I got it from my mama…

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there (and to my mom of course). 

I searched for close to 30 minutes and this is the only photo of mother and I that I could find...from nearly 4 years ago. Prom Senior Year of High School

I hope at least one person remembers this song…my mom kinda hates when I sing this too her.  I don’t blame her, she normally thinks the cats are fighting when I start to sing let alone a song such as this.  Another song that is always on my playlist.


I agree with everyone about coupons and I think that if they had coupons for produce I would be all over it.  For real!

Actually one time Krogar had a spent 15 and get 5 off in the produce department.  I easily made use of that.


Workout Stats of the week:

Miles: 41

Swimming: 10000 yards (roughly 2.5 hours)

Arctrainer: 2:45 minutes (YAY for less Arc)

Like I posted yesterday, I could have easily made the Arctrainer into 4 hours but I decided to take Friday off from that which allowed me to have a good amount of quality miles this week.  Actually-all my miles felt excellent.

Goals for next week:

Miles: Between 40-45

Swimming: 10000 yards

Arctrainer: 2 hours

No races or anything next weekend (there is a 10k I could do but I’m feeling like just doing my own workouts next week and resting until my half marathon in 2 weeks).


Oh yes and unlike 90% my college blogging bffs, I’m not out of school.

I have two weeks left.  Next week is hell week in which I have presentations (I have three), papers (just 2) due.  I’ll still be here though because god knows I can’t stare at math for 24 hours a day weekly.   I also find running and swimming free my mind.  I must be outdoors.

For lack of better pictures...this is still my mood about school.


Question for you:

  1. When you lived with your moom (or if you still do) did you find you got her nerves plenty?

Between my singing, dancing, and shinagons it’s no wonder my parents enrolled me in sports to get me away from the house.

  1. Brag about your workouts.  Did you race?  Have an awesomesauce zumba class.  Please tell me.  🙂

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  1. Love that picture with your mom, your dress is so cute too!
    And I feel ya girl, I’m still stuck in school too, but only 2 finals left! I actually should be studying right now…but as usual blogging and facebook have wrapped their procrastination hands around me
    I still live with my mom and we get along well now. However, before I went off to college I was pretty much a bitch (for no reason) most of the time and didn’t treat her too well. When I left for school, I realized how much I love and need her and our relationship is perfect now 🙂

  2. Luuuurve that song! Hellz yeah I remember that! LOL!

    I am sure your mom loves all your singing and dancing…moms always love errrrthang about their kids ! She probably misses it now that you are out of the house. 🙂

    Good luck with your next two weeks! You’ll get through it just fine!

  3. My mom and I (and sister) can be getting along fine one minute and then the next we are at each others throats. But when we are all happy its great haha

    That sounds like a great week of workouts! Mine was meh because my stupid IT band is acting up so for now I’ll just live through your running. Okay? 🙂

    Good luck with your papers and presentations this week!!!

  4. I havnt lived with my mom for 10 years but when she visits or i visit she goes into full mom mode and its pretty rough (im an only child too). But thats the way moms are. Great workouts dear!

  5. I love you and your mama’s pic! And, I’m not gonna lie, I remember that song and I’m still obsessed with it haha 😀
    Oh dude I feel your pain, gosh I wish they had produce coupons so freaking bad!! If I could get my hands on some, the stores would see me coming and lock up the registers mwahaha
    Hope all of your end of the year college junk goes smoothly, you’re so close to glorious summertime chica 🙂 Good luck!

  6. Now that song’s stuck in my head haha
    I think I annoy my mom even though I don’t live with her anymore, but she loves it. I love joking with her, and she deserves a ton of gold stars for putting up with me & my 2 sisters.

  7. My mom and I are the only ones at home so we get on each other’s nerves all the time. Just imagine two women living together so… there ya go. Hahah.

    Nice job on the miles and good luck with your next two weeks of school. I’m sure they will speed on by.

  8. I remember that song! I think most of the time my mom and I are biffers, but she get’s really annoyed with my morning sassiness. I don’t blame her, I would get annoyed with myself too.
    School will be done in no time! I still have like, 5 weeks. Not. Fun.

  9. Hehe good luck with hell week! I’ve got 2 more AP tests left and then I’m done..DONE with AP/college testing! YES! and your prom dress is so cute btw; I should’ve known you were “that” girl with the funky design on her prom dress…I love love love it! (and that’s what I’m hoping to be like next year btdubs!)

  10. My mom and I defiantly get on each other nerves, but thats because we are complete opposites. Im more like my dad. Good luck on the papers and presentations!

  11. Aww you and your mom 🙂 Love it .. and your dress!

    Sorry that your busy school week is coming up girl. I know you will make it through!

  12. I guess my mom and I used to get on each other’s nerves. But I think we’ve both kind of ‘grown up’ and now I really love spending time with her and getting advice from her.

    Don’t feel too bad – I’m not out of school yet either. :/ Last week. Finals week. Stresss. And then two weeks of no school and then immediately back in school for the whole summer. Awesome.

    10,000 yards! Oh man I think I’m gonna make that my goal too – especially since I’m off running and need the cardio. Hooray swim bffs. 😀 I want to run 40 miles a week… daaang. Maybe when my knee heels up I can at least work up some more miles.

  13. Um, regards to your first question? I WORK with her.
    Sigh….I still love her. But man, I beeotch it out sometimes.
    She’s a micro-manager and you will know what that means when you get a job after graduating and the whole reason why I am saying this is so that you will embrae your thumbs down schooling.
    Man, I wish I could go back and I’d never have thought.

  14. Damn girl on those miles. I probably drive my parents crazy, but in a different type of way… But I’m working on it.

    I had 2 super ball workouts the last 2 days…. and crispy shell tacos tonight for dinner! Nom nom. Ok, more soon Hollie!

  15. Ha! You crack me up! I’ll support your love for that song!

    Weirdly enough, I think I annoy my parents, but now that I don’t live there, they’re always guilting me into visiting all the time, but I love it!

    On Saturday, I ran my 3rd marathon and accomplished my goal of a sub-4 time. I was/am the happiest girl in the world!!!

  16. My mom and I get on each other nerves a lot too, but we are able to turn around and laugh about it quickly! 🙂

    Brag about my workouts? Don’t mind if I do 😛
    I started running a couple months ago and yesterday I reached 4.25 miles! (farthest I’ve ever gotten)

  17. I still live at home and I definitely think there are times that I annoy or get on my mom’s nerves. But honestly I think it’s my brother that does it more than me lol.

  18. Mom died on my birthday (2 yrs ago next month), we didn’t get along much of the time.

  19. my mom will rarely wind up in pictures with me, too! she always wants to be the one taking it. I could definitely use some produce coupons, aaaaaahh. thanks for reminding me how rare. ;P

    – courtney

  20. I love how bright your prom dress is- so pretty & unique 🙂
    GOOD LUCK on these last couple of weeks- hang in there!!

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