Timely New Year Resolutions

Last year I posted about my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions and how I kind of, sort of conquered them.  I also said most of my goals would probably roll over until next year.   With minor tweaks most of my goals have rolled over, so I’m not sure why it took me two weeks to copy and paste my 2015 goals.  My main New Year’s Resolution is to be on time and yet I’m publishing this post two weeks after New Years…


Goals for 2015:

Running Goals:

I want to PR in the 5k.  18:35 is my PR and with proper focus and training, I would like to hit that again.  I haven’t run a sub 19 minute 5k since July 2013.  Looking back at 2014, the goal of breaking 18 might have been a bit overzealous. I’ll start with getting back to my PR.

I break this up by the following:

First I must rebreak 19:30, then 19:15.

The next big task will be to break 19 minutes again (I have raced a ton of 5ks in the 19:00-19:05 range..literally I just counted and in 2013-2014, I ran 6 5ks in that window).

Then it will be time to begin looking at a PR.

By the summer I would like to be in the 19:00-19:05 range again. 

At least I have a photo to prove I once ran an 18:35 5k...time to get that fit again.
At least I have a photo to prove I once ran an 18:35 5k…I’ll get there one day…

Break 39 in the 10k.  I will have to do some research and add some 10ks to my schedule.  Does anyone in the NJ/PA area know of any?  I don’t race 10ks very often because they don’t exist.  I wish that wasn’t there were more.

I know my fitness for 5ks will have to be there first so I don’t see this happening until fall.

Break 1:23 in the half marathon.  I don’t know when or if this will happen.  I plan to run both the Phoenix and Air Force full marathon so this goal will take back seat.

Run and PR in another full marathon.  I ran a 3:17 for my only full marathon NYCM.  I would like to train and PR in that in 2015.  Since I am coming back from my stress fracture, I’m not sure what will happen at Phoenix.  If I PR’ed, I would be ecstatic but I don’t know how it will play out.

My main goal is to finish Phoenix injury free.

My goal for the Air Force full is to (stay healthy) and PR.

Marathons are so fun!
Marathons are so fun!

Continue to enjoy running and racing.  If I’m not enjoying the sport and the process, why bother?  Life is to short to do something you aren’t enjoying.  Your training makes up 99% of your running, so you should enjoy it (at least that is my theory).

Enjoy all the moments.
Enjoy all the moments.  This was my second fastest 5k ever.

Life Goals:

Something I struggle with is being on time.  Often times, I have the best intentions of leaving on time and then end up late due to traffic, random events or whatever.  My goal for 2015 is to be timelier.  I’m not making an excuses and I know being more prompt is something I need to work on.  You can tell since I’m posting my New Year’s resolution post two weeks late.

The second life goal I want to work on is dressing my age. I’m going to be 25 this year and while black leggings and Uggs (plus Northface) are extremely comfortable, dressing like that will get me carded for lottery tickets.  I have a lot of nice clothes and I want to wear them.

Continue to live the dream.  I feel like that will always be a goal of mine.  Other people cannot be happy for me if I’m not happy for myself.

So far I have kept with my goals.  Even though we are two weeks into the New Year, I’m still way ahead of where I was in relation to my goals.

I have a big year coming up:

February 28: Phoenix Marathon

April: Wedding

September: Air Force Full


Questions for you:

What are your New Years Goals?

Are there a lot of 10ks near you?