Wildgrain Box Review

Wildgrain Box Review

Recently I tried Wildgrain Box. It’s a bread box with all things carbs delivered to your door. Not just bread, but my box contained pasta as well as cinnamon rolls and brioche buns! It’s a like a runner’s dream!

Living in the middle of nowhere is hard. These days, I’m making one trip “into town” for all of my grocery needs. It takes roughly 90 minutes round trip to get to the local towns that have things like restaurants, bigger grocery stores, and even bakeries. That’s a far cry from New Jersey when I had three targets within 5 miles. Anyway, I was excited to find Wildgrain Box, which delivers bread straight to your door.

Wildgrain Box ReviewBefore trying Wildgrain Box, I had a few questions:

  • Would bread that is mailed and delivered to your door be “good”?
  • Is Wildgrain box better than going to a local bakery?
  • Does Wildgrain box taste good?

About Wildgrain Box:

Wildgrain box uses an easy-to-understand and short ingredient list. All of the food you receive uses simple, high-quality ingredients. According to their website,  You can trust what is in the box and it also tastes good.

Wildgrain box works as a membership. Each month you are sent about 3 pounds worth of fresh bakery items, including pasta and bread. You can store them in the freezer, and when it’s time to cook, you can have fresh bread in under 25 minutes.

Wildgrain Box Review

What Makes Wildgrain Box Different?

It’s delivered straight to your door and is bread and carbohydrates you can trust. You don’t have to worry about where the bread came from if there are additives or anything else. It makes it easy. As a runner, carbs are essential, but it is necessary to know where you are getting them from too.

Wildgrain Box is:

  • Vegetarian
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Unbleached flour
  • Non-GMO
  • No Artificial flour
  • Source of Fiber

My experience with Wildgrain Box:

As most people know, I live in the middle of nowhere. When I say that, I mean I have to drive 40 minutes 1 way to a UPS store. There isn’t a lot going on, and the closest bakery is about 45 minutes one way. To get good bread, I need to drive 90 minutes round trip. Who really wants to do that?

I was excited to try Wildgrain Bread Box because I do miss fresh bread at my house. I had no idea what to expect! When Wildgrain Bread Box arrived, it was fresh, and everything looked great. Inside my order included in-season pumpkin rolls, brioche rolls, several loaves of bread, and even pasta!

When I say it tasted like everything came from a bakery, it did. Everything tasted fresh and homemade. I appreciate you can just store things in the freezer until you need to use them. Then just pop them in the oven.

Bread: Of course, with the Wildgrain box, we need to start with the bread. I’m nearly done working my way through the bread, and each loaf has tasted good. My dad was in town a few weeks ago, and I asked him to compare this loaf with a regular loaf and he said it was better bread than he usually tastes (and LOL, my dad would say they taste the same).

Wildgrain Box Review

Pasta: Ask any runner what they eat the night before a race, and most are going to say pasta. The Wildgrain box pasta is SO GOOD. I can genuinely taste the difference between regular boxed pasta and the Wildgrain Box pasta.

Wildgrain Box Review

The cinnamon rolls? As a self-proclaimed cinnamon roll snob, they tasted as I got them fresh from the bakery. I am thoroughly impressed. Everything from Wildgrain Bread Box is good; it’s better than any of my options in the hour around me.

Wildgrain Box Review

Cost: $80

At first glance, $89 is a lot for bread and pasta. But when you actually break it down, Wildgrain Box is actually comparable to most bakery and local artisan costs. The pricing includes high-quality ingredients and the labor process. Each box contains essential nutrients, such as fiber-rich bran, proteins, and vitamin-rich germs. Plus, it’s delivered to your door.

Their sourdough takes about 26 hours to make (supermarket loaves take about 20 minutes). Wildgrain is a small business that must staff employees, source quality ingredients, and hand shape each loaf. These things take time and resources.

Is it the cheapest bread option? Of course not. Is it high-quality bread that tastes good? You can trust and feel good about it. Yes. They also offer free shipping.

Wildgrain Box Review
Cooked Wildgrain Box pasta ready to go


I think Wildgrain Box is one of the best ideas I’ve come across. If you don’t have many options for local bakeries, it’s a great option. If you just want to save time and enjoy delicious bread at your door, it’s a great option. I don’t want to say I am “obsessed,” but everything is delicious, and this saves me time when out for my weekly errands.

You can try Wildgrain Box for yourself here. They were nice enough to give me a discount code (Fueledbylolz), and the first 50 people to sign up save $10 and get free brioche rolls.

You can see all reviews here. 

Questions for you:

Have you tried Wildgrain Box?

What is your favorite type of bread?


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  1. This is my kind of box. I do enjoy bread, so I bet this will be a hit. The pasta looks tasty too!

  2. Now this is right up my alley! I don’t think we have it here but I hope to find something similar.

    1. Where do you live Joline? It would be awesome to have it delivered!

  3. This sounds like an amazing box and something a bit different, I have to admit I’ve not seen one that is all about this sort of product before, I want to try it!

    1. Yes! I honestly didn’t even know bread delivery was an option!

  4. This sounds really amazing, this box would be perfect for my family.

  5. I’d love to get this box. We love bread and pasta at home so my family will be happy when they see this box.

  6. This sounds interesting. I love that they do cinnamon rolls the whole family really loves those. I’d love to try that pasta too!

    1. The pasta is really good Melanie, you can taste the difference.

  7. Now, this sounds really interesting. I would have had same questions you had as well. They are extremely valid

  8. This kind of box is cool, especially during this pandemic situation and not everybody can prepare such food stuff like these.

    1. Same! It’s nice to have something so fresh come to your house!

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