Sand Castle Diner (Beachwood)

Sand Castle Diner (Beachwood, NJ)

A few weeks ago, before walking around Cattus State Park, I went to the Sand Castle Diner in Beachwood.  I remember reading the Sand Castle Diner making one of the “top 40 NJ diners” so I was excited to have the opportunity to stop by.

Sand Castle Diner Atmosphere: A
The exterior of the Sand Castle Diner is cobblestone.  It’s not a big shiny diner, like many, but it’s a nice modern diner.  The inside is big with plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar.  It’s a very modern building, and it appears to have had been updated.

Sand Castle Diner Coffee: B
The coffee at the Sand Castle Diner was brewed hot and fresh each time. There wasn’t anything unusual about it, but it was good coffee.

Sandcastle Diner toms river

Sandcastle Diner Food: B
The Sandcastle Diner menu has every type of food you can imagine in a diner.  There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  I was indecisive of what I wanted.  Ultimately I decided to order a breakfast special which came with eggs, pancakes, and ham.

Sandcastle Diner toms river

The special was good.  It’s hard to mess up breakfast, but everything was cooked well.

Sandcastle Diner toms river

Sand Castle Diner Service: B

The waitress was friendly and brought us refills when we needed them.  In all, the food came out and quickly, and I have no complaints.

Sand Castle Diner Price: $
For my salad and coffee, it was $16.

Summary/Would I Come Back to the Sand Castle Diner (Beachwood):
I liked the Sandcastle Diner, and it’s one of my more favorite diners along the shore. I would go back!

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: B
Service: B
Price: $10-20
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Where is the biggest salad you’ve gotten?
Do you have any beach trips planned for the spring and summer?

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  1. I’m going to the beach today and having brunch with friends (a bit fancier than a diner, though).

    Your food looks good; sometimes a simple breakfast is the best because you see how well a restaurant really is- if they do a great job with something simple, that really stands out. One restaurant we went to had the BEST pancakes made with a sweet cream batter. That was back in April and we’re still talking about them, so sometimes things just stand out like that.

    That cup of coffee looks so good with the whipped cream on top.

  2. That cup of coffee does look good! I do plan to hit the beach, and I’m looking for new spots to eat.

    I don’t remember what’s the biggest salad I had, as I eat salad at home and don’t want to eat the same stuff when I dine out, but I did have veggie wraps many times, and these are usually decent. Fairgrounds, Ynot Pizza, and Pelon’s (taco place) have some good options in that regard.

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