Cap City Fine Diner (Columbus, OH)

Cap City Fine Diner Columbus Ohio

Cap City Fine Diner (Columbus, Oh)

After running the Air Force Half Marathon, my husband and I stopped at the Cap City Fine Diner in Columbus, Ohio.  I had seen they had the best dessert, and that’s all I wanted after my longest race and run. Plus, traveling through central Ohio means a new diner in a different state right?

Cap City Fine Diner Atmosphere: A

The Cap City Fine Diner has three locations, and we stopped at the newest in Dublin.  It’s attached at the bottom of high-rises, so it’s not the stereotypical, big metallic diner. However, the inside is shiny, metallic and everything you could want in a diner. The Cap City Fine Diner has a retro cool vibe to it.

Cap City Fine Diner Service: A

The waitress at the Cap City Fine Diner was one of the best we’ve had in a while.  She came to our table, refilled beverages, and was just extremely friendly.  She was in the top 5% of waitresses I’ve ever had the pleasure of having.

Cap City Fine Diner Coffee: C

The coffee at the Cap City Fine Diner, however, wasn’t the greatest.  It wasn’t as hot as I hoped (lukewarm coffee isn’t good) and there were grounds in a couple of the refills.  It wasn’t the worst but having grounds in the coffee is a turnoff. (Sorry, no photo)

Cap City Fine Diner Food: B

There are plenty of Cap City Fine Diner menu options. The Cap City Fine Diner menu follows suit with recognizable favorites but isn’t overwhelming. They have the standard, breakfast, lunch and dinner options plus a few unique ones. The Cap City Fine Diner specializes in chef driven dishes and comfort food.

We ordered the smoked salmon spread to split.  It came with salmon spread (almost like a cream cheese), hard bagel chips, a deviled egg, and pickles.  The salmon spread had huge chunks of salmon which I appreciated.

At the Cap City Fine Diner and Bar, I was between ordering short ribs and the fish and chips. Ultimately, I decided to order the fish and chips, and it was one of the better fish and chips I’ve had lately.  It wasn’t the best, but it was good.  The fish itself was cooked well with a crispy outside.  Personally, I like a lot of crunch without being burnt.  The French fries tasted good, they weren’t overcooked or soggy.

Cap City Fine Diner Columbus Ohio

Cap City Fine Diner Dessert: A

At the Cap City Fine Diner, I went crazy and ordered both a milkshake at the beginning of the meal and my husband and I split the carrot cake.

The milkshake was good.  It was thick, and she brought the extra in a mug to continue to refill.  It had a banana, caramel and vanilla ice cream.

My husband wanted to try the carrot cake.  Since he ran the Air Force Marathon, he got to choose.  While carrot cake is not my first pick (I’m a chocolate cake gal), I do like it.  The cake at the Cap City Fine Diner was one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever had.  Cap City Fine Diner Columbus Ohio

The frosting was tangy, and the cake had plenty of real carrots and raisins cooked in.  The cake made me recent carrot cake convert!

Cap City Fine Diner Columbus Ohio

Cap City Fine Diner Price: $

For the appetizer, coffee, milkshake, entree, and cake the cost was $34.  Considering the amount of food as well as the quality, of what I ordered, it wasn’t pricey at all.

Overall summary/Would I come Back to the Cap City Fine Diner:

I enjoyed the Cap City Fine Diner.  Next time, I probably wouldn’t order the coffee but other than that I enjoyed it and will probably go back every year I run the Air Force Half Marathon.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite type of cake? 

What do you crave after a hard workout or race? 

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