Oatmeal Waffle

I thought I had shared this before, but looking through my archives apparently not.  Although I’m not an overnight oats, oatmeal all the time kind of girl, oatmeal pancakes I like.  I had always wondered if I put oats into a waffle maker…will I set it on fire?  Will it hold all the way through?  The answer is (clearly from the below photo) it did.  However, I did add two eggs to this recipe (and yes for just me).

Oatmeal waffle:

 1 package cooked oatmeal or ½ cup cooked oatmeal (I used Quaker’s Apple cinnamon because that’s what I like)

¼ cup flour

½ cup milk

2 tsp baking powder

¼ cup sweetener to taste

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 eggs

Seasonings I choose to add:  1 chopped up apple (to go along with the apple oatmeal), cinnamon and apple pie spice (I forgot that stuff existed).



Mix all wet ingredients together (including the eggs).

Add the sweetner followed by flour and finally the oatmeal. 

And then prey to the high heavens your waffle makes it through the cook process.  (just kidding).  I then went and topped it with yogurt because I’ve been really feeling that lately.

This is waffle that sits really well with me before I run.  I normally eat this roughly 2-3 hours before running and I feel like a million bucks when I do.  It’s a bit higher in carbohydrates from the apples, milk, flour and oatmeal but it works for me. (maybe for you too!).

  1. waffle3

Questions for you:

Favorite flavor of oatmeal? 

I like apple cinnamon but do enjoy the maple cinnamon too.  Basically all the cinnamon ones…


Oatmeal Pancakes

I admit that I’ve made these pancakes before but the cold weather makes me crave oatmeal sometimes.  That being said, I doubt the one person that followed my blog during my oatmeal pancake phase will remember…That and I’ve come along way in pancake perfection since then so I can always find somethings to tweak.  I’m not much of a bowl of oats/oatmeal (well actually I’m not at all) girl but I do enjoy a nice oatmeal pancake now and again.  But seeing as I’m currently in VA Beach and leaving for Texas today…I don’t think cold weather is my issue and I have no problem with that.


Oatmeal pancakes:
½ cup cooked oatmeal  (I just use quaker and put it in the microwave…I don’t know other ways)
1 egg
½ cup yogurt (I chose greek yogurt) (I’ve also done with this cottage cheese and it’s good as well)
2 tablespoons brown sugar and 1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon baking powder
Sweetener to taste (I used ¼ cup stevia).
About ½ cup additional milk depending on how you cooked your oatmeal (I used exactly ½)

Add wet ingredients (including yogurt) together and mix.  Then add oatmeal and dry ingredients (spices/baking powder).

Cook on your griddle.

I know I might be in the minority, but I would much rather eat oatmeal pancakes then a bowl of oatmeal…I guess it’s all about perspective though. 

Question for you: How do you eat your oatmeal?

Foodie Pen Pals

Foodie pen pals has become one of my favorite monthly topics (so if you are tired of them..well it’s once a month-stop that and come back tomorrow).  With that being said, this package was def awesome and Amy even was able to take into account that I am eating a high protein diet and have a couple of medical problems (is she not the bomb?!).

Because I like to give rhetorical questions in my blogs, I’ll answer and say-no duh. 

Right then. 


First she sent me sugar free chocolate covered nuts.  I tried one of them and then decided I wanted to eat all of them.  Literally within 30 minutes of opening the box they were all gone.  They were really good!

After devouring the nuts, I decided to hold off on the cookies for some time later in the week.  These were a perfect work snack for me.  Work has been really busy and stressful and having cookies at work…well it makes it a little better.

Next up was the mustard.  I have never been a mustard fan but decided to try it anyways It was so weird-because I really enjoyed it.  I added it to some chicken we were having that night and it didn’t disappoint.  My parents were shocked that I eating it, and then my mom decided she wanted some too (to which she fully enjoyed it).

Hiding back there is the edamame, which is one of my favorite work snacks.  I buy this on the regular so it was nice not having too LOL.  I also ate it at work.

The steel cut oats I used to make pumpkin oatmeal.  I haven’t had pumpkin oatmeal in ages and this was the perfect occasion.  Quite delicious per usual.

With sprinkles. duh. 15 extra calories of worth. Well probably like 45 because I just kinda dump a bunch in.

Then last (but not least), I’ve been sipping on the herb tea all week.  My mom is a big tea drinker and absolutely loves this stuff as well.  Me personally, I like coffee but tea is good every once in a while.  This tea is certainly at the top of my list though so I’ll be taking it back to college.

