Lulus California Bistro (Palm Springs)

Lulus California Bistro (Palm Springs)

Is Lulus California Bistro a diner? Maybe…maybe not. At a minimum, it’s an upscale, retro, swanky diner or maybe it’s just a bar. But it’s close enough. The bright colors, the bold restaurant vibes, if it looks like a diner…it’s a diner. Even if it doesn’t have “diner” in the name.

Anyway, I’ve been to Palm Springs a couple of times and was excited to go to Lulus California Bistro. It’s located on the main street and always looks busy.

Lulus California Bistro (Palm Springs)Lulus California Bistro Atmosphere: A

Lulus California Bistro looks like an upscale, modern diner. It’s not a retro metallic building but an all-white building with white (and even clear) seats inside. Outside there are bold colored seats. I walked by a few times while in Plam Springs and it always looks busy.

Lulus California Bistro (Palm Springs)

It’s also one of the biggest diners I’ve ever seen, and there is even a second floor. There are probably 100 seats from booths to tables all centered around a staircase and bar.. If that is even possible, it gives me both club vibes and diner vibes.

Lulus California Bistro (Palm Springs)


The coffee at Lulus California Bistro was brewed hot and fresh, and I have no complaints.

Lulus California Bistro Food: C

I arrived for dinner, so Lulus California Bistro’s menu was dinner only. I know…no breakfast all day! Anyway, they do have several options that interested me, including:

  • Fish and Chips, which featured beer-battered Alaskan Cod.
  • Several pizza options, including Hawaiian (I know…I like pineapple on pizza)
  • Eggplant Parmagiana
  • Asian Shrimp Pasta features sauteed shrimp with garlic.
  • Braised short ribs served in red sauce.
  • Premium Grilled Pork Chops topped with maple syrup and apples

You can see the full Lulus California Bistro menu here.

Ultimately we decided to order the hummus for an appetizer, and then I opted for the grilled pork chops for my main course.

The hummus was good and came with vegetables and focaccia bread. Personally, I would have preferred a softer bread for dipping, and it felt like I was dipping a stale piece of bread into the hummus. I thought it could use a little more flavor. It was decent but not my favorite.

Lulus California Bistro (Palm Springs)

The Pork Chops were about the same. They were decent, but it felt like they were overcooked and relying on maple syrup to give them flavor. I thought the real stars of the meal were the cooked vegetables and mashed potatoes. I’m not usually a mashed potatoes fan, but I found them to be one of the best-mashed potatoes I’ve had in a while.

Lulus California Bistro (Palm Springs)

In short, my meal was fine, but it wasn’t my favorite. I hope I tried Lulu’s on a bad day, or I just need to try a new meal.

Service: A

This is where Lulus California Bistro shined. Our waitress was super friendly, our food came out fast, and we had a great experience. It was definitely one of the best restaurant experiences we’ve had.

Lulus California Bistro Cost:

Whew, this diner is expensive. The hummus appetizer cost $14.99, and the Pork Chops cost $29.99. Do I think the food quality was worth it? That I’m not so sure of.

Would I Come Back to Lulus California Bistro?

I liked Lulus California Bistro, and I would be willing to give it another shot. It was “fine.” It wasn’t my favorite nor my least favorite, just right in the middle. It’s in the top 5% of the most expensive diner prices I’ve been to, but I would be willing to come back and try different options. Plus, our waitress was awesome, and if anything, she would bring me back!

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: A

Food: C

Cost: $25-$50

Service: A

Overall: B

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Questions for you:

Have you been to Lulus California Bistro?

What is your favorite swanky restaurant? 




  1. there’s a restaurant in my neck of the boreal forest called 19…expensive, but every time we’ve gone, I never even look at the bill…’s usually huge, I know, but don’t care…food, service, atmosphere…every cent is worth it….and worth the tip..

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