A Year of Diners

March 8th marks an important date for me and LOLZ blog.

It’s the one year anniversary that I have been reviewing New Jersey diners.

Thoughout my year of reviewing diners, I have been to some gems, some terrible diners and some in between. To celebrate, I thought I would do a brief recap and stats (with the best and worst).

In my personal experience, I can group diners in NJ into two main categories.

1. The Greasy spoon diner-This is a diner you picture.  It only serves fried and greasy food.  It could have grease still on the table and the regulars come in every morning.

2. The high class diner-This type of diner normally has a full bar, as well as an in house bakery.  In my opinion, they are better.  It’s more of a restaurant with the name diner thrown at the end.  We have spent 20-30 dollars per meal at a diner like this before.

There are a few diners in between greasy and fancy but not too many. 

Total diners: 52 (out if 199)…right on track

Favorite diners:
North Jersey: The Brownstone diner and Pancake Factory

The pancakes.  That is all. 

Brownstone Diner Coffee
Central Jersey: Mastoris

The cheesy bread and desserts make it the best.  I love how inexpensive and big the portion sizes are!

South Jersey: Vincentown

One of the most expensive diners but the food is well worth the price! 

Least favorite diner: Ponzio’s

The canned pear and frozen salmon was something I could have made at home!  

Best cake: Mastoris Red Velvet

Best coffee: (with whipped cream): Vincentown or Mastoris (both have homemade whipped cream which bring them to number 1)
Friendliest staff: Tops Diner
Greasiest spoon: Route 38 diner
Best atmosphere: Ewing Diner

Biggest Portion Sizes: Mastoris

A giant plate of duck
A giant plate of duck

Smallest Portion Sizes: Americana Diner

Most expensive: Americana Diner

Biggest Disappointment: Route 38 Diner (I was hungry right after leaving)

Biggest Surprise  (Most underrated): Whitman Diner.  This is one of my favorite diners in South Jersey.  I loved the tuna and avocado salad!

Whitman Diner Salad

Diners I want to try soon:
North Jersey:
Red Oak Diner
West field

Central Jersey:
Wisdom diner

South Jersey:
Palace Diner

I cannot wait to explore another years worth of diners and continue my journey.

Question for you: What is the best restaurant food you have ever had?