In general, another awesome box! If you want to go participate in foodie pen pals-go right over to the lovely Lindsay’s blog.

Question for you: 

  1. 1.       Tea or coffee?  (iced/hot)?
  2. 2.       Have you ever participated in Foodie Pen Pals?

Race Eats

I guess we shall just keep this running shin dig rolling into another running post. Your comments from yesterday’s post about real running really warm my heart!  I was pretty nervous that some people wouldn’t feel as strongly as I do, but it’s a really big topic that I even talk about in real life with my nonrunner friends!  😉 

Since it is a what I eat Wednesday day, I thought I would share some of my favorite prerace foods. 

I must say-I’m mostly boring when it comes to prerace foods.  I have never really had a point where I ate too close to a race and vommed for running but I’ve come kind of close.   I have with swimming and vom+chlorine water.  Oh dear but that was because I ate a piece of pizza literally 10 minutes before swimming the mile race.   In middle school, I knew how to prerace fuel let me tell you.  My only concern with middle school swim meets is how much pizza I could have. 

I digress.

Depending on the race time and how far it is away-I will eat different things.  Any races after 8:30am-I’ll wake up around 6 and have a waffle or pancakes.  I eat them every morning before I do my training runs-why change it?  They give me energy and I always feel more comfortable.  The only thing I skip though if it’s race time, is yogurt.  That normally doesn’t sit well in my stomach.

oatmeal pancakes have been my prerace choice lately (in my recipe section)

Dairy won’t sit well in my stomach via running or swimming unless it’s had 2 hours to digest.  I don’t like to take chances-especially in longer races.  Yogurt is the most awful thing to feel when you are having a hard workout, in my opinion at least.

So let’s all pretend that you are shocked that I eat pancakes before a race.

Confusion face shot. Appropriate.

What happens if the race is at 7 am?  Am I waking up at 4 to eat breakfast?

I can honestly say I have never done that before.

Then it comes into, well how long is the race? 

(I should have made a flow chart).

If the race is under an hour I will have a snickers marathon bar.  They have never once upset my stomach and we all know how much I rave about these and eat them like candy.  I normally will have one before the race and one after-usually an hour before.

I normally hoard and have about 20 on my person at all times.

If the race is more than an hour and starts before 8:30am (ie: 10 milers and halves)., I’ll have a bagel with peanut butter or pumpkin butter.  I’ll still eat it about 2 hours before and normally cold.  I don’t toast my bagels a lot but before races I do.  Random fact of the day.

Toasted bagel with pumpkin butter. Also peanut butter, but not almond butter because I don't care for it.

Keep in mind this is all eaten with 24 ounces of coffee and 24 ounces of powerade zero.  Both are my favorite prerace beverages of choice.  For me personally, I can stomach coffee before races but I know that is not the case for a lot of people.

Because gas station coffee is the bomb.


Question for you:

1.       What do you eat before races?  After races?  During races? 

2.       What can/can’t you stomach during races? 

Like I’ve rambled…the only thing I’ve had a problem with is stomaching yogurt.

Personal Daily Food Journal

This is from Last Wednesday so I guess it qualifies.   And FYI props to you foodies that do this everyday.  It was painfully difficult for me for one day. 

I don’t know all the tricks of the trade of the WIAW posts.  I like to read them but I don’t participate that often.  Mainly because my food intake is super boring right now.  I eat pancakes.  I eat a sandwich.  I eat whatever is going on at my house.  I am not a good foodie and I’m okay with that.  I’m hoping to find a man that will understand that I am not chef Hollie.  If you don’t want pancakes or something cooked in the microwave-I can’t help you.  I also hate getting into that comparing who eats what and how much they burn and food advice from your great aunt twice removed because she is an expert.

But I also get the question of what do I eat-all the time.  How many calories I have…ect ect…I thought I would do this once and show you a day in the life of me.  When I’m being lazy at home.  So maybe I’ll do day in life part two in school.

Without further ado-let’s go time travel back to Wednesday.

I woke up at 7:25am.  I don’t know why but that is when my alarm was set from school and I just kept it that way coming home.  I like that time and it works for me and I wake up that early every morning of my break.

At home I tend to eat waffles because we don’t have a griddle.  Well we did and I brought it to school and I don’t enjoy making stovetop pancakes.  Pancake snob maybe.

