Base building Week 3 (80 miles)

My body is finally ready to get in quality miles.

Monday: Outdoors: 12.25 miles (7:59 pace) Nike training club Arms and core
Tuesday: Treadmill: 11.2 recovery, easy  
Wednesday: Treadmill: 11.2 (8:28 pace) Nike training club shoulders and abs
Thursday: AM: 11.2 miles tempo (7:51 pace) P90x Abs
PM: 6 miles easy recovery
Friday: Rest and travel  
Saturday: 10 miles easy (8:45 pace) Nike training club core
Sunday: Virginia is For Lovers 14k  
Total: 80 or so miles  



This week brought another great week for me.  It’s hard to believe I’ve gone three weeks in a row with solid training.  As I continue to build my base (this is the highest mileage I’ll go), I’ve decided to add a tempo run.  When I was training for my first marathon I let go of speed workouts and opted for high mileage versus pace.  Now I’m running fewer miles and hoping to keep 1 tempo run (roughly 10k or so.

I posted on Thursday that my goal this training cycle was to keep my paces where they needed to be.  I was going to stop running 9 minute miles.  I successfully did that this week.  I have been recovering well and feeling strong about it.

Monday I had a surprisingly great run.  I felt good and was able to have a progressive run starting around 8:40 miles and ending around 7 min miles.  After my long (and faster) run on Saturday I was surprised with how good I felt two days later.  I am normally sore two days after a hard run.

Tuesday and Wednesday I opted to stay smart and safe on the treadmill.  (It was icy) I made sure to stay in my 8-8:45 range but not push the envelope.  Some people can run on the ice or in the snow but I am not one of those people.  I will probably slip and fall and injure myself.

Thursday I did my first tempo run.  I had contemplated what time to actually run faster.  I knew I was going to do a 90 minute run and also a 45-55 minute tempo.  Would I warm up in the morning and do a tempo or run solid miles in the morning and do a tempo in the PM?  I ended up deciding to do a tempo in AM because that is really when races are.  I ran for 34 minutes at 6.7 pace and then did a 55 minute progressive run (averaging 7:24).  I felt pretty good during the entire run.  I came back and did a shakeout run in the PM.

Friday, I took off and Saturday was an easy run with Tim.  (Nothing of excitement).

Today is my first of many races in 2014 that I consider to be important.  I am hoping to get a good feel for how I am racing and where my endurance is at.  It’s hard to tell when you are training and I have been second guessing myself for a while with pace.  For this 14k I am hoping to get a solid baseline so I can make a concrete goal for a Spring Half Marathon.

Next week plans:

Next week brings the Lake Effect Half Marathon.  I’m very excited for this race!  First I am excited for all of these stories I’ll be sharing daily next week.  I’m also excited for the giveaway for tomorrow from companies that have wanted to get involved.

As far as actual training goes, I hope to maintain my training with a tempo run and see how Lake Effect goes.  I honestly have no idea what sort of half marathon shape I’m in (I have not raced a half marathon since September in the Texas heat).  I would like to hope I could break 1:30 but I’m not sure I have that much turnover in my legs right now.

Questions for you:

What races are you looking forward too?

What was your favorite workout this week?