I got it from my mama…

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there (and to my mom of course). 

I searched for close to 30 minutes and this is the only photo of mother and I that I could find...from nearly 4 years ago. Prom Senior Year of High School

I hope at least one person remembers this song…my mom kinda hates when I sing this too her.  I don’t blame her, she normally thinks the cats are fighting when I start to sing let alone a song such as this.  Another song that is always on my playlist.


I agree with everyone about coupons and I think that if they had coupons for produce I would be all over it.  For real!

Actually one time Krogar had a spent 15 and get 5 off in the produce department.  I easily made use of that.


Workout Stats of the week:

Miles: 41

Swimming: 10000 yards (roughly 2.5 hours)

Arctrainer: 2:45 minutes (YAY for less Arc)

Like I posted yesterday, I could have easily made the Arctrainer into 4 hours but I decided to take Friday off from that which allowed me to have a good amount of quality miles this week.  Actually-all my miles felt excellent.

Goals for next week:

Miles: Between 40-45

Swimming: 10000 yards

Arctrainer: 2 hours

No races or anything next weekend (there is a 10k I could do but I’m feeling like just doing my own workouts next week and resting until my half marathon in 2 weeks).


Oh yes and unlike 90% my college blogging bffs, I’m not out of school.

I have two weeks left.  Next week is hell week in which I have presentations (I have three), papers (just 2) due.  I’ll still be here though because god knows I can’t stare at math for 24 hours a day weekly.   I also find running and swimming free my mind.  I must be outdoors.

For lack of better pictures...this is still my mood about school.


Question for you:

  1. When you lived with your moom (or if you still do) did you find you got her nerves plenty?

Between my singing, dancing, and shinagons it’s no wonder my parents enrolled me in sports to get me away from the house.

  1. Brag about your workouts.  Did you race?  Have an awesomesauce zumba class.  Please tell me.  🙂