How to Prepare for Running in the Heat

How to Prepare for Running in the Heat

Incase you weren’t aware, it’s finally getting warmer.  Although, if you are anything like the Northeast, our weather went from 30 degrees to 80.  It feels as though there wasn’t much middle ground!  Hopefully, your body adjusts faster than mine.

Thinking out loud, running in the heat can be a challenge.  Even though it’s usually more enjoyable than running in the cold, there are a lot of difficulties and obstacles you face by running in the warm weather too.

So How can you Prepare for Spring and Summer Running this Year?

Stay Hydrated

This is probably the most important advice!

It doesn’t mean drink a liter of water directly before your run.  It means staying hydrating throughout the day.

Drink more water before, after and during your run.  Also don’t forget that you also lose electryltes while running in warmer conditions.  During the warmer months, it’s important to add salt tabs or Gatorade to the mix too.  Every runner has their own personal preferance of what works for the stomach and system.  I am fortanate that most any electrolyte drink works well for me, I just need to remember to drink it.

Adjust your Run for the Temperature and Humidity

Don’t be ashamed to back off pacing or dial it back because it’s hot.  Run by effort and feel, not based on what the workout pace should be at ideal conditions.

For example, on Sunday, I had a tempo run scheduled.  It was 85 degrees and while my pace was “supposed” to be 6:45, I ran 7:18 and was struggling.  Was I upset?  No!  Was I injured?  No.  I adjusted my pace accordingly and ran by effort.   It’s important to take note that running in the heat effects your body and you won’t hit the same paces as running in ideal conditions.

Wear Appropriate Clothing:

You could run naked but that would end up being sunburnt and uncomfortable.  Don’t forget to wear sunscreen as well as moisture wicking clothing.  I’ll have to do a current post of running clothing I’m loving this season but in the mean time here are some things not to forget:

  • Hat (to keep sun off your face)
  • Moisture wicking and noncotton clothing: including a top, sports bra, shorts, underwear and socks.  Cotton anything will absorb sweat and become heaving causing blisters, chafing and who knows what else.
  • Sunglasses: To keep your eyes protected
  • Body glide and sunscreen (because chafing stinks)
Be Flexible with Your Schedule:

Whether you need to run inside or run early, don’t be afraid to change your plan.  Run at the best time of the day.

You aren’t a hero if you run in 100-degree heat at high noon!   In the winter, typically running at lunch time is ideal but that isn’t usually the case over the summer.  That’s normally when it’s the hottest.  Don’t be afraid to change the time of day you run or where you run.

There is no shame in running on the treadmill, especially when it’s the safest option.  You can usually find me there at least once per week.
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Questions for you:
What are some tips you have for running in the heat?
Do you like summer or winter running better? 


Gear to Help Stay More Dry at a Rainy Race

Last week I posted about Racing Well in Unfavorable Conditions.  Many people asked if I had more recommendations got other products I like to use while running in inclement weather.

Gear to Stay Dry at a Rainy Race

During training runs, if the conditions are too miserable like sleet, ice, or torrential downpours, I’ll run inside on the treadmill or rest.  However when it comes to race time, either you race, or you don’t.  Thinking Out Loud, I do have a few favorite products that I like to use.  These are all personal products I use and I’m not getting paid to promote any of them.

Key Factors to Running in the Rain: 
  • Tighter fitting clothing. The clothing won’t get “as heavy” during a run.
  • No cotton. With cotton anything you will chafe and blister, and it will be painful.

My favorite hat is the Shamrock half marathon, and my favorite visor is a Headsweat brand visor with my work store logo on it.  I struggle with migraines if a hat/headband is too tight. Before 2016, I never realized how much hats help.

No rain on my face.

No rain on my face.

When running, I prefer a tight fitting and seamless top.  The less chafing, the better.

Saucony Dash Tank or dash short sleeve or even long sleeve (I do have and like all 3).

Don't let the Sun fool you...when it rains, the top doesn't stick to you either. It's actually just my all around favorite top

Don’t let the Sun fool you…when it rains, the top doesn’t stick to you either. It’s just my all around favorite top


Gortex Jacket:

As I mentioned, this jacket is worth the cost.  It’s my most expensive piece of rain gear and my single favorite piece of rain gear.  It kept me dry in the downpour of Broad Street.  I believe if I wasn’t wearing the Gortex jacket, my race would have gone differently.

