Starling Diner (Long Beach, CA)

Starling Diner (Long Beach, CA) crab cakes

While in Long Beach, I stopped at the Starling Diner. I heard it was on Food Network so I was excited to try it. Since it was a nice day, I decided to order take out and eat it at one of the parks with a view of the beach.

Starling Diner Atmosphere: A

The Starling Diner is located in a neighborhood. It’s almost hard to find since it blends right in. The outside resembles a main street restaurant. There is some outdoor seating as well.

Starling Diner (Long Beach, CA)

Indoors there are about 15 tables and a bar. If you are looking for a metallic shiny diner, you won’t find that with the exterior but the inside of the Starling Diner screams “diner”. There are collections of art on the wall and even a couple of chairs. Yes, chairs on the wall.

Starling Diner (Long Beach, CA)

Coffee: X

No coffee, as I had a long trip ahead of me and didn’t want to stop.

Starling Diner Food: B

According to their website, they are all about ingredients, technique and care. They purchase new fruit daily and don’t heat things up out of a bag. They were featured on the Food Network and known for their food including crab cakes. Growing up on the Chesapeake, I love crab cakes so I knew that was what I wanted to order. They all have sorts of options including: roast beef hash and eggs, french toast with real whipped cream, and even a crab cake hoagie. They are only open for breakfast and lunch so no dinner options.

You won’t find an extensive menu but you find a fresh and seafood themed menu. You can see the full Starling Diner menu here. I decided to order the crab cake hoagie which came with hand formed crab cakes with Roma Tomatoes and Field Greens Topped with micro greens and lemon aioli.

Starling Diner (Long Beach, CA) crab cakes

You could tell it was homemade and everything was fresh. It was extremely tasty but it was such a small portion, I felt like I was hungry directly after I ate it.

Starling Diner (Long Beach, CA) crab cakes

Starling Diner Service: A

I was able to place the order online and pick it up with no issues. My biggest issue was just finding a place to park but the staff was friendly and the food was ready.

Starling Diner (Long Beach, CA)
View at the beach

Starling Diner Cost: $$

If you are looking for a cheap diner, this isn’t it. My meal cost $18 and I was still hungry. That being said, it was a high quality meal.

Starling Diner Overall Thoughts/Would I Go Back?

I enjoyed my meal at the Starling Diner and their food quality is good. It is on the more expensive side but in all, it was a good meal.

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Questions for you:

Have you been to the Starling Diner or Long Beach?

Do you like crab cakes?