Two Peters Diner

I have to say that each diner I have visited near Trenton has been good.  Perhaps it’s the combination of great company, great food or both but I have had really good experiences with Trenton diners. I don’t know what else New Jersey’s capital has to offer but their diners are great.

Greta and I

The Two Peters diner located in Ewing was no exception. I met my personal friend Greta for dinner last week.  We had both wanted to go here for months so luckily it finally worked out!  Greta and I both used to run for Oiselle last season. Now Greta runs for the Garden State Track Club and I run for the LOLZ. Greta is a power house runner boasting a sub 18 minute 5k (I can brag for my friends).  It was nice to finally catch up and it was nonstop talking the entire time.

Atmosphere: A

We arrived to the diner around 6pm last Saturday.  It was crowded but it wasn’t overwhelming for a Saturday evening. The Ewing diner isn’t located in the nicest part of town but it’s still a cute restaurant. The Two Peters Diner was recently redone so there have been a lot of advertisements for the restaurant.  The radio advertisements are actually what led Greta and I to the Two Peters Diner.

I also found out the same owners also own the newly remodeled Ewing Diner (I reviewed in it October). Looking back I see the similarities in the diners.

The inside of the restaurant is really nice.  You walk in directly past the bakery portion.  There are many booths and tables.  Greta and I were lucky enough to sit in a window booth (my personal favorite).

I want to make special note of how friendly the staff is at Two Peters.  Each staff member was so friendly and polite.

Coffee: A

The coffee was great and the waitress gave me whipped cream every single refill.  This automatically bumps up the coffee score to an A. She was by far my favorite waitress of any diner.  She came to the table every time with the whipped cream.  I had whipped cream with a side of coffee and I have no issues with that!

My favorite part of the menu was the photo of the 'Two Peters"...

My favorite part of the menu was the photo of the ‘Two Peters”…

Food:  B

The menu at Two Peters Diner is very large.  To give you an idea they have 10+ full menu pages.  They have over 20 salad combinations, 20 different omelets, several breakfast and dinner options.  The waitress said: if you are craving it, we probably have it.  This is accurate.

I ordered their special house organic salad.  The salad came with grilled mushrooms, salmon, mixed greens and onions.  The salad was 17.95 and to tell you the truth I was expecting a much bigger salad for that price.  It was a good salad but for 18 dollars it should have been bigger.  I was disappointed with the size of the salad. I have paid 20 dollars for salads before but they are much bigger for that price.

Two peters salad

Cost: $$$

For my meal: coffee, salad and a side of pita bread it was 24 dollars.  For the portion size of the I think it was a little bit expensive.  It was good food and great service but I left somewhat hungry.

Would I come back?

Overall Thoughts: B

The atmosphere and staff is very friendly.  I like the remodeling they did and it’s a great diner.  I think it’s a little bit more expensive for the portions.  Depending on if someone wants to go, I may or may not be back.

Greta and I were a bit disappointed we did not get to meet the owners, the “Two Peters” at the diner…but maybe next time.

Cliff notes:

Atmosphere: A

Staff Friendliness: A+

Coffee: A (So much whipped cream)

Food: B

Price: Expensive

Overall Rating: B

Question for you:

Would you go back to a restaurant for small portions if that atmosphere was great?


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  1. It looks delicious, but I agree with you on the small portions. I like good service but I hate to pay a lot of money for a portion and not feel like I got my money’s worth (if it’s cheaper and the portion is small I really can’t complain there). That is a bit pricey for a salad although it seems like salmon always makes them more expensive here.

  2. I totally would go back if I enjoyed the restaurant! I think most restaurants need serious portion control. If the food is high quality, you should pay for that, not because they give you extra bread.

  3. I love your restaurant reviews! Although they do make me hungry… I am not a fan of small portions. I eat a lot, and I think I expect to get a lot for my money at certain restaurants. I am fine with smaller for certain nicer places and Europe. But that is about it!

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