The Town Diner (East Windsor)

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet Christine at the Town Diner (East Windsor, NJ).

This diner is not to be confused with the Town and Country diner ten miles south or the Hightstown diner right down the road. We made plans spur of the moment, and I found myself with a date the morning of! Christine has been a world traveler this month, so it was nice to catch up with her while she was back in the Garden State.

The Town Diner Atmosphere: A
The outside decor of the Town Diner is shiny and metallic. It screams diner. Being right down the road with the Americana diner, it has stiff competition to draw in customers.  It is a classic diner and draws you right in.

town diner


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The inside of The Town Diner has multiple booths and tables. It is kept well to the upscale diner theme. Even though it was lunchtime, it was empty. I was surprised! The staff is very friendly and certainly inviting.

The Town Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at the Town Diner was good. Something I could appreciate was that it wasn’t in a boring white mug. I know white coffee mugs are cheaper for diners for restaurants, but I enjoy diners that choose a different color. As with life, it’s the inside that matters, but I could appreciate the change of coffee mug scenery. The actual coffee with whipped cream was great, though, and I have no complaints.

Town Diner Coffee

The Town Diner Food: A
The Town Diner menu has a seafood flare. There is just about anything you can imagine a diner to have but in an upscale way. It was evident while its a diner, it’s a very upscale diner. I ordered the Mediterranean salad.  All of the salads come with soup, and it was my lucky day because they had lentil!  My two favorite soups are lentil and split pea, and I always feel like I hit the lottery when a restaurant has them.

Town Diner lentils

The salad was heavily dressed, chopped, and had chicken, onions, olives, artichokes, and mixed greens.

It was one of the best salads I’ve had so far. I have complaints. It was delicious.   I like when the salad dressing is thicker and not water-based.  They didn’t skimp out at all, which was nice.

Town Diner Salad

The Town Diner Cost:$
For my salad, coffee, and side of pita bread, it was only 15 dollars.

Overall thoughts: A
Would I come back to the Town Diner?
I have absolutely no complaints about this diner. It was perfect.  The Town Diner is a nice upscale diner and a great restaurant in general.

Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: A
Food: A
Coffee: A
Price: $10-20

The Town Diner is one of the best diners I’ve been to in New Jersey. It’s very close to exit eight on the turnpike and one I would recommend.

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite coffee mug?
What is your favorite type of soup? 

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  1. The outside looks like one of those Silver Diners in VA. Salad looks yum- I like chopped salads too. I think I like all soups- I used to love French onion when I was little, but I haven’t ordered that in forever. I actually love clam chowder, chicken noodle, and creamy tomato the best but I like the ones you mentioned too.

    1. There is a Silver Diner right down the road from me actually. I was bitter when it closed in VA…it’s so good!

  2. That diner looks great 🙂 It’s basically my vision of what a diner would look like in my imagination, despite never having been to one.

    Lentil soup is my favourite too! It’s really easy to make as well, which is always a plus with me. I have quite the collection of coffee mugs, but they all feature Eeyore on them…it’s kind of a standing joke between me and my parents that I have the same personality as Eeyore. If they ever see an Eeyore mug then they tend to get it for me to add to the army I already have living in the cupboard.

  3. I really love that diners are your thing! While there is absolutely nothing wrong with people being “foodies,” I love how you like to keep is simple.

  4. Another winner in the dirty Jerz. My favorite soup is a tie between tomato and chili. I love tomato on rainy days and chili when I have taco chips to dip in it. My favorite mugs have either a weird structure or a catchy saying. I used to collect mugs, until they stopped meaning anything and so I gave them away. Now I have three mugs all which I cherish and remember why I got them 🙂

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