Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review
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Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review

Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review

The original Brooks Ricochet was one of the brand new shoes using the DNA AMP cushioning.  Most people know Brooks for their soft cushioning (BioMoGo DNA) in shoes like the Brooks Ghost 12 or Brooks Glycerin 17. A few years ago, Brooks came out with a firmer cushioning called: DNA AMP, which you see in shoes like the Brooks Ricochet 2 or Brooks Levitate 3. Is firmer, better than softer? Only you and your body can decide. There is no best or right cushioning, but whatever feels best to you.

Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review
Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review

Brooks Ricochet 2 Quick Facts:

Weight: 8.1 Ounces

Heel to Toe Drop:

Brooks Ricochet 2 Fit:

Both the Brooks Ricochet 2 and Brooks Levitate 3 use a stretchy, flat knit upper. The heel collar is much higher than almost every shoe, so it “fits like a glove.” The flat-knit upper ensures you have a lightweight, but a breathable shoe with a sock-like fit.

I don’t love it when brands do this.  When Brooks started adding a higher heel collar and heel wrap with the Brooks Levitate 2, it cut me like a dagger. I was bleeding from the run.

Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review

The updated suede heel tab seems to do a better job, although not perfect.  Typically in running shoes, I wear between a 9.5-11 wide. In the Brooks Ricochet, I found the 10.5 to fit well.

Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review

Brooks Ricochet 2 Ride:

As I mentioned, the Brooks Ricochet 2 uses DNA Amp Cushioning. According to Brooks, this provides a light-responsive ride that gives more energy back. It’s lighter than the Brooks Levitate 3 but firmer than the Brooks Ghost 12.

The bottom has an “arrow point pattern outsole.” Together with the DNA, AMP cushioning works to roll from heel to toe quickly and smoothly. The energy return from the DNA Midsole is apparent when running faster. On slower, more comfortable runs, I felt like the shoe was weighing me down, and like a ton of bricks on my foot. With faster long runs and tempo runs, the DNA Amp Midsole responded to my movement and it felt like an energized ride.

Brooks Ricochet 2 Shoe Review

For me, the Brooks Ricochet 2 fits best for a long run or tempo run. It feels too cumbersome as an easy road running shoe.

Brooks Ricochet Conclusion:

While I believe Brooks did a better job in the update of the Brooks Ricochet 2, I don’t think it’s perfect or “the best shoe ever.” I wish they would get rid of the sock-like upper fit and go towards a regular fitting upper. I’ll continue to use it for longer and faster runs. Between the Biomogo DNA and DNA Amp, I’m personally more of a BioMogo gal and prefer the soft and cushioned Brooks Ghost 12 or Brooks Glycerin 17.

The Brooks Ricochet 2 is a solid daily trainer and can handle mileage. It fits best as a faster effort and energized shoe but can be used as an easy run shoe too.  The Brooks Ricochet 2 is not my favorite shoe, nor my least but I’ll keep it around.

Current Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Mizuno Rider Waveknit 3New Balance 1080 v10Diadora Mythos Elite TRX, Hoka Bondi 6,

Speed Work: New Balance FuelCell RebelReebok Float Ride Run fast ProNike Pegasus Turbo 2

Long Runs: Brooks Richochet 2, New Balance FuelCell Rebel, Altra Escalante 2.0, Hoka Cavu 2

Races: New Balance Fuelcell 5280Nike Next%,  Reebok Run fast Pro 

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite shoe? 

Have you tried the Brooks Ricochet 2 


Hiking Pocahontas State Park

Hiking Pocahontas State Park

On our way from Virginia Beach to Charlottesville, my husband and I drove through downtown Richmond, the capital of Virginia.

Pocahontas State Park is only 20 miles from Richmond. Even though I grew up 90 minutes south of Richmond, I haven’t spent as much time in the city as I would like. On our drive, it was a beautiful day so we decided to stop for a short hike at Pocahontas State Park. You don’t get many 50-60 degree days in December and I like to take adantage of all of them.

A quick google search found Pocahontas State Park on our route and it has 64 miles of hiking trails. There is single track, mountain bike trail, and hiking trails.

Pocahontas State Park offers plenty to do including hiking, boating, picnicking, camping, camping cabins, and even nature programs.  If you want to host a wedding or special event, they have banquet halls too.  Plus, like most parks, there are cabins and lodge, and boat rentals that are available seasonally.  It didn’t look like anyone was boating on Beaver Lake or Swift Creek Lake, so I assume it’s seasonal only.

There is also an Aquatic Center with a toddler pool, fountain wet deck, pools, and slides. I don’t know if I have been to a Park with an entire Aquatic Center, but the swimmer in me loves it.

The other unique component of Pocahontas State Park is the 2,000-seat amphitheater, which hosts concerts.

As you can tell, I’m fascinated with everything there is to do at Pocahontas State Park and I would love to explore the area more. I might be biased after growing up in Hampton Roads, but Virginia State Park System does a beautiful job with their State Parks.

