Oddfellows (Dallas, Tx)

oddfellows Dallas Texas

It wouldn’t be a vacation without going to a new Diner right?

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While in Dallas, my husband and I decided to go to Oddfellows (Dallas).  It’s one of the gray area restaurants that same may consider it a diner while others may consider it a cafe.  Life is rarely black and white anyways…Oddfellows is located in the Bishop Arts District and serves Dallas and Fort Worth.

Oddfellows (Dallas) Atmosphere: A
The outside o Oddfellows is neat and clean.  It’s painted bright yellow, and they have an outdoor patio with seating as well.

The inside is all wooden seats, and it’s centered around a giant bar which serves coffee too.  The giant silver espresso machine is almost like the centerpiece of the restaurant.

Oddfellows (Dallas) Coffee: A
The coffee at Oddfellow itself is home brewed.  You can order any sort of fancy espresso, latte or anything else coffee-related.  They would probably do a decent business as just a coffee shop. img_2257-1

I ordered my staple coffee with whipped cream.  The whipped cream is homemade, and it was great.  Not surprisingly, Oddfellows has some of the best coffee I’ve had to date.  If I lived locally,
it would become a staple for me.

Oddfellows (Dallas) Service: A
The waitress at Oddfellows (Dallas) was friendly, comical and refilled out beverages.  I have no complaints.

Oddfellows (Dallas) Food: A
The Oddfellowsmenu is small.  They serve their entire menu all day which was great.  We got there around brunch, and I had no idea what I wanted.  Breakfast? Lunch? Oddfellows has a few fun options like fried green tomatoes and fried chicken.

The Pork Belly Benedict caught my interest.  I enjoy pork belly, and it seemed like a unique choice I hadn’t had before.  It came with homefries and on a bed of arugula.  The pork belly was delicious, and the poached eggs made a great combination.  It also had a small kick with siracha sauce.  I enjoyed the cubed homefries as well. The portion size was a little smaller than usual diners, but it was fresh.

oddfellows Dallas Texas

Oddfellows (Dallas) Cost: $
For the pork belly and coffee, the cost was $15. It’s one of the cheaper diner meals I’ve had.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to Oddfellows (Dallas)?
I enjoyed Oddfellows (Dallas), and if I lived locally, I would be back.  In fact, I would be back to Oddfellows a lot.  I don’t have any complaints.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Service: A
Food A
Cost: $10-15
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like pork belly?
Where is the best coffee you’ve had?


  1. Green Eggs in Philly has (or had, in the past few years when I ate meat) a pork belly benedict!

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