August Training

It’s hard to believe another month is down.   August was about the same as July.  It was a great training month and I made it through the toughest month (for me) without getting injured.  Normally I either burn out or get injured in August…but for the last two Augusts I was also training for a marathon (NYCM and Wineglass which I DNS).

I believe my body is beginning to absorb track workouts for the 5ks and I will see the benefits in the fall.

Total mileage: 292

Delaware Kid Fund 5k (21:33)
HJMC 5k (20:13)
Judy Johnson 5k (20:33)
Belmar Chase 5k (19:34)
United Medical 5k (19:59)

Range of paces: 5:53-12:13-untimed
Longest Run: 15
Shortest Run: 1.23 warmup
Favorite Run:
Despite not having a standout race I really enjoyed the Belmar Chase. It was a great to race with so many people as well as get out of South Jersey for a race!
Number of Rest Days: 5
Best Training Run:
My favorite training run was the ladder workout I did with Tim a few weeks ago. It was:
(2X800s,2X600s,2X400s,2X200s, 2X400s)
I felt really good and it was the first workout that I realized I enjoy going to the track!

Belmar 1

Thoughts for the month:

During August I normally realize I did too much and one of two things happen: I either burnout or I get injured.

I am happy to report neither of those happened.  I believe it’s because I  focused on shorter distances and didn’t run 20 mile long runs through the summer.  It is not the right move for me right now!  In August I trained consistently and smart.

I’m slowly making progress towards my goals.  Slow and steady wins the injury free race.  I am currently writing an entire summer training recap post because honestly it was the best summer of training in a very long time.  I trained happy and most importantly I stayed healthy and enjoyed running!

austin jeff and I

September will be the busiest month in general for me.  There are a lot of race I want to do, however, moving will take precedence.  I want to continue racing as much as possible but I think next month I’ll have to skip a weekend or two!  (Insert ten sad emoji faces).  I’ll still continue speed workouts to keep progressing towards my goals.

me run

Questions for you: 

How was your August training?

Are you ready for fall?  Do you have any fall goal races?