It’s hard to believe today is Saturday.  The days this week have blurred together.

On New Year’s Eve, I had the luxury to go to a diner restaurant in Virginia Beach called Citrus.  I met Kris and Kellie who are both are personal friends and local runners. The restaurant, Citrus, opened a second location a few weeks ago so we decided to go there!

kris kellie and i

Citrus has been on the Food Network a few times and every time I have been it hasn’t disappointed.  The restaurant was extremely crowded but it was a brand new location on a Holiday.

Atmosphere: A

The new location is absolutely gorgeous.  The location itself is very open and airy. On New Year’s Eve at 11 am, it was also very crowded.  The crowd resembled going to a diner for brunch on a weekend.  It wasn’t surprising that we waited about 45 minutes.  It was fine because it gave us a lot of time to catch up.

The staff as a whole was very polite, especially with the amount of people that were there.   Despite waiting to sit about 45 minutes, our food came out pretty quickly.

Coffee: B

The coffee was good.   It wasn’t the best but it was good.  My only complaint was that I wish the mugs were bigger.  I was left coffeeless for about half of the meal.

Citrus Coffee

Food: B

As I said earlier, I’ve been to Citrus a few times.  . My favorite entrée is their signature Citrus pancakes.  The pancakes come with a very sweet marmalade instead of syrup.  There are very few times I have gotten pancakes and opted not to use  syrup and this is one.  I would recommend any Virginia Beach locals, visitors or anyone in town to try these pancakes.  They are my favorite restaurant pancakes (and that is saying a lot).

citrus pancakes 2

I’ve also gotten their special house salad.  The salad came with apples, goat cheese, walnuts, shrimp and I ordered crab on top.  Honestly it was very disappointing.  It was a good salad but small.  I ordered crab and it did not appear they added any.  Even the waitress made a comment that it didn’t look like there was much there.  I will stick to the Citrus pancakes.  The salad was good but it wasn’t anything I would order again.

Citrus Pancakes

Price: $$$

Citrus is an expensive restaurant.  Each time I’ve been it’s been over 20 dollars.  The pancakes are worth that but the salad is not worth it.  The salad was actually 23 dollars.

Would I come back? Overall thoughts: B

With Citrus you are paying a lot for the atmosphere.  It’s in Virginia Beach and in a nicer area of town.  It is going to be much more expensive than a diner (even though I lump the restaurant into that category).  I think it’s a great restaurant but I will only get their pancakes, I think their salad is lackluster.  I’ll be back for their pancakes.

Questions for you:

Where have you gotten the best pancakes?                                  

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  1. I’m usually not a fan of pancakes, but those look amazing. Salads are always iffy at places. They’re either ok or ew.

  2. The best pancakes in Charleston are at Moe’s Crosstown Tavern where we go on Sundays for brunch. Best of all you can get two pancakes of the day (they’re big) for only $5! It’s the best cheap eats in town when it comes to brunch and they love our running group.

    This restaurant sounds like a great experience but expensive. That’s a pricey salad especially if it’s not that great :(. I love the picture of you girls at the diner though, the company always makes it nice.

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