Training Week of Low Mileage

It’s hard to remember exactly what I did this week as far as training goes, because I didn’t have anything to do except take it easy and cross train. So yes, I miss national running day and didn’t run.  Oh I’m a fake runner now.   (But I have added some photos from my last half so you will believe that I still run)

Beginning of the race (20k and half starters) I’m right behind the woman in the pink (the 10k winner)

That being said here are my stats of training:

13,500 meters of swimming

2 hours spent on the Arc

25 miles running  (5k trail race in 19:30…recap sometime soon…though 5ks have less musings.  Lame!).

3 p90x workouts completed (ie:  3 dates with Tony)

Just chilling.

Why cross train and cut my miles this week?

Well, I’m done with half marathons for a while.  Running 5ks and running halves doesn’t take the exact same training. In fact, this time it’s going to take training I’ve never done before.  Speed work.  I have never (not once) done a legit workout on the track.  I’ve run ten miles on the track, but 5X400 or something…nope never done it.  So my body was being rested and primed for that.

The final “push”

Plus I hadn’t really had any down time since I broke my arm-so might as well right? 

Where am I going next week?

I don’t know.  Actually, I’d like to be up around 60-70 miles with some productive speedier runs.  I’m going to attempt to do two speed workouts separated weekly, a long run and the rest easy.  With some swimming and core work in there (because cross training will hopefully keep me injury free.).  No races actually next week because I’m going to a wedding on Saturday (9 hours of driving!).

lolz. This must have been in the beginning.

Question for you: How were your workouts this week?