Weekend Trip to Cape May

T and I had a lot of fun just enjoying our time together and relaxing. We are quiet individuals and don’t need to fill our time with a ton of things to do to be happy.

That being said we took a weekend trip to Cape May. That’s an area of NJ neither of us has been too, so it was nice to explore the shore. Despite currently living 30 minutes from the shore, we aren’t beach every weekend people. I always found myself saying that in VA Beach too! I lived about 30 minutes from the beach but only went a few times per year.

Time for a road trip.
Time for a road trip.

Don’t get me wrong both are gorgeous vacation places but I have no interest each weekend to go. We decided to stay at the Rhythm of the Seas. It was so cute and an easy mile walk to the boardwalk.   If you ever vacation or stay in NJ, I would recommend this bed and breakfast.  It is absolutely perfect and I cannot sing it enough songs.

Cape May

My family and I used to stay in bed and breakfasts when we lived in England. The only memory I really have is fried tomatoes. I would 100% recommend Rhythm of the Seas.

As recommended by a friend, we ate (and drank entirely too much) at the Blue Pig Tavern. I refrained from drunk tweeting and blogging (since I’m out of college now…) but I had a great time exploring the town.

Tim and I one

Blue Pig Tavern

I was really proud that I was wearing flip flops walking down the beach while someone else (who I only know this due to the footprint) wore UGGS.  It was probably more funny because when I drink everything is more funny.
I was really proud that I was wearing flip flops walking down the beach while someone else (who I only know this due to the footprint) wore UGGS. It was probably more funny because when I drink everything is more funny.


I really like Cape May and I had a great time.  Maybe next year we will make it during “normal” season.

A photo next to one of these things....
A photo next to one of these things….

Questions for you:

Have you ever been to Cape May?

Have you ever stayed in a Bed and Breakfast? 


  1. Cape May looks so pretty! There are lots of bed and breakfasts in England and I often stay in them when I’m travelling, they’re a really good deal!

  2. It looks like you guys had a great time. I’ve never stayed in a B&B but would really love to try that one day. I’m sure it’s a lot more personal than a big hotel and probably a more unique experience 🙂

  3. You were in some of my favorite places! I love S. Jersey shore towns…we usually go to Avalon/Stone Harbor, but have spent plenty of time in Cape May, too. I think the area is completely underrated!

  4. Love Cape May. So glad you had a great time and I like that you mention that you refrain from drunk tweeting, Ha! Made me laugh.

  5. Hotel Alcott named for Louisa May Alcott and where she wrote Little Women. Now let’s sing “On The Way to Cape May”!

  6. Cape May is definitely fun beach town … we’ve gone there many times with my wife’s sister when they lived in south NJ and also with my brother who lives in the Princeton area.

    As for B&Bs … love them! For my first job I did a fair amount of travel, and so I started hitting B&Bs and Inns – smaller places in quaint communities. Before the internet there used to be books you could get listing B&Bs, which is what I did. We got engaged in a small inn as well. 🙂

  7. I have never stayed in a bed and breakfast! I always wanted to stay in one because I think they’re ten times cuter than a motel 6 or a casino, but they tend to be pricier! I’ve never been to Cape May either! (I think, anyway) My family always went to Wildwood, then when I was older I went to Ocean City or Sea Isle. I just like the Jersey Shores 😀 And I really, REALLY like your outfit for the tavern! Cute!

  8. I love B&Bs and definitely prefer staying in them as opposed to bigger hotels… especially if we’re talking about a smaller town. And I’m with you on not really being a huge beach person. I’m not big on water or sand, which kind of makes the beach not the most ideal place for me 😆 Mountains and forests are a totally different story, though.

  9. I’ve never been to Cape May, but there are a lot of similar places in New England where I lived for the last 8 years before moving across the country….I actually prefer going in the off season! It’s so much less hectic when there aren’t tourists. Some of my fondest memories of Maine are going to Ogunquit in October!

  10. I’ve never even heard of it! I’ll have to look it up since everybody seems to love it! I want to stay in some B&Bs when Jon and I do our trip in December! They’re always so cute and have some good prices too! The ones at Cape Cod were SO reasonable!

  11. There are tons of ben and breakfasts around where I grew up but I never stayed in any of them because why do that when you are so close to home? I find it quite hilarious that people who live near the beach or a tourist attraction most often have never actually experienced it. I grew up in wine country and still have yet to do the wine tour. Cape May looked relaxing! Any good runs?

  12. Ohhh B&B’s haha. How British!

    I actually really despise the beach as a vacation or holiday choice- Maybe for a walk or a picture but not to spend all the damn time there!

  13. looks so pretty! my sister just got married there in September. Such a cute town!
    saw your post over at Mommy Run Fast comments link up.

  14. I used to go to Bed and Breakfasts with my family when I was younger and I absolutely LOVED them, so I totally understand! Jimmy has been to Cape May twice, and he mentioned it for our honeymoon (we did OBX instead), so we definitely want to visit Cape May on a vacation in the future. I’ll definitely keep that bed and breakfast in mind!

    I love all of the pictures of you and Tim! You both look so happy and relaxed!

  15. So glad you had a great time with T, Cape May looks so pretty! I’m also glad I at least got one drunk text from you, that might be a first in our few year friendship.

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