The Story that Leads Us Here.

As you guys know, today is the big day.

I am getting married!

We are getting married.

To celebrate, I decided to post the personal story of how T and I met and a little more about our relationship.  Due to work and other things to blog about I don’t post a lot about our relationship.  Plus this is a running and diner blog…


T and I met through college cross country in 2011.  We met at a cross country scrimmage race between our respected two colleges.

Tim ended up winning the scrimmage race for men and I ended up winning the scrimmage race for females. After the scrimmage we talked for a while and went on a run a few weeks later.   This was during the time I was coming back from my tibia stress fracture and Tim was getting ready for ski season.  He had just finished his season and was no longer running competitively so running at a slower pace didn’t matter.

Eventually after several runs, we hung out outside of running. The semester finals came in December and they each went back to their home towns.

During the holidays of 2012, Tim visited Hollie for New Years and ran two local VA Beach road races.

In the spring, we officially started “officially dating”.  I think I even mentioned on the blog: OMG you guys, new boy in my life”  (just kidding).  I don’t even know how it came up through blogging…

In May of 2012, we graduated and decided to try doing a long distance relationship.  Our options at that point were to try and do a distance relationship or part ways.  Tim went to school in Texas and I began working in Oswego, NY.


The first few months were very difficult. By November, we were able to see each other for the first time since June.  I loved my time in Oswego and met two of my bridesmaids Laura and Heather while working there. It was one of the most pivotal and important years of my life.

I love us.
I love my friends Heather and Laura who kept me sane during that time (and still do!)

After Thanksgiving, we saw each other again for Christmas, then in March and in May. It was a lot easier than the first few months.  After nearly a year, we made the decision I would move to Texas and we would live together. As much as I enjoyed my job in Oswego, I wanted to continue my relationship with Tim and had to eventually move (he did not have that choice).

Moving Blog

Tim graduated his training and we were told (less than 2 weeks after Hollie moved to Texas), we would be moving to New Jersey. Neither of us knew anything about NJ (except people drive very quickly on the turnpike).



After living in New Jersey for 16 months, we both love the area.  It’s close to Philadelphia, New York City, the shore and of course both families.  We are both truly grateful for the love and support both families, friends and even readers have given us for our wedding and cannot wait to get married.

New Jersey Life: 

Our first Christmas Tree
Our first Christmas Tree
Picking out wedding venues
Picking out wedding venues



Thank you friends both near and far for your love and support.  We truly appreciate it and cannot wait for this occasion.