Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review

I was looking for a way to hold fluid that wasn’t a backpack or handheld and stumbled upon the Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz.  Sometimes I don’t need as much fluid as a backpack but want to keep my hands free. I scoffed at the idea of a waist belt (because let’s face it, some are annoying and unhelpful), but I’ve been thrilled with the Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz.

I’ve also reviewed the CamelBak Zephyr 10L, typically my option for longer runs.

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review

About the Brand Camelbak:

Bicyclist Michael Eidson was competing in the “Hotter’N Hell 100,”. He needed hydration and came up with a solution during the race. He filled an IV bag with water, slipped it into a white tube sock, and stuffed the whole contraption into the back of his bike jersey. He threw it over his shoulder and clamped it with a clothespin, and that’s how hand’s free hydration and CamelBak were formed.

Obviously, a lot has changed since the IV Bag days, but the core values of CamelBak remain the same. It takes courage, conviction, and imagination to quench the thirst for better, from inventing the hydration category to becoming the world’s leading maker of hydration solutions.

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review

About the Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz:

The 17oz is designed for shorter runs and faster-paced walking. It has a bottle sleeve and elastic strip to ensure the bottle stays secure. That way, you don’t have to sacrifice performance.

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Features: 

  • Breathable Air Mesh: Stay cool and comfortable
  • Adjustable Waist Buckle: For a customized, secure fit
  • Secure Zippered Pocket: Keep your phone and other essentials safely stowed
  • Reflectivity: For added visibility and safety

The pack weighs 5 oz and carries a total of 17 fluid ounces. The bottle is also designed to keep your hydration cool the entire time you’re out!

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review
Zippered pouch

My Experience with the Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz:

Most of my trail runs are less than 15 miles. Now that it’s warmer, I want hydration on almost every run. On trails, I try and keep something every run as well. I’ve been cynical of many hydration waist belts because I find they flop or slide all over the place. Or, possibly the worst is that you can hear the water moving around.

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review
Easy to drink bottle that locks back into place so it doesn’t spill

I first took the Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz on an easy hike. To my surprise, it didn’t move around. I appreciate the bottle is designed to keep beverages cold, and I found that my hydration stayed cold the entire time. From there, I decided to run with it. I first took it on the Big Sycamore Loop, then the Mugu Peak Loop. Both times it was comfortable the entire time. There was never a point it moved, and I never heard the hydration bouncing around. Plus, it easily carried my phone and gels so that my hands could stay free.

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review

Cost: $40

I was really surprised the Flash Belt 17oz was only $40.

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review
Insulated water bottle

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Conclusion:

To say I’m a fan is an understatement, and I didn’t realize that brands were making such high-quality hydration belts that didn’t move around. There isn’t anything I don’t live about it. It’s made for runs, so it’s not something I would bring on a 15-mile hike, but for shorter periods, it’s great.

Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz Review
Bringing it with me on my last trail run

You can purchase the Camelbak Flash Belt 17oz here and see all gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

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