Training Week 1: 45 miles

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted a consistent training log since February.  The last few months have flown by so it really feels like it hasn’t been that long.

As I said on Friday, the goal of the next few weeks is to build a base.  I haven’t run consistently since the marathon so my running base has faded.

Use it or lose it!

And I have lost quite a bit of my base.  I know I will gain that back with consistent mileage.Right now it wouldn’t be smart to run 70 mile weeks or jump back into running.  I would run right into a the ER with a stress fracture diagnosis.

Building a base is about staying consistent.  I like base building because it means easy miles.  Your miles become faster and within a few weeks you feel strong and ready to conquer the (running) world. I think in about 2-3 weeks I’ll feel stronger.

So from now until late May I will be building back my base.  After Broad Street 10 miler (today),I will be adding more weekend 5ks to my schedule.  That will add a little bit of speed into my weekly mileage (and change of scenery).  If everything goes according to (the healthy) plan, I will begin adding speedwork in June.

But this post is primarily about this week: 

Coming back into real life this week was a shock to the system.  My body was not used to running on land (we had to run on a treadmill on the cruise since I am not Jesus).  I didn’t feel good or bad.  I did feel like I’ve recently upped my mileage and began running again.

Rewind to last week: On the cruise, we began running consistently so I’ve worked myself back into running some mileage again.  I didn’t go 0-45 in a week.  I’m not having any aches or pains and hopefully it stays that way.  I’m still doing physiotherapy on my hip just to make sure I don’t redevelop any issues.  For me, I never do the little things until it’s too late.  I am still receiving ART and going to release any excess scar tissue even though I’m running injury free.

From personal experience, my running goes well until it doesn’t.  Instead of ignoring (or being oblivious) to little things, this time I plan is to work and strengthen little things.  I will be doing more strength instead of more mileage.  I’ll still be eventually running around 70-80 miles (not 100) but I will be spending 15 minutes to work core, and strengthen.  If that means cutting a run short to do that…that means cutting a run short.

I want to work more on preventative care before my issues manifest into something more…again.  Part of running is learning from past mistakes and not remaking them.  I learned my first marathon training cycle that I didn’t need to run 100 mile weeks or back to back 20 milers to succeed.  I learned my second marathon training cycle that I have a lot of imbalances that need to be addressed.

So with all of that here is week 1 of training.  It’s nothing too exciting at all.

Monday: 10 miles easy

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: 7.35 miles easy

Thursday: 10.75 miles easy

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 7.35 miles easy

Sunday: Broad Street 10 miles

Each day, I also did 15 minutes of strength training for my hips and glute meade.

The routes and mileage are just runs around my neighborhood and lake.  The 7.35 miles is not the be all, end all distance but a path I found that works well.  If I ran 7 miles or 8 miles, it wouldn’t matter either way.  I’m sure next week I’ll find a different route to mix it up.

Next week:

I plan to add a few more miles and run a local 5k.  I also plan to begin doing core work.  To be honest, I didn’t want my core to be sore before running Broad Street this week HA!

Questions for you:

What kind of preventative maintenance do you do for your running?

How was your week of workouts?