January Training: 318 miles

January training

This month went by quickly.  It feels as if I was just recapping 2015 as well as my December training.  A lot has happened in the last month including two PRs and fastest mile time since 2014.

icicle 10 miler 1

Miles: 318
Range of pace: 5:39-12:18-untimed
*it should be noted that the 5:39 was the first mile in the Carmel Valley 5k and my fastest mile since 2014.  (My fastest mile is 5:31)
*my 12:18 was straight uphill while running in Las Vegas and I was struggling.

Rest days: 4
Longest Run: Carlsbad half marathon
Shortest run: 2-mile cooldown from Carlsbad
Most enjoyable training run: Any  in California because they were warm for the change of scenery

running california

Resolution Run 5k (18:22) PR
Icicle Run 10 miler (1:05.33)
Carlsbad half marathon (1:22.57)
Carmel Valley 5k (18:40)

6×1 hill mile repeats with 90 seconds rest (4 miles warm up, and 4 miles cool down)
90 minutes progression on the treadmill.  Start at 6.5 pace increase by .1 every 5 minutes and .2 every 15 minutes).  Ending at 10.0.
10k tempo run with 4 miles warm up and 4 miles cooldown

What a month!  You might notice I didn’t choose a favorite race.  I truly enjoyed each of them.  Two of the races were PRS, the Carmel Valley 5k had my fastest mile in 2 years, and the Icicle 10 miler was an enjoyable and challenging course with my coworker!  Choosing a favorite is impossible.

me carlsbad half marathon

Next month:
For the month of February, I will focus on quality training, workouts, and races.  I will be racing, but I do not plan to taper for any races.  Most of the races will be done at a workout pace.  Then in the Spring, I will taper for a few races and see where it takes me.  Hopefully to a few more PRs!

Thank you Ally for this photo
Thank you Ally for this photo

Questions for you:
What was your favorite workout in January?
Are you training for anything now?