The Right Stuff Review

The Right Stuff NASA hydration

Recently I tried The Right Stuff. Just looking at the name, you wonder, what in the world is that? It could truly be anything! I hadn’t heard of them before, but I am always looking for new fueling strategies while running in the desert.

The Right Stuff NASA hydration

About the Right Stuff Brand:

Interestingly enough, “The Right Stuff” was developed for astronauts to find the optimal formula to address the extreme hydration challenges of re-entry back into Earth’s gravity. Even by going to their website, it looks like it has some sort of relation with NASA. NASA tested astronauts and athletes using a broad array of sports drink formulas, including custom formulas developed by NASA scientists. The Right Stuff formula has been highly effective for ten years.

As the Right Stuff mentions, even though dehydration causes are different between athletes and astronauts, human physiology and the results are the same.

The Right Stuff Review

The Right Stuff:

  • Increases Endurance
  • Fights symptoms caused by heavy sweating, dehydration, electrolyte loss, cramps, muscle fatigue, headaches, and light-headedness
  • Improves Core Thermoregulation
  • Protects the body from overheating during overexertion

The Right Stuff is Also:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Zero Sugars

My Experience with the Right Stuff:

I was excited to try The Right Stuff. Truthfully, many brands say “developed by NASA” or developed to go into space as a selling point. I actually find it funnier than anything. It’s as if adding that label makes it far superior to things on Earth. But I am a runner on Earth, using it on Earth with no plans to go into space.

Anyway, I purchase a few flavors to try. I like that they are all sugar-free. Like most runners, I don’t necessarily need high sugar drinks while living life. I do prefer something with calories when working out. Like most hydration products, I try the first one at home and not while running. I want to make sure I at least enjoy the flavor, and it sits in my stomach well. I tried The Right Stuff for the first time at home working. It tasted good, and I felt fine.

The next time I tried The Right Stuff was during a workout. The desert is so dry; I needed hydration fast. I found The Right Stuff to sit in my stomach well, it didn’t taste overpowering, and I did feel better during the workout. Just as they claimed, I felt better.

When I first saw “The Right Stuff” package, I assumed you just drank it like an energy gel. You actually mix the package in water. So you can control how strong the drink is. Unlike many electrolyte powders, the Right Stuff is actually a liquid when it comes out. It mixes clear, which was also a surprise to me.

The Right Stuff Review

Taste: I mixed each flavor as suggested, and nothing is overpowering. I originally assumed I was just supposed to drink the pouch, but you mix it with water. They taste sweeter than many electrolyte and hydration products but not sweet enough that I hate it.

The Right Stuff Review


Flavors I tried:

Orange Tangerine: I am not always a big fan of orange-flavored anything. The Right Stuff tasted good and wasn’t too tart. Sometimes orange flavors “without the flavor” don’t taste great to me—this one tasted good.

Berry Blend: Berry Blend was my favorite, The Right Stuff Flavor, but usually Berry is my favorite anyway. Of all of the flavors, it’s the sweetest, so if you are looking for the sweetest, it’s definitely the best option.

Strawberry Kiwi: I wasn’t sure if I would love the Strawberry Kiwi, but it quickly became my second favorite flavor. I like how sweet it is and the almost equal combination of strawberry and kiwi.

Lemon Lime: I’ve mentioned in several reviews, but anything lemon can be tricky. Since the Right Stuff is more sweet, to begin with, it wasn’t as tart like many options. I found it to be a perfect blend, and it’s one of my more favorite lemon flavors.

In all, each of the flavors tasted good. Since you have the ability to mix with as much or little water as you prefer, you can control how flavorful Th  Right Stuff is for you.

The Right Stuff Review

Cost: $2.99

$2.99 is fairly steep for one packet. You can also get in the HUGE bulk of 10 for 275.30. I’ve actually never seen the ability to purchase in that much bulk.

The Right Stuff Conclusion:

I like The Right Stuff, and it’s a good hydration option. As someone who does prefer sweeter options, I do like the taste of them more than most other hydration brands. It is also hard to justify $2.99 on one packet but if you are ok with that, than it’s a good hydration option.

You can buy the Right Stuff here or see all product reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried the Right Stuff Gel?

What is your favorite fueling product?