A Week with Family

For the last week, both my parents and my in-laws visited New Jersey.

Last weekend, my dad and in-laws came up for Broad Street.  Both my dad and father in law ran.  My mother in law and myself spectated.  We had a lot of fun.

Just posing with an Alpaca…NBD

We went to a couple of new diners (sadly neither were amazing) and just hung out.

My mom had other commitments last weekend but decided to drive up that Monday and keep me company for a few days.

I rarely post personal posts anymore, but we had a lot of fun spectating and exploring Philadelphia.  I guess since I’m not running, I need some sort of content right?  (Just kidding).

Even though I’ve lived in New Jersey 3.5 years now, I don’t spend as much time in Philadelphia as I would like.

One thing mom and I were excited to do, was tour the Eastern State Penitentiary.  Prisons have always interested me, and I watch a lot of crime and prison television.  Eastern State Penitentiary philadephia

Eastern State Penitentiary has a headphone guided tour which was fascinating. Eastern State Penitentiary philadephia

We got to see Al Capone’s cell, as well as a, learn a lot of history about the prison system.  It was one of my favorite museums to date, and I’m glad they chose to preserve it.  

It’s only half a mile from the Art Museum in Philadelphia if you are ever in the area.

Eastern State Penitentiary philadephia
We made it!

After getting lost and walking an extra mile, we ended up settling on lunch at the Marathon Grill.  I haven’t been there since I reviewed it a few years ago but it didn’t disapoint.  Their food is fresh.  I ordered the kale and quinoa salad and I have no complaints.

kale marathon grill salad

At lunch at Sabrina’s Cafe another day, I decided to try tofu again.  Tofu isn’t my favorite food, but every year I try it again to see if I’m missing out on something.  While the Tofu dish at Sabrina’s was prepared well, I can’t say I like tofu anymore.  Perhaps better luck next year.

tofu sabrinas cafe

The rest of the week was spent exploring South Jersey.  As many readers know, my mom sews various baby gifts and American Girl Doll Clothes and we found a local store that sells the vintage and retired dolls. I didn’t think it was possible to find somewhere with as many American Girl Dolls as she has at home… 

I am very close with my entire family so having both sets of parents up here and visiting was definitely a relaxing treat.  It has been nice to be away from running and just relaxing and enjoying life.

Questions for you:

Have you ever toured a prison?

Did you have an American Girl Doll? 



  1. What a fun time with your family. I didn’t know there was a prison so close to the art museum. I love marathon grill and used to eat there often with co workers. Sabrina’s cafe is also good. The hardest thing for me to part with are my American girl dolls and clothes especially since many are retired. I sold some stuff last year but still have quite a bit. Especially Samantha my favorite doll and her original outfits.

    1. It’s a hidden gem and I definitely recommend checking it out. Samantha is my mom’s favorite doll too!

  2. Family time is the best, sounds like you had a great time and are enjoying your time off from running!
    I have toured a prison. There is an prison from the 1800’s in my hometown that has been preserved and is a tourist attraction, it gave me the creeps though, haha. I also took a tour of Alcatraz which was really interesting.

  3. I never would have thought to check out the prison for a tour; I’ve only ever seen it mentioned with ghost tours and nighttime activities around halloween, but would love to do a true “educational” tour! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. Yes, I’ve toured a prison…well a jail. The Burlington County Jail, the old jail, in Mt. Holly, NJ has a great tour and ghosts.

  5. Prisons are super interesting to me too. My mum and found ourselves near the Clink prison museum on London’s Southbank a few years back and it was a fascinating visit. It opened as a gaol in the 12th century and it was one of those places where you could feel the history – definitely worth a visit if you or you readers are ever out and about in London!

    Glad you enjoyed some family time 🙂

  6. I LOVE crime shows/prison stuff. When I had cable I used to watch Locked Up like litttterally every weekend night… I’m glad you go to spend time with some family! My mom has my American Girl dolls… I had Kirsten (because she looked like me), Josephina, and Kit. The funny part is I never played with them ever… my mom just bought them because I liked the books and I think personally she liked buying clothes for them hahah

    1. Haha, I feel as though how it all starts. It’s funny because the dolls don’t come with any books these days.

  7. I might be commenting twice…because my computer just yelled at me…

    I LOVE prison and crime stuff!! When I had cable I would watch Locked Up littterally every weekend. So that tour looks awesome awesome. I’m glad you’ve had some family visit- that must be nice with Tim still away! As for American Girl Dolls… I had Kirsten (bc she looked like me), Josephina and Kit. I don’t think I even ever played with them… I think my mom bought them because I liked the books and she liked buying clothes for them haha

  8. Eastern State is so cool. I haven’t been since high school and totally want to go back sometime. Although never will go when they have it all spooked out for Halloween lolz.

    www. breathedeeplyandsmile.com

  9. I had an American Girl doll. It was Molly, the one that looked most like me before they came out with the dolls that you could order that looked exactly like you (or at least, with your same hair/eye color or whatever). She still lives at my parents house in my old bedroom. I saw her when I was there a few weeks ago.

    Love that your parents and inlaws visited and you got to spend time with them and share the race, the prison tour, and even the lackluster diners. The Marathon restaurant (lol at the name) does look like they make a good salad though! The older I get, and the older my parents get, the more I really cherish the times we spend together even if it’s just going out to eat or for coffee. I know one day we will not be able to do that.

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