Treadmill Training (70 miles)

I can’t tell you this was an exciting week.  I got what I needed to get done and left it at that.  Despite the cold I was able to run, I just had to run on the treadmill.  I honestly don’t mind the treadmill because not only can I watch TV but I can also do workouts I can’t outside (read: I can run artificial hills).

Monday: 12.2 miles untimed outdoors in the freezing rain
Tuesday: Treadmill 11.4 8:30 pace
Wednesday: Treadmill 11.1 8:33 pace and P90x core
Thursday: Treadmill 11.35 Hill workout 8:48 pace
Friday: Easy AMT cross train
Saturday: Easy 12 with Tim in the State Park
Sunday Freehold 5k Winter Series
Total 70


I started the week off on the wrong foot.  I ran outdoors in the pouring rain because I knew I wouldn’t be able to run outside for a few days (and hadn’t been able to for the previous few days).  Unfortunately I got sucked into a swampy mud hole and fell on my face.  I got cut up pretty badly as well and bruised my arm.  (I fell and landed on my arm).  At first I panicked that I had broken it (like when I got hit by a cyclist) but then I realized I didn’t.  It took a few days to feel 100% fine.  My basic knowledge base says it was a bruise and I was over reacting. (but with my luck I probably should over react every single time).

Tuesday and Wednesday were very similar runs on the treadmill.  I always start off with a 6.7 pace on the treadmill and progress from there.  (Normally to around 7.0 with the last five minutes I try and push at 8.5).  I don’t really have a set treadmill time, I just spent 90 or so minutes.  If I feel good, I make the treadmill go faster…if I don’t feel good I make the treadmill go slower.  I run in most simple terms.

Then Thursday I decided to do the “Mountain Peaks” workout on the treadmill.  I had been going back and forth between a speed workout or hills but decided ultimately with hills.  It climbs two mountains starting at a 1.0 incline and progressing to 9.0.  I can only do this workout for 45 minutes at a 6.7 pace (and I’m sweating bullets) but I hope to work up to more eventually.

Here is a summary of how I looked and felt running.  It’s hard.


Saturday was a typical shakeout run with Tim in the park and who knows what today (Sunday) will hold at the 5k.  I do know it doesn’t hold a PR.

So there is summary is my week.  I’m happy with all my runs and felt decent doing them.  My plans next week are to do roughly the same thing.  Around 70 miles with speed and hills seems to be working well for me right now.

Questions for you:

What is your favorite treadmill workout?

What was your best workout of the week?