As seen here


I prefer spandex bottoms because they don’t hold too much moisture.  I also prefer spandex that doesn’t become see-through in the rain.  So far the Saucony Bullet shorts and capris as well as the Lululemon running shorts.   They are thick enough, when it rains nothing is exposed.

saucony ride 9

Saucony Bullet Capris


Last week, I mentioned using thinner socks while running.  Why? Your feet are probably going to get wet regardless of how thick your socks are.  Thinner socks aren’t going to hold as much water and lay against your feet.


As long as you don’t use a cotton sock, you are significantly less prone to blisters but using a thinner sock reduces that risk even more.

As I mentioned, I do prefer the CEP low cut compression socks.  You can see CEP compression and socks on 99% of my race photos… 

Other Helpful Items:

Bodyglide: To be honest, you can never have enough body glide.

Eaglecreek lockers

I received these products from RockNBlog at no cost. However, I’m not being paid to review them.

Pack it Sport, Wet Dry Bag, and Shoe Holder:

I’m not sure if RockNRoll knew the Weather was going to be disgusting for Spring Racing, but the EagleCreek lockers have come in handy.  The bags themselves are antimicrobial; odor controlled, water repellent and machine washable.  At both Shamrock and Broad Street, I immediately threw my running shoes into the shoe locker and my wet clothes into the Pack-It Sport.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport

It kept them away from my dry clothes and away from me.  I recommend these to anyone. I’ll probably take mine to the beach this summer too.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport

Bonus if you can figure out which shoes are in there

Quick Packing List for a Rainy Race:
Race Outfit:
  • Tight fitting seamless top
  • Rain jacket
  • Hat
  • Tight fitting bottoms
  • 2 Pairs of thin socks
  • Body Glide
  • Plastic bag to put cell phone in
Post Race:
  • Bag to Put Items in
  • Towel
  • Extra Socks
  • Full dry outfit: Sweatshirt, top, bottoms, socks, and shoes. Don’t forget underwear!
  • Warm coffee
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Questions for you:
What are your favorite pieces of rain gear?

Favorite Spring Gear

Somehow I never did “a favorite products”: winter edition. I waited for winter weather to buy winter gear and that never happened.  We had a few cold days but not enough to justify buying a new winter coat.  I did, however, buy a gym membership to get out of the snow.  That’s a story for another day. 

Now that Spring is springing, I can justify writing about products I am currently enjoying in the Spring.  I’m sure there will be a few more as we get more into the season.  I’m not being paid to tell you what I like.  Here are some products I’m thinking about.


Saucony Triumph: I’m now on my fourth pair of Saucony Triumph ISO 2, and it’s safe to say they are my favorite running shoe.

Saucony ISO 2 review feat overrun


I’m looking for a cute pair of Oxfords to kick around in but haven’t found any I love!  If anyone has a favorite, let me know. 

(Running) Clothing:

Saucony started making seamless clothing, and I’m obsessed with them.  I like the feel and how stretchy it is.  I just wish they made more colors.  I don’t like that certain brands only make a few different colors of an item.  I want the variety to have blue, blue-blue, light blue, dark blue, cerulean blue, navy blue, seafoam blue…or ROY G BIF is fine too…

I have the long sleeve, short sleeve and tank in the “dash style” and I like them all.

(NonRunning) Clothing: 

Lululemon Vineyessa Scarf

Oh look: my favorite scarf and Saucony dash long sleeve together

Oh look: my favorite scarf and Saucony dash long sleeve together

Roolee leggings

I originally saw these on Janae’s blog in green.  When I saw the pants existed in a few colors, I chose the dusty pink.
moto dusty rose leggings


TV Wise: This Spring I have found several different shows that interest me.  Since I fall asleep at 8pm…9pm, I normally DVR the shows and watch them in the morning. 

  • Restaurant Impossible
  • Bar Rescue
  • 60 Days In
  • Awkward
  • From Fit to Fat to Fit

Questions for you:
What new workout gear are you loving?
Do you follow any TV shows?

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