Timely New Year Resolutions

Last year I posted about my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions and how I kind of, sort of conquered them.  I also said most of my goals would probably roll over until next year.   With minor tweaks most of my goals have rolled over, so I’m not sure why it took me two weeks to copy and paste my 2015 goals.  My main New Year’s Resolution is to be on time and yet I’m publishing this post two weeks after New Years…


Goals for 2015:

Running Goals:

I want to PR in the 5k.  18:35 is my PR and with proper focus and training, I would like to hit that again.  I haven’t run a sub 19 minute 5k since July 2013.  Looking back at 2014, the goal of breaking 18 might have been a bit overzealous. I’ll start with getting back to my PR.

I break this up by the following:

First I must rebreak 19:30, then 19:15.

The next big task will be to break 19 minutes again (I have raced a ton of 5ks in the 19:00-19:05 range..literally I just counted and in 2013-2014, I ran 6 5ks in that window).

Then it will be time to begin looking at a PR.

By the summer I would like to be in the 19:00-19:05 range again. 

At least I have a photo to prove I once ran an 18:35 5k...time to get that fit again.
At least I have a photo to prove I once ran an 18:35 5k…I’ll get there one day…

Break 39 in the 10k.  I will have to do some research and add some 10ks to my schedule.  Does anyone in the NJ/PA area know of any?  I don’t race 10ks very often because they don’t exist.  I wish that wasn’t there were more.

I know my fitness for 5ks will have to be there first so I don’t see this happening until fall.

Break 1:23 in the half marathon.  I don’t know when or if this will happen.  I plan to run both the Phoenix and Air Force full marathon so this goal will take back seat.

Run and PR in another full marathon.  I ran a 3:17 for my only full marathon NYCM.  I would like to train and PR in that in 2015.  Since I am coming back from my stress fracture, I’m not sure what will happen at Phoenix.  If I PR’ed, I would be ecstatic but I don’t know how it will play out.

My main goal is to finish Phoenix injury free.

My goal for the Air Force full is to (stay healthy) and PR.

Marathons are so fun!
Marathons are so fun!

Continue to enjoy running and racing.  If I’m not enjoying the sport and the process, why bother?  Life is to short to do something you aren’t enjoying.  Your training makes up 99% of your running, so you should enjoy it (at least that is my theory).

Enjoy all the moments.
Enjoy all the moments.  This was my second fastest 5k ever.

Life Goals:

Something I struggle with is being on time.  Often times, I have the best intentions of leaving on time and then end up late due to traffic, random events or whatever.  My goal for 2015 is to be timelier.  I’m not making an excuses and I know being more prompt is something I need to work on.  You can tell since I’m posting my New Year’s resolution post two weeks late.

The second life goal I want to work on is dressing my age. I’m going to be 25 this year and while black leggings and Uggs (plus Northface) are extremely comfortable, dressing like that will get me carded for lottery tickets.  I have a lot of nice clothes and I want to wear them.

Continue to live the dream.  I feel like that will always be a goal of mine.  Other people cannot be happy for me if I’m not happy for myself.

So far I have kept with my goals.  Even though we are two weeks into the New Year, I’m still way ahead of where I was in relation to my goals.

I have a big year coming up:

February 28: Phoenix Marathon

April: Wedding

September: Air Force Full


Questions for you:

What are your New Years Goals?

Are there a lot of 10ks near you?

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  1. Some of my goals this year are:
    1) no new injuries
    2) race (my last race was the first week of May 2014 during a short break in my injury cycle)
    3) run 60 miles in a week
    4) make the Dean’s List (>/= 3.8 GPA)

  2. I’m 32 and wear exactly that outfit, and definitely am not getting carded anymore 🙂 I think after a certain point (or maybe for moms), being comfy becomes quite acceptable so long as you’re not at a professional job 🙂 Great running goals! I’m interested to see what happens with your race times this year. I also agree that if training isn’t enjoyable, it’s pointless and counterproductive. Not that every run has to be amazing, but a general sense of enthusiasm and satisfaction should be part of it.

  3. I totally have the same goal of dressing like an adult! I figure since I’m getting married I should dress the part haha. I think all your goals this year are good ones. I look forward to seeing all that you accomplish!

  4. Oh wow, I didn’t realize your full was so soon. I’ve been to PHX but was miserable because I was injured and couldn’t really walk around or do much. It stinks to travel to a city and not be able to walk around and really sightsee. But I can see why the marathon there is in February, I was there in May and it was hot, hot hot.

    10Ks don’t exist! Seriously- I see very, very few of them. I think the half marathon distance has really killed the number of 10Ks. 5Ks are huge and appeal to so many people, from walkers to Couch to 5Kers to faster runners like you, and even elites. Charities can host 5Ks and get lots of registrants and money. The half marathons, people do them because it’s a challenge and they usually involve a medal, and 10K is just in between. Too long to walk, requires some training but not nearly the accomplishment factor of a half (no car sticker). Ironically 10K is one of my favorite distances to race.

