Marching to the Beat of My Own Drum

Is March already over?

I always dread writing training month recaps when I’m injured or had a rough training month.  Who likes reading about the #bumbutt.  It’s important to be  honest and consistent so I keep writing recap posts.  Anyways…March taught me a lot.

Since Phoenix marathon was February 28th, that obviously effected my entire month of March.

Phoenix Marathon

After NYCM 20 months ago, I wondered how people recovered from a marathon so quickly.

After Phoenix in February, I still wonder how people recover so quickly.  Marathon maniacs are really maniacs…I have come to the conclusion I will be a 1 maybe 2 (per year) marathon person.  That distance is humbling and the recovery…is more humbling.

Some people recover from marathons well…I’m not one of those people.

Total miles: 122

Average pace: 6:41-mostly untimed

Races: Shamrock Half marathon  (1:33.06)

shamrock 3

Best Training Run:

Quite honestly, none of my training runs have been that stellar.  With my nagging #bumbutt, nothing feels like I could run for miles.  That is how it goes though…my runs later in the month have been better than the first few.  Hopefully April brings complete injury free miles.


The month of March has been strictly recovery and figuring out my butt pain.  While I haven’t 100% figured out everything I think I’m getting close.  It’s also been a frustrating month…not every month can be great.  Since I ran about half the miles as I normally have, this recap is about half the length.  As I said on Monday, I’m going to make be taking most of April for wedding related things and a honeymoon.  Training can wait…

Next Month:

I’m getting married and going on a honeymoon.  I will still run and actively try to figure out my butt but it will not be a priority.  Honesty is the best policy right?

Questions for you:

How was your month of March? 

Does anyone have a big race in April?

I know here in NJ, the Long Branch half marathon is at the end of the month.  One of my favorite races, the Atlantic City half marathon, is next weekend too.

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  1. At least you still got over 100 miles in! That’s impressive with a bum butt. Hope you’ll be running injury free soon! Have a blast on your honeymoon!!!!

  2. ” try to figure out my butt”

    Best part of this post 🙂 Honestly, I think now is the perfect season to relax your training. Recovering from the marathon, a bum butt and preparing for a wedding is a perfect recipe for rest and relaxation!

    Also – love your Shamrock pic!

  3. I don’t have any big races this month. In fact, I am not even signed up for a single race right now which is the weirdest thing ever. Even when I was injured last year and couldn’t run, I was signed up for a few (lol)… I didn’t wind up doing them all but I had em on the calendar.

    Having any sort of injury or setback sucks, and while I hate reading that you are injured, I like following what you’re doing because you’re being really proactive about it. As far as marathon recovery goes, it took me a long time to recover from my one and only ‘thon too. You ran a hard race, gave it your all, and you PRed. PRs hurt and require recovery so take as long as it needs.

    Running and racing will always be there, any races you miss will be held next year too. You only have this time/season of life to enjoy the wedding and honeymoon.

  4. I weaned the baby at the end of February so my mileage really spiked in March. I want to utilize all of this running and do a race soon. Maybe a full marathon in a couple of weeks just for fun (not to race) and then race a half at the end of May. Eeeep!

  5. my training has been way off as my wife had been ill with heart problems. But be that as it may I’m still planning on doing Escape Fort Desoto sprint Tri, St Anthony’s Internationdl Distance Yri and then in June the Naples Fitness Challenge. Let’s hope the gulf waters warm up yo 80 so I can put my wetsuit away the summer.

  6. So exciting that it’s your wedding month! It seems like you need that rest and hopefully you’ll come back better than ever 🙂 I have two races/training runs this month- a 5k on Saturday and a 15k next week. I’m actually running the second race with my fiance, who is running in his first race- for the first 5k then doing a 10k alone. I’m so excited to see how he does!

  7. I’ve never really been able to understand how people recover so quickly from marathons either — I imagine I’d be wrecked. But I think you still logged some impressive mileage! And I hope that April gives you the much needed rest that you deserve 🙂

  8. March was bogus… felt great on training runs but Shamrock marathon went south. I definitely feel humbled by the marathon distance as well; it owned me this time.

    No big races in April… just focusing on getting back to being injury free.

  9. I SO know what you’re talking about with the marathon – I don’t know how people do so many in a year! I’m currently training for my second, and I would like to do another this year, but who knows?! It’s at the end of April so that’s my big race for April 🙂 I’m excited, yet kind of terrified! But that always happens – you know, when you start doubting if you’ve run enough! It’s the worst.

  10. Honestly, March was all-around a tough month. Let’s not dwell on it–and focus on THE WEDDING!! Seriously, though, I’m excited for your wedding, obviously and to see where the summer takes you in terms of running.

  11. March started out really awesome for me but the last week I really started to slow down…I think after three mega long runs my body was shutting down. So I took the last week off to recover right, run slowly, and focus on hydrating! Oy. Your poor bootay. You should def not think a thing about it on your honeymoon 😉 My main April goal is to BQ at the RnR Nashville marathon April 25th. I’m having my doubts because every run lately just feels like a struggle. I’ve never been the speediest runner naturally. It takes a TON of work for me to run long at a sub-8 min/mile. How you average sub 7 with a bum butt I’ll never know. You are amazing.

  12. I’m doing the Long Branch marathon in just a few weeks – yikes!!! Since I haven’t run one in 8 years I’m pretty terrified about the recovery. Just hoping I make it though the race in one piece 🙂

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