Eating Healthy in College

People  are often curious of how I eat a decently balanced diet because I literally eat half my meals on campus if not more.  Like I said-I’m not really a foodie and I can prepare maybe 5 different meals successfully.  Maybe one or two that doesn’t waffle maker, griddle and George Foreman.

Eating well in college can be rather challenging, at least for me personally.  With the surplus and unlimited cookies that I put into my belly, sometimes I eat well and sometimes I don’t.  You can always  find some sort of decent option but sometimes you just crave cookies…

The Riccotta Cookies are my favorite.


All You Can Eat Dining

Something quite obvious is avoid fried food.  Anything with fried, crunchy, crusty, that generally means that it is much higher in calories and ect.  Coated is another word.  My dining hall likes to say crunchy coated fish meaning fried fish.  They are almost as weird as me…

Uh what?

Ask for your food grilled.  The people at my dining hall know me either as the girl never wearing pants, the girl with the funny accent, or that girl that is going to make 2000 special requests with their food.

If you eat at an all you can eat-start with a salad.  You can always go back up 10000 times (like I do) so no need to get all your food at once.  In fact, I highly recommend having one plate at a time.  Eat your plate and drink your drink.  Then go for round 2-10000.

I’ll just give you a heads up.  College campuses cook in oil.  It’s cheaper and there is no need to spend extra money when 95% of students want that oily flavor anyways.

As with anything.

Moderation is key.

Duh-I highly advise ice cream and cookies in moderation.

My biggest advice is don’t grab 20 plates of food and go one at a time.  You can always go back up and you are less likely too . 


On the Go

Always-I repeat always have something in your bookbag for that random time you will get hungry.  Might I recommend a protein bar or a piece of fruit?  It will keep you full for a while in the middle of class.  My teachers know me as the girl that is forever snacking in class.  I choose more chewy bars (aka something that I can eat all class long without being obnoxious).  My teachers get enough of that from my jazzy commentation in class.

Sometimes,  you’ll just be on the run and not able to go back to your house or room right after class.  That way having a little something in your backpack will save you from hitting up the vending machines.  Did you know vending machines don’t have too many healthy choices?  I mean in my world, I would have a fruit vending machine but I’m not socially acceptable.


In your Room

Keep your room stocked with a few healthy foods.  Most college campus allow a minifridge and microwave (in fact I don’t know any that don’t) so when looking to leave the nest I suggest you and your future roomie decide who is bringing those.  I don’t recommend having a waffle maker and griddle in your room though.

But honestly I hid them from the RA everytime we had fire checks…but don’t do as I do…I have gotten in more trouble bringing my water boiler to my room in my townhouse this semester then with my waffle maker freshman and sophomore year. 

Most colleges allow a toaster as well. 

My roommate and I were hungry girls.

Here are some easy foods that I kept in my room freshman and sophomore year with my minifridge and microwave:

  1. Greek yogurt
  2. Pieces of fruit
  3. Bread and peanut butter/jelly/butter whatever you like
  4. Milk
  5. Eggs (microwaveable eggs in a bowl anyone).
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Cereal
  8. Soup (We all can’t be lucky going to school in warm places)

I normally ate breakfast in my room.  It was easy as I was getting for class.  For most people it is not necessary to eat all 3 meals on campus and my meal plan didn’t allow it.  I chose that meal plan because I knew I would always make my breakfast in my room.


From the Besties

I posted a question asking the best college advice from my tweeting BFFS and this is what we came up with.

Holly and I share the same name and idea.  I always make use of my schools huge salad bar.

like here
and here

And finally.  Try many new foods because chances are your dining hall has some pretty crazy things as mine does.

How would I know I loved turkey and apples in a wrap?

Stay tuned for a staying active in college post soon.  🙂


 Question for you:

Best advice for incoming freshman or anyone looking to eat healthy on college campus? Did you gain the freshman 15?  I’m going to be gaining the senior 60 for real.