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It’s not often that I’m asked to work on a campaign/sponsorship that is close to my heart.  It’s no secret that my dad was in the military and so is my fiance.  When I was contacted to do a campaign that was military related, I immediately jumped at it.

Plus I also know that several of my readers are in the branch of the service so could also benefit from this campaign and knowledge if they choose!

I was contacted to do a campaign promoting “Direct Energy” discounts for the military.  It’s a great opportunity for those serving (or retired) to receive a discount or their power heating, etc.

Growing up in a military family, my dad was gone a lot.  He was gone from traveling, deployment or working late.  He worked far above 40 hours a week and I could not be more proud of him.  I talked in my about me page (man I need to update that!) about how much we moved.  As children we moved once every two years due to my dad’s career.  As a kid I loved going to new places and seeing new things!  Even though we moved frequently, there were days, weeks and months that my dad spent away.  I never fully understood how much he sacrificed until I was older.  I knew he was gone a lot but I didn’t know how much of his own personal life he put on hold.

Graduation a while ago
Graduation a while ago

He missed birthdays, holidays, anniversary and months.  It was always hard for my mom and us as kids but it was obviously much harder for dad.  It wasn’t as if he wanted to leave us…As I grow older, I can continue to appreciate how hard he (and our military) works.  He loved his job and he loved us and I could not be more proud of the things he did.

Recently my younger brother has been accepted (post graduation) into the military as well.  It’s a career he has spent all of college working towards and something he is so excited for.  Honestly I could not be anymore proud and excited for him either.  I know he will make himself, us and our country proud.

This is what we look like when mom wants a nice photo...
This is what we look like when mom wants a nice photo…I cannot believe this was 4 years ago

Finally, most people also know that my fiance is currently in the military.  While we are still very new to the military community as a couple, we have learned so much about ourselves throughout the last few years.  T loves his job and truly enjoys everything he does.  I support that but I would be lying if I said it was always easy.  There have been many times the last thing I want him to do is leave but I know it’s the last thing he wants to do too.


I’ve had the honor to meet many people in the armed services and they are each so humble, modest and proud of what they do.  They sacrifice more than we will ever know to keep family, friends and this country safe.

To keep me safe!

To keep you safe!

That is why I am personally honored to take part in the campaign promoting discounted rates for direct energy and home power.

Direct Energy Military Portal has exclusive low rates for military personnel and their families.  These plans were created solely to help our veterans and military members save money on their home energy needs.   Honestly I think it’s great that companies provide discounts for the military and I truly believe they deserve it!  If you qualify or know anyone who qualifies, it’s a great program to get started with and thank you for sharing.

Questions for you:

Do you have any connection to the military?

How do you support your loved ones in a career they love?  

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  1. Wow–military is your middle name! I have a nephew in the army and that’s where it ends. But what a great program.

  2. I don’t have any family members in the military but a lot of friends who are and friends who were. There’s a lot of military here in Charleston and I think discounts for them are great, they more than deserve it :).

  3. While he is not gone as much, or serving our country, my dad is a workaholic. He practically lives at his farm. It’s not uncommon for him to leave at 5 am and get home after midnight. But he’s never satisfied and his main goal is to make more money. He actually made a vision board with pictures of money and Bill Gates and hung it above his bed.

  4. My boyfriend of 5 years is in the Marine Corps. Even as a girlfriend, the military has affected our lives more than anything. My grandfathers were in the Navy, but I never grew up in a military family. Love this campaign and our military!

  5. My dad was in the Navy. He was a teacher in the medical field, so he never deployed anywhere. But we did move around and lot and he worked very hard. I think anyone who chooses to serve their country in the military deserves more than just discounts on expenses. Pay is not always fantastic for enlisted men/women and the government should do all they can to support them and their families. It annoys me to no end when people do not support our military or complain about military installations and jet noise. #ilovejetnoise #soundoffreedom

  6. You are the perfect blogger to represent this company Hollie! I hope my children grow up to appreciate the sacrifices their Dad make just like you understood and appreciate the ones your Dad made for your family.

  7. I actually have no connection to the military! This just dawned on me and it’s kind of incredible. My grandfathers both did things for the service, but I did not know them so the only exposure I got of military life and family is through TV. I would love to read a post about your experiences and how they compare to what is portrayed in the media.

  8. I met my husband while we were in AIT. He is still in and currently away until the middle of summer for some training. I made the tough decision to leave the Army to give our son, who has autism, more stability. While he is away this time, I get the fun task of selling our home and prepping to move when he finishes training. It is a crazy life but we wouldn’t change it for the world. The best way to support your service member is to be there for them. They can’t control many of the late nights or weeks and even months of training the have to endure. Make the most of your time together because they are gone so frequently.

  9. I was just reading some of the comments and am amazed that people don’t know somebody in the military! North Georgia (my college) is one of the 6 senior military academies in the US and I did ROTC there briefly, so my college friends all joined the Army and of course, I was in the Army too so I know TONS of military people. (And I dated a marine before Jon.) My sister has been in the Air Force ever since I was little and my dad is prior AF.

  10. I served in the Marine Corps for 6 years, and my brother is finishing up 6 years in the Navy. I have 2 older male cousins that became Marines and inspired me to join. My grandfather received a purple heart in the Army serving in WWII in the Battle of the Bulge and 2 of my uncles also served in the Army and Air Force. I am blessed to have served and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the sacrifices service members and their families go through. Time spent is one thing you learn to never take for granted because you aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. I will definitely check this energy thing out!

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