Skylark Diner

Last weekend I met Danielle and Amelia at the Skylark Diner. After a more than eventful day I was happy to see some friends, enjoy my whipped cream coffee and try a new diner.  To give you a brief overview of what I mean by eventful:  I ran my longest run post injury, hit traffic on the way to work, work was 3X as busy as normal (I loved that part) then I locked my keys in my car.  (That has become a really bad habit since moving to NJ).  I used a shoe horn to prop my window open and break into my car.  Clearly the TV show Beyond Scared Straight has done nothing for me.  I actually have no idea how that worked.  So when I actually arrived to Skylark I was happy.

Skylark diner has been on multiple NJ “Best Diner” lists so I knew it was one I had to go too.

Atmosphere: A
This is one of the cleanest, most open diners I’ve been too.  Judging the diner simply on atmosphere it was great. They really flew (bad pun) with the travel theme.  I liked the inside a lot.  If you browse the website you can see they went with a modern, flight (Think the Jetsons) type of theme.

Coffee: A
This diner was in the top five best coffees I have had. It had the biggest mugs, the waitress provided several refills and it had delicious whipped cream. There was nothing else I would want more in diner coffee…except more.

Skylark Coffee

Food: B
I ordered the Mediterranean salad. It had chicken, artichoke, greens, blue cheese and Parmesan. For $14, I expected a larger salad but it was good. I also ordered a side of pita bread.  The food itself was good.  I was just left hungry.

skylark salad

The diner looked like it specialized in seafood. Next time I come, I’ll be trying the salmon salad. Danielle’s sandwich which looked good.

Dessert: B
I ordered the bread pudding. I haven’t had bread pudding in ages and it’s my favorite dessert. Personally I like my bread a bit more toasted but it was good. At first the waitress said they were out (and none of the other desserts appealed to me) but she came back and said they had some.

Skylark Bread pudding

Cost: $$$
For coffee, salad and dessert it was 30 dollars. It was by no means the cheapest diner but it was definitely more of a restaurant style than diner. That being said, for the price of the salad it should have been a lot bigger.

Overall thoughts/would I come back?
The food was good. It was a little bit more expensive than I would have thought. The service was also rather poor. The waitress poured half of Danielle’s beer as foam and still charging for a full glass (if LOLZ can pour beer better, you know you have an issue). I actually prefer the Edison diner down the road.  That being said I probably would come back if Danielle or Amelia wanted too.  I can’t refuse a good date with friends.

One last note, my biggest pet peeve for food is when I pay in cash and a wait or assumes I don’t need change. I left five dollars over my meal cost and when she brought back Danielle and Amelia’s cards, she didn’t bring back my change/receipt. She didn’t ask if I wanted to change but assumed I didn’t. Unless the service is god awful I will always leave at least a 15% tip but I really get peeved when I am not given the option to choose exactly what I want to leave. Not peeved to complain though…

Another diner down…one million to go.  Long story short: It was a decent diner but not one I would consider to be the best of NJ.
Questions for you:
What is on your strange food quirks?
For me my coffee with whipped cream.  Or the fact I like pita bread and ketchup.  When I lived in England, we would always have ketchup sandwiches.  I guess that’s where I got that from.
What is a restaurant pet peeve of yours? 


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  1. That’s kinda weird that they didn’t give or at least offer you change. I tip pretty well too (Clay is a stickler about it because his mom was a single mom and a waitress for a long time), but I want the option to do it myself instead of having them assume, you know?

    That coffee looks amazing. I can see why it was in the top 5 of diner coffees :).

    My weird food quirk is probably honey mustard sauce because I eat it on weird things like fries, I don’t like ketchup at all!

  2. My weird food quirk is that I only like bananas that are rotten, like black.

    I like a lot of frozen stuff. I freeze the rotten bananas, any other kind of fruit I also freeze. And I buy light and fit greek yogurt and also only eat that frozen.

    • It’s funny you say that. I order something new when I go back to each of them. I had wanted something to compare them all too.

      I was actually just chatting with someone that I just do a “diners revisited” update on some of the ones I’ve posted about.

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