When we went to Pocahontas State Park, we didn’t have a plan or even what trails we were going to hike. We kind of walked around and saw what we saw. It would be a lot of fun to spend a day or two in Pocahontas State Park.

Pocahontas State Park
Pocahontas State Park Amphitheater
Pocahontas State Park
Hiking along Pocahontas State Park

Pocahontas State Park

Pocahontas State Park

Pocahontas State Park
I assume this is for bees

Pocahontas State Park

In all, we had a great time at Pocahontas State Park and I can’t wait to go back again sometime soon.

You can see more hikes here. 

Questions for you:

Have you been to Pocahontas State Park near Richmond?

Do you have a favorite spot to hike near you?

me running
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Training: New Year’s 10k and Building a Base

Since a few people remained interested in my training logs, I figured I would continue. One of my primary goals to 2020 is to clean out things, mental, physical, and digital (including blogging). I want to trim what I don’t need anymore. I’m not sure what that means for blogging and social media, and I’ll most likely continue doing it, but I’m going to put effort into things that matter the most.

Speaking of cleaning out, my 2020 Resolution is to get rid of something every day. Whether it’s physical, mental, or digital. Several people told me to create an Instagram, so you can find that here if that interests you.  Which makes zero sense considering I want to trim social media, but it keeps me motivated and it will be fun to look at all of the progress throughout the journey.

Back to Training:

Monday: 1 hour Swim 2X1500 meters
Tuesday: Easy 6 miles with Alexis 6X30 second strides
Wednesday: Hair of the Dog 10k (41:49)
Thursday: Easy 8 miles
Friday: 12 miles easyish with 6X30 second strides
Saturday: Easy 6 miles
Sunday: 14 Mile Long Run averaging 8:15 pace


Last week’s training went well. It was nice to start the New Year off with my fastest 10k since 2018. I wrote a full recap here. We wanted to do something different to start in 2020, so we decided to head to Rehobeth Beach. Neither my husband nor I have spent a lot of time in Delaware (minus driving through). The race itself went well and I ran even splits and negative split the race!

Most of the rest of the week was spent doing easy runs (anywhere between 9-10 min miles or untimed). My long run on Sunday went as well as it could. We had 35 mph gusts so I was always running in the headwind or tailwind. I’m happy with it.

Next week, I’ll continue to build mileage and fitness.  I’m probably going to head back to Virginia to see my parents and spend a few more days with them.  January won’t be the “most exciting month ever” with minimal races, but it will be an important month to build fitness.

Posts from the Week:

Nike Pegasus 36 Shoe Review

Hair of the Dog 10k (41:49)

2019 Running Yearly Recap

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How was your New Years?

What are you training for?

Nike Pegasus 36 Shoe Review
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Nike Pegasus 36 Shoe Review

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoe Review:

The Nike Pegasus is one of the most iconic shoes out there. It was many people’s first running shoe, including mine. Maybe the Pegasus 25?

It’s been a few years since I ran in the Nike Pegasus and to be honest, Nike isn’t the first brand I choose due to all of the recent events with their athletes. Nike made significant changes from the Pegasus 34 to 35, so the Pegasus 36 remains similar to the 35. The fit is better in the 36, but the ride is about the same.

Nike Pegasus 36 Shoe Review

Nike Pegasus 36 Quick Facts:

Nike Pegasus 36 Heel to Toe Drop 10mm

Nike Pegasus 36 Weight: 8.1 oz

Nike Pegasus 36 Fit:

Like many Nike shoes, the entire upper is a seamless engineered mesh upper. Most running brands are removing extra seems because they allow a better fit, especially if you have a wider forefront or bunion.  The upper enhances breathability in the forefoot and arch of the foot.  The Nike Pegasus 36 has a better fit overall than the Nike Pegasus 35. According to Nike, the exposed Flywire cables in the midfoot promote a snug fit at higher speeds and promote a smooth responsive ride while also reduces bulk.

Nike Pegasus 36 Shoe Review

Many people believe “Nike fits narrow,” and their casual shoes do. Most of the run specialty training shoes are narrow through the arch but have a wide forefront allowing feet to splay.

Nike Pegasus 36 Shoe Review

The Nike Pegasus 36 also has a high heel collar. The heel of the shoe flairs at the top? Nike claims this keeps the heel collar tongue from rubbing or irritating the Achilles tendon. Similar to the New Balance 1080. As someone who hasn’t had many Achilles tendon issues (seriously untying your shoes instead of sliding them off all of the time helps that).

Nike Pegasus 36 Shoe Review

Nike Pegasus 36 Ride:

In the Nike Pegasus, Nike uses Zoom Air cushion to give the Pegasus the feel of a “faster” shoe.  The full length zoom air unit makes the Nike Pegasus 36, a firm yet responsive cushioning trainer.

In all running shoes, the shoe itself as gone through the most transformation.  The recent significant changes in the Nike Pegasus came from the Pegasus 34 to the Pegasus 35.  Nike kept the Nike Pegasus 36 similar to the 35.

