for fall?  Do you have any fall goal races? 


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  1. Wow, you had a great August!! I love how many races you run and your monthly mileage is phenomenal! Have a fabulous day! XOXO

  2. You’re crushing it out there! Your consistency and hard work are clearly paying off.

  3. Great job in August! I’m so happy to hear that you’re still uninjured. Great job Hollie! I have a goal race in October, and two 5ks in September that I’m really excited about. Fall should be a good season for me!

  4. You’re doing awesome!!

    August was a solid month for me. I upped mileage and tried something new, trail running. I ran a trail half marathon last weekend and it may have been the hardest race I’ve done – the elevation was insane, and with all of the roots and trees down it made it extremely difficult.

    I am toying around the idea of running Columbus marathon next month but haven’t decided yet. Other than that I have a half and a 5K planned.

  5. You win!!! Injury free August for the first time in three years! Celebrate with dinner at a diner, duh!

  6. Love it!!! I wish I was completely injury free but, I’m getting there. August was a great month for me and let’s hope Oct is too, right? RW here we come!

  7. You had an amazing August run-wise! I’m sure September will prove just as good. I’m ready for Fall and Fall temperatures. Enough Summer!

  8. What a great month! Killing it! You can see it in your race times, too – they keep dropping! I feel like I’m watching my cross country runner kids tell me about their races in XC season – they start at one point and get faster and faster with each race. So awesome!

  9. Woohoo for a great August! Excited to see how much butt you continue to kick this month too. 🙂

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