Totally Awesome 80s Run 5k (19:10)

I was looking forward to this race for a while.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been having a few on/off issues lately.

By Thursday, I knew I had the decision to make: 

  • Get tension relieved out of my legs and plantar fascia and be sore for the race.  Swallow my pride and take whatever time I was capable of the day.
  • Not get a deep tissue massage and maybe sore or maybe feel great.

And if course, the choice of not racing.

Ultimately I chose to get a deep tissue massage on Thursday and play the rest by ear.  I knew getting a deep tissue massage was the smartest thing to do.  Running is just a hobby for me so if I run an 18:15, great….or I run a 19:10…great, my life (and paychecks) don’t ride on it.

My husband and I drove down to Sommers Point, NJ.  It’s an area of the state I’ve never been.  We warmed up together and barely made it to the start.  The race director, Ken, of Good Day for a Run greeted us and gave race directions.

80s Attire
80s Attire

By the time we knew it, we were off.  I found myself in a pack of four other racers.  My husband blew by us like were standing still and I found myself second overall behind Tim for the entire race.

My goal was to run under 20:00.  Due to my tight legs and calves, it was a reasonable goal for the day.  It was smart and thus wasn’t a goal race.  I hit the first mile in 6:27, which was right on pace.  There wasn’t much to note minus the gorgeous view if Atlantic City in the background.  I was running alone and when I crossed the main road and I asked the volunteers to make Tim wait on the way back.  They were personal friends.

We went onto a nice path during the second mile.  We were dodging a few people outside of the race but nothing crazy.  It was an out and back and I hit the halfway point in 9:48.

I thought, oh man this might work out and I could be under 20:00. 

I thought back to the one moment I did get a deep tissue massage that close to any race.  During the Santa Run in 2012, my calves felt a tightness they had not felt before.  They were tight at the 80s run but nothing too crazy.  I hit the second mile in 6:12 and was shocked.

totally awesome 80s run

The race flew by and by the time I knew it; it was 5k crunch time.  I was catching my husband but not fast enough.  I gave the last mile everything I had. By some miracle, I ran a 5:59 final mile and crossed in 19:10.

To be honest, I did not feel good in the slightest.  My legs were sore from the massage but that was the choice I made.

I had a great time; the race was a lot of fun and well put together.  Good Day for a Run does a great job with their themed runs and if you are local I would check out the Run the Vineyards, this Spring, Summer, and Fall.

While it wasn’t a great time for me, it was an enjoyable time and especially neat to go 1-2 with my husband.

Questions for you:
What is your favorite 80s song?
Have you run a race not feeling 100%? 



  1. Great job going 1-2 with Tim! That’s pretty cool! I’ve had a few races recently where I’ve not felt good. One race was terrible, the other was great! Sometimes you just have to show up and see what happens.

  2. Hey, I think you still did amazing even though you didn’t feel 100%. That is just life! I have definitely run a race not feeling great so I just try to change my goal and just finish.

  3. Nice job! I definitely think you are playing things smart by being careful with your training and racing when you aren’t feeling 100%.

    I did a half marathon this past weekend and wasn’t sure how I’d feel during the race because of my IT band (and my subsequent lack of running). So I held back at the beginning and ended up running a nice negative split (and my IT band felt great!).

  4. Great job! I had put this race on my list originally, but then a closer one at a brewery came up, and I couldn’t say no. I do love a theme party, though! Love that you dressed up.

  5. Love the 80s outfits. We don’t have a lot of theme races around here but I do think it makes it even more fun. Great job on a race where you didn’t feel great, especially a sub-6 final mile!

  6. i love 80’s themed races! the colors, the music, i love them! i dont know if i have one favorite but to get me pumped up I listen to Journey’s separate ways…works every time! nice job on running with sore legs, massages are great once the aftermath has passed lol

  7. That’s so cool you guys took 1st and 2nd! There aren’t a whole lot of themed races around us except a St. Patrick’s day one.

  8. Congratulations on being the winning couple and completing the race! I have done many races not at 100% because that’s just the nature of racing often- it happens. BUT… you were really smart about it not to go 100% or make the issues worse. And you’re totally right, none of us are running to pay our bills or feed our families, it’s for fun- so why risk getting hurt just over a race time?

  9. Wow that is still a great time, and I love your 80s outfit!

    I hope you’re back to feeling great soon.

  10. Your “take it easy” race kicks my “run my face off” race’s ass! Nicely done. My favourite 80s music is anything by George Michael. We weren’t allowed to listen to anything but Christian music so when my parents went out, one of my sisters would blare “I want your sex” or “father figure” and we’d dance like maniacs.

  11. Love the outfits and that you can do so many races with your husband! Obviously you made all the right choices about your body and are staying healthy which is the most important!! As for 80s music, I love it all! Guns and Roses, Huey Lewis, Madonna, WHAM, and on and on…

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