Lou’s Luncheonette (Sonoma)

Lou's Luncheonette (Sonoma)

Recently I stopped at Lou’s Luncheonette in Sonoma. I was on my way home and decided to make a quick stop since I was fairly hungry. (Waiting 20 minutes to get home was just too long…). Lou’s Luncheonette has gone through a few name changes including the Fremont Diner followed by the Boxcar Chicken & Biscuits.

Lou's Luncheonette (Sonoma)

While I don’t usually classify luncheonettes as diners, due to Lou’s Luncheonette once being called “Fremont Diner”, and the general vibe, I think it still counts but yes, it’s in a grey area.

Lou’s Luncheonette Atmosphere: A
If you are looking for the sterotypical diner, look no further than Lou’s Luncheonette. There is plenty of vintage decor outside including an old truck and vintage signs. Indoors is decorating with vintage memorabilia as well.

Due to COVID, indoor seating is closed but there is plenty of outdoor picnic table seating in the back.

Lou's Luncheonette (Sonoma)

You order at a counter, they call your name when it’s ready, and you pick up. It’s got a “fast food” but diner feel to it.

Lou's Luncheonette (Sonoma)

Coffee: X
They were out of coffee when I arrived at lunchtime. It was disappointing!

Lou’s Luncheonette Food: A
Lou’s Luncheonette is only open Wednesday-Sunday from 11-3 and they also only serve lunch. When I arrived, I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Lou’s Luncheonette menu has plenty of options including basket of biscuits, fried oysters, burgers, and even pulled pork. Be prepared that you aren’t going to find healthy options. You can see the full menu here. I decided to order one of their taco specials. You can’t go wrong with tacos right?

Lou's Luncheonette (Sonoma) tacos

When the tacos came out, they smelled good. The meal came with 4 bite-size tacos,  topped with guacamole, cheese, and inside the fried tacos was pulled pork. I wasn’t expecting them to be fried, but I also didn’t ask or think much about them. In all, they were quite tasty and I would order them again.

Lou's Luncheonette (Sonoma) tacos

Lou’s Luncheonette Service: A

All of the staff at Lou’s Luncheonette was wearing masks, my food came out quickly, and the entire staff was friendly. I couldn’t have asked for better service.

Cost: $
For my tacos, it was $8.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?
I liked Lou’s Luncheonette and I will definitely be back when it fits my schedule. Hopefully they have coffee next time. There are a lot of fun diner options and I highly suggest it. When I drive by on the weekends, it looks busy. Plus if you feel inclined they sell plenty of merchandise including t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: X
Food: A
Cost: $5-12
Service: A
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of taco?
Do you like hard taco shells or soft?


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