Training for Life

Training training training.

Typical training post de Sunday.  Does this get boring to you?  I don’t really care either way…sometimes it bores me or pains me to write…sometimes I’m excited.  Since this week was such a powerful training week for me (read: 2 races and 3 double digit days…it’s exciting)  Moving on.

The main question on everyones mind is how is my knee doing?

You’ll recall that 2 weeks ago I was complaining about knee issues.  I had thought the issue had come about because of miswear of my newton lugs.  Chances are…I was right.  My knee problems have left me as soon as I got rid of the pair of shoes (yes it pained me to get rid of a 170 dollar pair of shoes with less than 100 miles on them)  Yes, it would have pained me to get injured again as well.

Sunday: Binghamton 5k+warmup and cooldown (14.45 miles total)
Monday: 8.1 miles easy (7 miles on grass)+2 hours on elliptical
Tuesday: 8.5 miles easy (7 miles on grass)
Wednesday: 8.6 miles easy (in the city…a bit more hilly than I would have preferred)
Thursday: 10.1 miles with Sarah
Friday: 5k on Base with Dad (free race?  Yes, please) I ran a 19:04…recap on Tuesday (5.5 miles overall)
Saturday: 18.5 long run with dad (17 on trails).  We kept it at an extremely easy pace and were actually out a park cheering on racers doing a 50k.  It was a lot of fun.


Total:  73.75

Actually, I just realized taking Sunday to Saturday yielded a much higher mileage than the dailymile average of Monday-Sunday.  As you can see, I have pretty much taken out the elliptical from my routine this week.  As I said, as I upped my mileage (which this was a little bigger of a jump than I anticipated) my elliptical sessions would be going down more.

I must say though this was a really good training week for me, however, next week I’m simmering down.  I don’t have anymore races (read no more speed) until December 31st which will be enjoyable.  My only goals for next week is to keep on keeping on.  If that includes elliptical, swimming (ha ha), keeping the same amount of mileage…well there you have it.

Questions for you:

1.       Favorite workout of the week?  (Was it a race?)

2.       Longest run ever?

Mine is 18.9.