Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready or are you like me that you are running around like a goober trying to figure out what to do? (Just kidding T because I know you read here and I’m working ;).  All kidding aside, Valentine’s Day is one of the most (unnecessarily) stressful holidays of the year.

Whether I have been single or not, I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day.  I don’t really care that it’s a “Hallmark Holiday” or that it’s overly obsessed.  I enjoy themes and a reason to be festive.  I’m not saying to spend a fortune but I do enjoy the day.  I enjoy St. Patrick’s day and Fourth of July just as much.

Last year Tim and I went and ran the Virginia is for Lovers 14k.  It was a lot of fun and as much as I would love to run the race again, J&A isn’t doing it.  I hope one day it makes a return but I know races in that area are a pain.

Stephanie, Mollie and I at the race start.
Stephanie, Mollie and I last year at the race start.

Instead of posting a few articles about what to cook (because I’m a terrible cook), I decided I would post some hilarious Valentine’s Day eCards as well as interesting articles.  One of the most important aspects of Valentine’s Day is having the best card.  Flowers, chocolate and candy are all secondary.  Feel free to print them out and send them to your favorite Valentine (which is me of course!).

valetines day meme

valentines day meme

valentines day meme 3

valentines day meme 1


Funny Articles:

Will You be Disappointed on Valentines Day?

Hilarious Valentine’s Day Stories (If this doesn’t fill your LOLZ tank, I don’t know what will)

The Onion: Valentine’s Day Stories

Questions for you:

Do you have any epic Valentine’s Day Stories?

What are your plans tomorrow? 


Wedding Dress Shopping

Trying on wedding dresses taught me a lot of things.  I obviously won’t be posting any photos of my wedding dress or anything remotely close to it (yes I found one because I’m not about to go multiple times to multiple places). I found some really humerous ones (to me) that filled up my LOLZ tank.

If you know me you know I’m an off the rack buyer.  I look at clothing, think it looks nice and buy it.  I don’t try things on in stores…Since half of my clothing purchases are made online anyways, it doesn’t matter to me.

My mom asked a month ago if I wanted to make a dress appointment.  I responded with: “I haven’t tried on clothing in stores for the last 2 years so I wouldn’t be starting now with wedding dresses.” I was kidding of course, but that obviously didn’t go over well.  Honestly I never spent a great deal of time on pinterest or looking at wedding dresses because I am not 5’10 and 120 pounds…they wouldn’t look the same on me as in a photo…unless I photoshopped my face onto said photo.

I tried on the first dress and that ultimately was the dress I liked the best.  I tried on multiple dresses to compare and to rule things out that maybe I liked or didn’t.

I had made several rules before I went shopping.  All of which I told my consultant (who was fabulous).

  1. I don’t want my butt crack to show. I don’t know why these lower back wedding dresses are trendy but I would prefer my booty covered.
  2. I don’t want anything see through. Why do brides want a wedding dress where they are basically getting married in a bra with a bunch of lace on top…that’s weird.
  3. I don’t want a puffy, ball gown. It’s not my style mostly because I don’t like weight training and those dresses are heavy.
  4. Similary I don’t want a dress I can’t twerk in. If I can’t booty pop to my girl Nikki Minaj, it’s not happening.
  5. I don’t want a b’dazzled dress. That seems heavy, itchy and not me.

I was of course, willing to try anything.  I don’t care because bridal dress consultants know what they are doing…I do not.  If I did I would be a wedding dress consultant.  I told her I was willing to try anything on but I was not holding back my remarks.  (I’m glad she enjoyed my humor/commentary to each dress).

This was not a contendor.  First the dress was 500 pounds and second I swear it was asexually multipling.  It kept getting bigger and bigger (like my hair in the summertime).

wedding dress

The second was a beautiful turkey style dress.  After scouring the country and plucking feathers from several turkeys and birds, I put together this flapper style wedding dress.  I think it was a cross between a flapper and a turkey.  As they say the bird is the word.

Wedding Dress
This photo does not do the feathers justice.

Another dress I tried on was the lacy bedazzled belt.  I’m pretty sure the belt cost more than what I make paycheck wise in a year.  The dress was nice but not my style either.  It was a bit better than the feather flapper and asexual reproducing dress…enough that I took a halfway normal photo with my future flower girl.


Ultimately after comparing and contrasting dresses, I went with the first one I tried on.  It just taught me that I don’t need to try things on and can continue my terrible method of purchasing clothing right off the rack. I had a lot of fun.  I left feeling good and excited.  I also left thinking maybe I could design dresses.  I could just throw some things together and some bride would like it?  Right?

Two hours is a long time to stand in front of a mirror staring at yourself.  It was like a selfie that never ended.

Questions for you:

Brides: How many dress stores did you go too?  Did you enjoy trying on dresses?

Do you like clothes shopping?  Do you try on clothes in general?


Time to Go.

Today is an extremely hard day for me.  As I said last week, I was not really doing well with Tim deploying.  Luckily for me, I have family and friends that have really taken care of me lately.  I would truly be lost without them.  So thank you.

I know these next few months will go by quickly.  Dating and now engaged to someone in the military is not always easy.  It’s not fun to wave goodbye on long trips.  It’s not fun to wave goodbye on deployments but the time we have together makes everything worth it.

I truly appreciate everyone’s love and support.

