Colonial Diner (Woodbury)

Colonial Diner (Woodbury)

One of my good friends and I found ourselves hungry and bored last week. Part of the luxury of working retail is that your off days usually fall in the middle of the week. She was coming back from deployment so had a week off (we aren’t generally randomly bored on weekdays).

After googling diners, we found the Colonial Diner in Woodbury, NJ.  There are so many Colonial Diners in NJ. It might be the most common diner name! It was only a few miles from my house. After we got there, we noticed the entire parking lot was full. It was at that point I knew the diner must be good.

Colonial Diner (Woodbury) Atmosphere: B
The outside of the Colonial Diner in Woodbury is a cobblestone building. It is nothing too exciting. The Colonial Diner itself is located right near train tracks, and during our meal, several trains went through.

The inside is divided into two sections, both full of booths and tables. I was disappointed we didn’t sit in the section with the jukeboxes. The Colonial Diner itself is clean and tidy. The staff was friendly, but it was nothing extraordinary.

Colonial Diner (Woodbury) Coffee: B
The whipped cream was homemade. It was towering over the coffee and good. I was, however, disappointed because I was hoping to get a refill. I guess I’m just a coffee guzzler. If a menu states they give free refills, then I always hope for more than one serving.

Black tie affair menu?
Black tie affair menu?

Colonial Diner (Woodbury) Food: A
The Colonial Diner menu is massive, and food is good. The Colonial Diner menu has everything you could hope for in a diner. Plus in addition to “normal” diner options, they have a lot of gluten-free and healthy choices. The Colonial diner is a true hidden gem.

I ordered the Greek salad with chicken. Usually, Greek salads come with romaine lettuce. This lettuce was much greener than the standard Lettuce. The salad came with olives, feta, peppers, anchovies, onions, and the untraditional chickpeas. I thought the dressing was a bit light and watery, but it was still good. It was in the top third diner salads I’ve had.

colonial diner salad

colonial diner

Colonial Diner (Woodbury) Cost: $
For my salad with chicken and coffee, it was 16 dollars.

Overall thoughts: A
Would I come back to the Colonial Diner (Woodbury)?
The Colonial Diner (Woodbury) is better than I expected. I do plan to come back at some point soon. They have a lot of different cakes to try. My only real complaint is that I wish I had been able to get more coffee.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: A (top third)
Cost: 10-20 per meal
I’ll be back, and I hope they can refill my coffee this time.

Question for you:  Do you like anchovies? 


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  1. Homemade whipped cream? That’s pretty special. I think the chickpeas on the salad are a great touch. You can never have enough chickpeas! They should give free refills at every diner. I used to work at one and it costs barely anything to brew vats of coffee.

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