Waffle of the day goes to Chocolate Peanut Flour.  For your enjoyment this meal is about 500 calories.

Chocolate peanut flour waffle with peanut butter (and syrup but you can't tell)

I normally eat and then read blogs and pux around the internet until 9:30, Wednesday was no different.   It gives my food about an hour and a half to digest before my run.  That is plenty of time for me and besides I’m not going hard so if anything if cockblocks speed even more.  8 miles untimed was my morning jive.  Easy.  Nothing too exciting and that’s all I have to say about that. I would love to be more informational about my running but most of my runs are easy and quite boring.  I didn’’t go to track but 2 times in 2011.  Yep I said it. 

I will talk more about my training when I go into phase 2 in a couple weeks.  To simplify, 85% of my runs are easy and untimed.  My goal is just easy milage for 85%.  I have already become so strong.  I can feel it.

Moving on to lunch.  I time my run so I can eat lunch right when I get home (as in within 2 seconds of walking in the door).

Egg bagel with guacamole and cheddar cheese

Then I did absolutely nothing for my life for another 3 hours.  Isn’t break lovely that way?  Actually-I went to the mall and got some new makeup from MAC but I didn’t do much else besides that.

But I did get some coffee.  I get gas station coffee everyday.   Everyday I put at least 150 calories of grimey cream and whatever else is body.  I don’t care.

This is a summertime shot but I still go to the same place. Oh and this is the Beamer that dude texting and driving totaled but still accurate that I got this 24 ounces of grime.

I got home around three and went for my tempo run (that day happened to be part of that 15% timed fast runs I do).  It was good.  I felt so good.  I cannot even explain to you how good that run went.  In fact, I will tell you.  I ran 5.5 miles in 38:08 which equates to a 6:34 overall pace.  I didn’t feel like I was dying or going to have a heart attack or go into cardiac arrest.  Thus it was overall perfect.

After getting home, I had one of these lovely creations.  In order to become more tan I will eat more pumpkin (and turn orange from beta-carotene).  Just kidding but add some pumpkin to yours oats and it’s so good.  (This was around 4:30-5).

With sprinkles. duh. 15 extra calories of worth. Well probably like 45 because I just kinda dump a bunch in.

For dinner we had chili, broccoli and left over turkey.  That is parmasean cheese on top because it makes everything better. 

Later that night I wanted ice-cream.  So I went and got some cake batter ice cream because it’s my favorite.  It is way to cold in Northern New York to be thinking of ice cream but down here 50 degrees is optimal ice cream weather.

with cherries.

And that was my day of joyous eats.  It came out to be roughly 2500 calories incase you were wondering.   So please call your great aunt twice removed expert in dietetics to get at me. As 99.9% of the time-I do answer your formspring questions via blog or there so ask away.  🙂

Question for you: What have you been eating lately? 

Friday Favs

Somehow in the last few months, I fell off the photography bandwagon.  Maybe it’s because my camera died and my cord was under my bed.  Who really knows.  Anyways-I promised myself on Thursday morning, that I would document a good amount of my eats so I can actually add new photos to Friday favorites.

But first in honor of Friday, I decided to dress like a real girl…lumberjack.


This weeks Friday favorites are a little different because I have been more or less eating different things.  Change is good.

I’ve taken a liking to eggs.  A lot of them.  I’ve literally had at least 2 eggs daily.  Right now-eggs are a big protein source for me.   For now, I’ve stopped completely using protein powder.   As in none.  I have been using it for 3 years daily, so it’s a big change for me.

Oatmeal-it’s nomtastic.  I can add an egg in there too.  Then get complete sources of protein as well as nomtastic carbs.  I used nomtastic twice in one paragraph.  I’m a toolbag.

Oatmeal pancakes, just because.

Lots of sweet potatoes.


Other favorite things of the week include this sweet shirt that I found at Walmart for a dollar.  Why I felt compelled to buy it-I don’t know.


Fun Facts of Friday:

  1. It has been 30, 70, sunny and sleeting all in one week here.
  2. I got my hair chemically relaxed and I can’t wait for it to grow out.  I miss my curly hair fo real.
  3. Well I’m off to go jog my cross country course and prepare for our championship race tomorrow.  By prepare, I mean the broski’s team is also going to be there and I’m picking his ass up for adventures.

    Minus his hair is all chopped off.


Question for you:

1.       Best oatmeal creation.  Go.

2.       Tell me a fun fact about you. 

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