A Year of Diners

March 8th marks an important date for me and LOLZ blog.

It’s the one year anniversary that I have been reviewing New Jersey diners.

Thoughout my year of reviewing diners, I have been to some gems, some terrible diners and some in between. To celebrate, I thought I would do a brief recap and stats (with the best and worst).

In my personal experience, I can group diners in NJ into two main categories.

1. The Greasy spoon diner-This is a diner you picture.  It only serves fried and greasy food.  It could have grease still on the table and the regulars come in every morning.

2. The high class diner-This type of diner normally has a full bar, as well as an in house bakery.  In my opinion, they are better.  It’s more of a restaurant with the name diner thrown at the end.  We have spent 20-30 dollars per meal at a diner like this before.

There are a few diners in between greasy and fancy but not too many. 

Total diners: 52 (out if 199)…right on track

Favorite diners:
North Jersey: The Brownstone diner and Pancake Factory

The pancakes.  That is all. 

Brownstone Diner Coffee
Central Jersey: Mastoris

The cheesy bread and desserts make it the best.  I love how inexpensive and big the portion sizes are!

South Jersey: Vincentown

One of the most expensive diners but the food is well worth the price! 

Least favorite diner: Ponzio’s

The canned pear and frozen salmon was something I could have made at home!  

Best cake: Mastoris Red Velvet

Best coffee: (with whipped cream): Vincentown or Mastoris (both have homemade whipped cream which bring them to number 1)
Friendliest staff: Tops Diner
Greasiest spoon: Route 38 diner
Best atmosphere: Ewing Diner

Biggest Portion Sizes: Mastoris

A giant plate of duck
A giant plate of duck

Smallest Portion Sizes: Americana Diner

Most expensive: Americana Diner

Biggest Disappointment: Route 38 Diner (I was hungry right after leaving)

Biggest Surprise  (Most underrated): Whitman Diner.  This is one of my favorite diners in South Jersey.  I loved the tuna and avocado salad!

Whitman Diner Salad

Diners I want to try soon:
North Jersey:
Red Oak Diner
West field

Central Jersey:
Wisdom diner

South Jersey:
Palace Diner

I cannot wait to explore another years worth of diners and continue my journey.

Question for you: What is the best restaurant food you have ever had? 



  1. I love your diner reviews. You should compile them all into a book once you’ve finished reviewing all the diners in New Jersey!

  2. I can’t help but laugh at Ponzio’s, because all I’ve ever heard from Amelia is, “F’in Ponzios!” so I’m not surprised by the rating, ha. Also, let me know when you want to try a Westfield diner. There are a TON in the Westfield/Cranford/Garwood/Clark/Scotch Plains area, and you should probably try them all. 🙂

  3. I love reading your diner reviews because I like writing and reading about restaurants here, restaurants where we travel, and in general. Now I know where to go if I’m ever in NJ, bc I trust other people’s recommendations if I know them, more so than google or yelp or facebook.

  4. I love reading your diner reviews! I wish I had that kind of money to go out to eat so often! I think the best food I’ve ever had at a diner was at Hal’s right down the street. They have the BEST POTATO PANCAKES (latkes) in the world! I could eat plates and plates, and then go sleep so I could eat some more. It’s definitely a greasy spoon, but the grease is filled with love, so that makes it great!

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