Soaring high


Happy Birthday Baby LOLZ

Last week wordpress sent me a “trophy”.  I like that even blogging is extrensically motivated in that you get trophies on occasions.  I didn’t know what I had done this time…(HA) but wordpress informed me August 6th is my blogging anniversary!   Funny enough, LOLZ is no longer a baby or even a toddler.  BabyLOLZ sounds so precious though…

I always remember that I started blogging in early August but can never remember the exact date.  I think every year it informs me and every year I say I’ll remember.  (Can you tell I need a planner to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and life events?  Blogging is just blogging…so I don’t feel guilty for forgetting every year…

It just so happens that I also hit my 1000 #coffeeaday streak on Instagram a few days ago. I decided to stop while I’m ahead and keep my 1000 day streak at that…1000. It’s been a few days since I’ve taken a coffee picture and I’m at peace with it. Nothing goes on forever….does this mean I’ve stopped having coffee? No, of course not. I will still post photos here and there but I probably will never begin a streak again.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to stop.

So with that, Happy Fourth Birthday LOLZ!

I could write multiple posts reflecting on everything I’ve learned, accomplished, failed and done in the last four years but that would literally be four years worth so I’ll keep it short.

In summary here are the last four years:

Year 1: I was in college studying both math and education.  I began running.  I was still swimming but I decided to run and swim in college.  I had a great year.

The Maths: Proving why a triangle is a a diner.
The Maths: Proving why a triangle is a triangle…at a diner.
The maths.  Proving why a triangle is a triangle...
The maths. three weeks later…Still proving why a triangle is a triangle…
I swam miles and miles and miles...actually I swam distance events in college 1000/mile! Super #tbt
I swam miles and miles and miles…actually I swam distance events in college 1000/mile! Super #tbt
One of my first XC races.
One of my first XC races.

Year 2: I quit swimming and changed to a public health major with a math minor. I had my first major running injury (21st birthday stress fracture!) I ended relationships (both friends and a long term boyfriend) and grew as a person.  I began my senior year rejuvenated.  Senior year was the most free I felt during college (except for the beginning of freshman year).  I had a great year. Oh and I graduated college!

Doing my public health senior seminar paper...being a new rejuvenated woman.
Doing my public health senior seminar paper…being a new rejuvenated woman.
Winning my first half marathon in Plattsburgh!
Winning my first half marathon in Plattsburgh!
Falling on ice and breaking my arm.
Falling on ice and breaking my arm…then going to the bar!  I think I have the thumbs up because I had decided I was going to the sketchiest bar in all the land wearing that.  (YAY Streets)
Going to the bar in my human discoball outfit. (IE: Gold express dress)...oh and meeting Tim too.
Going to the (the lesser of sketchy) bars in my human discoball outfit. (IE: Gold express dress)…oh and meeting Tim too. 😉
Better reference for the dress.
Better reference for the dress…at the bar. (There is so much going on in this photo how can you not LOLZ).  

Year 3: I moved and worked at SUNY Oswego.  I made great friends, learned what real life was all about.  I ran a lot.  I had what I consider my first breakout race (Nike Women’s Half).  I became extremely close with both Heather and Laura.  I learned about true adulthood and real life responsibilities. I learned that I really enjoyed not being in college. I maintained a long distance relationship with Tim. Then I moved back home to VA one last time for the summer.

At the Walk to Save Lives Fall 2012
At the Walk to Save Lives Fall 2012
Look mom I have really good friends!
Look mom I have really good friends that helped me get through this point in time.  This is from February but I love this photo so that’s that. 

Year 4: I was invited to run for Oiselle. I moved in with Tim in Texas.  I lived in Texas for 6 weeks and then moved to New Jersey. I raised 2000+ dollars for Ophelia’s Place and Eating Disorder Awareness and won that half marathon.  I ran my first marathon and began working at a local running store.  I got engaged.  I developed a love for diners. Oh and I PR’ed again at the April Fools Half marathon!  For the first time, I could say I was liberated, happy and truly enjoyed the path my life is taking.

Oh texas...little did I know I would be here 6 weeks
Oh texas…little did I know I would be here 6 weeks
In Texas they have these for decoration...
In Texas they have these for decoration…
Marathons are so fun!
Marathons are so fun!


We are engaged now...
We are engaged now…

Year 5: As Natasha Bedingfield says…the rest is just unwritten. I hope to run another marathon, have solid races and get married. I hope to continue loving my life and embracing the good, the bad and everywhere in between. I hope I’ll be posting a year five blog post next year. I appreciate everyone taking time to share the journey with me.

Questions for you:
How long have you been blogging?
What has been the most life changing event of your life so far?


Engagement Photos

I’m not ignoring you blog world.  In fact yesterday I felt like crap then today I woke up rather sick.  I have done nothing productive the last two days except leave my couch, get an MRI and return to my couch.  Despite wanting to run…I can’t because now I feel sick.  (Nausea, headache…flu like symptoms).  I cannot seem to catch a break.  I can’t help but wonder if the stress of Tim leaving for a few months is setting in.  When I get really stressed out I tend to get sick.

I’m just stating a fact.  Not that I want anyone to feel sorry for me, etc but I am not feeling well.  I promise I’m not ignoring phone calls, messages, facebook statuses, posts and blogs…

Oh well at least I got sick on my days off from work so it makes it a little bit easier.  Instead of adding paragraphs of words that don’t make sense I’ll post some of my engagement photos.  We both love them and are really happy with how they came out.

engagement photo 6


engagement photo 5


engagement photo 4


engagement photo 3


engagement photo 2


engagement photo 1


These are just a few of my favorites.