In fact, Nike kept the same Cushlon foam and full-length Zoom Air cushioning unit from version 35. The outsole remained the same as well.

If you are new to the Nike Pegasus, it’s a lightweight trainer.  I’ve used the shoe for an easy run, long runs, and workouts but ultimately settled on it for shorter, easy runs. My body wants more cushion (like the New Balance 1080) for further distance and I want something more responsive for workouts (like the Hoka One One Cavu 2). When I put on the Nike Pegasus 36, the shoe feels ready to go fast.

Nike Pegasus 36 Shoe Review

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 Conclusion:

The Nike Pegasus 36 is a lightweight, everyday trainer that is good for almost anything, but not “the best” for anything.

There aren’t many significant changes from the Nike Pegasus 35 to the Nike Pegasus 36 Nike.  All of the updates in the Nike Pegasus 36 are in a better fit and more breathability.

Finally, if you have been in a Nike Pegasus and due to recent events want to try a different brand or shoe, I suggest the New Balance Fuelcell Rebel, New Balance 1080, Saucony Ride ISO, or Hoka Rincon.

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Questions for you: 

What is your favorite running shoe?

Have you tried the Nike Pegasus 36? 


Hair of the Dog 10k Bethany Beach
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Hair of the Dog 10k (41:49)

Hair of the Dog 10k Bethany Beach (41:49)

2019 was not my year for running and I wanted to start fresh. I talked about it in my yearly recap but it wasn’t a priority. I ran and had fun but I am minutes away from PRs.

My husband and I had never been to the Delaware Shore (Rehobeth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Bethany Beach), so we decided to check it out.  We knew there was a Hair of the Dog 10k at Bethany Beach and thought it would be something fun and different to spend the New Year in Delaware.  The Annual Hair of the Dog 5k/10k also have a Polar bear Plunge. The Post Race Party and Post Plunge Party at Mangos is right in downtown Bethany Beach.

One thing I appreciate about the Hair of the Dog 10k is that it started at 8:30 am (the 5k started at 10 am). New Years Day races usually start at odd times ranging anywhere from 10 am to 5 pm.  It makes sense, but I appreciated the normal race start.

On race day, we got there around 7:30 am, did signup and packet pickup, then a quick warm-up. It was a beautiful day in Rehobeth: just under 40 degrees, some wind, but sunny. We’ve had a couple of New Years that have been 10 degrees or less so we couldn’t ask for better weather.

We lined up at 8:25 am and by 8:30, we were off. My goal for the Hair of the Dog 10k was not to fly and die. IE: go out too fast and pick up the pieces.

My fitness is not anywhere and I feel like I’m starting over to get back into “PR” fitness. I know the work it takes to get there, and I know it won’t be easy. I thought under 42 would be a reach goal considering I didn’t run under 42 at all in 2019.

When we started moving, I felt good.  I found myself in a pack with a few other people.  We crossed the first mile at 6:41. I thought, wow, I’m on pace to run under 42 at the Hair of the Dog 10k. Then I laughed because making that goal at mile 1 seemed silly.

During the second mile, a woman passed me. I tried to go with her, but I didn’t have it in me. The second mile had a 180-degree turn and I crossed in 6:47. Here comes the fading, I told myself. Then during mile 3 of the Hair of the Dog 10k, I realized I didn’t feel that bad.  We went onto the slippery boardwalk and I became cautious of ice and slick patches. I crossed mile 3 in 6:43.  I just wanted to get off the slippery boardwalk.

Hair of the Dog 10k Bethany Beach mw running
Hair of the Dog 10k Bethany Beach
Thank you Dave Fredman Frederick for the Photo

Maybe slowing down a few seconds helped in the second 5k.  As we left the boardwalk, I passed the woman and was in first. The next few miles didn’t feel bad and dare I say: “good”?  I crossed mile 4 in 6:39, my fastest mile of the day.

After crossing mile 4 of the Hair of the Dog 10k, I grabbed water and kept going. Mile 5 had another 180-degree turn and I crossed in 6:40. During the final mile, the cyclist began chanting, “go go.” Then as I entered the boardwalk, she fell back and yelled, “go go, you can catch her” at the second place woman.  I crossed mile 6 in 6:40 and just powered to the finish.

Even though we were on the boardwalk, I still sprinted to the end. I passed one guy and crossed in 41:49.  Later, my watch recorded I went 6:12 pace for the final bit. This is funny because I rarely ever have a “kick.”

Hair of the Dog 10k Thoughts:

I couldn’t have asked for a better start running-wise to 2020. I am looking forward to dedicating time to get back into shape.  I know it will be a long way to go before 38 minute 10ks feel “easy,” but I’m also looking forward t the process, something I couldn’t say last year.

Questions for you:

How was your New Years? What is your goal for 2020? 

Did you run a race? Was it called “Hair of the Dog” or “Resolution Run”?