Time to Go.

Today is an extremely hard day for me.  As I said last week, I was not really doing well with Tim deploying.  Luckily for me, I have family and friends that have really taken care of me lately.  I would truly be lost without them.  So thank you.

I know these next few months will go by quickly.  Dating and now engaged to someone in the military is not always easy.  It’s not fun to wave goodbye on long trips.  It’s not fun to wave goodbye on deployments but the time we have together makes everything worth it.

I truly appreciate everyone’s love and support.

Soaring high


35 thoughts on “Time to Go.”

  1. This made me tear up just because I know exactly how you’re feeling right now. I sobbed uncontrollably on my flight back to WI after seeing J off in Texas. It is very challenging-especially all the unknowns. But know that you have the support & that each day he’s away is one day closer to seeing him again. =) <3

  2. XOXOX staying strong with you in solidarity! DM/FB me if you ever want to chat or just be distracted! My ears are always open and I’d love to be there for you!

  3. I have never left a comment (and I live in S. Jersey, Gloucester County, and love reading about the diners you go to – try Hollywood Cafe in Woodbury Heights some time!) but I am a working military wife and mother of three. My husband is an officer candidate in the NJ Army National Guard and he was gone for 2 1/2 months this year in basic training. It was difficult during that time, especially with the kids and work. But you will make it through!! As you probably know, basic training means hardly any phone and basically letters once a week from your significant other. I wrote my husband every single day, sometimes three times a day, and prayed constantly for him. Even though it was not a deployment and he was not in a combat zone, the separation was very difficult. But I learned so much about myself during the process – especially that the Lord supplies my strength whenever I need it!! Again, you will be fine and I will pray for you. This too shall pass 🙂

    1. That means a lot Melissa and thank you for stopping by! If you ever wanted to go to a diner or something, let me know!

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