New Ewing Diner

There are many hidden diner gems located in New Jersey.  The New Ewing Diner in Ewing is one of those hidden diner gems. When Melissa and I were looking for diners in the Trenton area, the New Ewing Diner popped up.  With quick research, we determined (by the photos) it would be pretty good.  Since I’m still new into my diner quest (this is number 36 that I’ve been too) have the option to pick and choose.

Melissa and I taking a selfie in front of the diner.  #sofancy

Melissa and I taking a selfie in front of the diner. #sofancy

Atmosphere: A

The New Ewing Diner is located directly next to a large psychiatric center with a 10 foot barbed wire fence. You also drive by a state prison within a mile of the New Ewing Diner. I was worried I would make a wrong turn. The diner itself comes up quickly though.  It’s a cute, very picture perfect diner located in the heart of Trenton.

The inside was very festive as well.  In fact, it was very obvious that the diner had been through some remodeling and was “new”.  Both the interior and exterior were my favorite atmospheres to date. They were very festive inside for Halloween.

Coffee: A-

The coffee was good and the whipped was cream was good too.  I wish the cups were a little bigger but it was good coffee.  I have no complaints other then wanting bigger cups. Realistically that has been my only complaint for the last few diners I’ve been too.

I think a whipped cream coffee and picture of the menu is a perfect diner review staple

I think a whipped cream coffee and picture of the menu is a perfect diner review staple

Food: B

The menu is huge.  They have 64 different omelet combinations.  Next time I come, I’m going to try one of their many omelets.

I ordered the Mkyanos salad.  It was their house speciality. It was a Greek specialty salad with chicken, (three) olives, onions, tomatoes, grape leaves and feta. I also ordered a side of pita bread. In my opinion, the salad was a little lack luster. It was a good salad, I just wish there was more salad (see the three olives). I will say I haven’t had better pita bread then this diner. It was pretty good but the atmosphere led me to believe the food would be a lot better. Another case of judging a book by it’s cover.

Ewing Diner Salad

Price: $$$
The salad and coffee at the New Ewing Diner cost 18. While it was a good salad and the coffee was good, I think it was a rather expensive meal for what you actually got. I’m going to give the New Ewing Diner the HUGE benefit of the doubt and say you are paying more for atmosphere than food.

Would I return/overall thoughts?
I think the diner is a bit pricey but the atmosphere is one of the best I have been too in NJ. The staff at New Ewing Diner was some of the most friendly of any diner staff. I will be back soon and I will try one of their 64 omeletes. So I guess long story short: great atmosphere, smaller and more expensive portions. I will be back soon.

Questions for you:
Have any restaurants you’ve been too been festive for Halloween?
What is the most decorated restaurant you have ever been too?



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  1. I went to an Irish Pub last St. Patty’s Day and think that takes to cake! It was INSANELY IRISH! Otherwise, my favorite Mexican restaurant always looks like it’s Cinco de Mayo complete with streamers, loud music and unlimited chips. Ole!

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