    I’m 29 and wearing North Face, but this is Charleston and the thickest jacket we really need here is a North Face. Mine’s about 7 years old, but I don’t feel like purchasing a new jacket that I’ll only wear a few times a year… when it’s too cold for just a sweatshirt…

  5. I’m a beginner runner so my running resolutions are more distance than time!!
    You are a fantastic runner im sure you’ll smash all your goals!!
    Yeah I’m 31 maybe its time to ditch the Tinkerbell sweater too, ha 🙂

  6. He, he…love the on time goal and posting this two weeks late. : ) I, too, struggle w/ being on time to things. I didn’t used to be like that but now, I think it’s always trying to cram each minute with something. I never get out the door on time!

    Love your racing goals. You are such a stud and have so much untapped potential still–you’ll get them!

  7. Awesome run times, I am trying to consistently break the 20minute mark for 5k but in triathlons but not managed any consistency yet.

    keep it up and look forward to reading your progress.

    1. Thank you so much and best of luck in breaking the 20 minute barrier! I have confidence in you 🙂

  8. I think you have some great goals and I love how you broke down how you are planning on going about achieving them. It’s great to set goals, but if you don’t have a plan in place, it’s kind of meaningless! Also, your attitude about running is really refreshing. You’re right, 99% of the running we do is training anyway, so might as well enjoy it!

    1. I agree that setting a basic outline or plan is crucial to making goals. If you don’t have a plan to achieve the overall goal, you’ll never make it!

  9. You should come to the North East of England! We have a ridiculous number of 10Ks and almost no marathons 😛 I’d say we actually have too many 10Ks, but they seem to be the most popular distance. I just wish there were more marathons and a few more half marathons, because if you mess up one race (as I frequently do) you have to wait ages to try to redeem yourself…and I’m not really a fan of 10Ks any more as I have no idea how to pace them.

    My only goal would be to able to finish one half and one full marathon without my dead leg/nerve impingement ruining the race for me and making me end up with a crappy time!

  10. Those are some awesome goals – I hope your foot and other body parts cooperate so that you can make progress towards them.

  11. Yay for 2015.!! I think you’ll have an awesome year 🙂

    I have to say, I love how you are so confident with yourself, how you post pictures and run in your sports bra. Major props.! And the time thing. .. yikes I’m the same way. I always make it like 2 minutes before I’m supposed to. It’s not good. Lol

  12. I feel like NYRR has a decent amount of 10K’s but running the course through central park is not a breeze or PR friendly in my opinion!
    This year I want to get back to the fitness level I was at in 2012 which means focusing on half marathon and shorter races. No fulls this year. I think spring will be mainly getting endurance back from injury and then fall will be PR attempts I do not see that happening any sooner considering I am super slow right now!
    PS. that marathon pic is one of my favorites!

  13. So I just turned 30 and still live in legging, hoodies, and boots 😛 But I figure it’s okay since I work from home and don’t exactly have to dress up to go in to an office. And all your impressive running goals make my goal to be able to run a 5k by the end of the year seem so small. But I guess we all gotta start somewhere.

  14. “If I’m not enjoying the sport and the process, why bother? Life is to short to do something you aren’t enjoying. Your training makes up 99% of your running, so you should enjoy it (at least that is my theory).” <– YES. This is something I'm working on this year too–really savoring the process. It's easy to get caught up in the training and focus only on numbers, and I definitely fell victim to that last year. I will also be trying to dress my age this year. 🙂

    1. It’s a super long commute for me to get up there. I could do it, it would just take a few hours!

  15. Oy. Being on time is one of mine as well. Buuuut rarely happens. I think we just try to do too much and squeeze too much into a small timeframe. Maybe? My biggest running goal this year is to run a 3:30 marathon and finally qualify for Boston. With our wedding out of the way now, I really think I can hone in on this goal and get it done. Have a super week!

  16. Maybe we can keep each other in check with dressing nicer! I thought I was doing well and then the past few days I started wearing spandex under my clothes again….

  17. We have a couple 10ks around here that coincide with half and full marathons. My favorite race in my hometown is actually a 10 miler. I didn’t know this was a rarity as well. I plan to do a 15k this year just to shake things up. I agree with you stance about only running if it’s fun. That’s why I run on the treadmill when it’s single digits and icy. I don’t enjoy slipping on ice and being so cold it takes a couple hours (in the shower) to warm up. In order to run for life, you gotta find a way to do it that makes you happy.

  18. The Run the Bridge 10k is the only 10k that I’m aware of in the Philly area. I’ve never run a 10k before because there aren’t that many in our area!

  19. I like your goal about dressing better! I am 25 also and my default is always athletic clothes or jeans and a teeshirt type clothing. I also have braces and look a bit young to begin with, so I have had people think I am in high school still….

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