St Patrick’s Day and Guinness…

I had no idea what to post about on St. Patricks Day.

Yesterday I posted about how I began my running journey on this holiday.

I was actually inspired because while I’m not Irish, my two favorite drinks are Irish Coffee and Guinness.  If I’m having alcohol, it’s a 90% chance it’s either of those.

I like having Irish coffee because then it's "normal" to have whipped cream in it...
I like having Irish coffee because then it’s “normal” to have whipped cream in it…
As a wee lad celebrating my 21st, I drink a nice dark brew at a road race.
As a wee lad celebrating my 21st, I drink a nice dark brew at a road race.  #babyLOLZ

While googling St. Patrick’s Day Holiday traditions I came across this Buzzfeed article:

34 Ways to Add Guinness into your Recipes

I have added Guinness (talk about a throwback post) to my pancakes before and it gives it a slight dark taste.  I recommend adding Guinness and 1/4 cup cocoa powder.  You won’t regret it.

Another article: 11 Ways to add Guinness to your recipes

I enjoy cooking with Guinness occasionally because I think it gives it a bold, dark taste.  I also just like the taste…so today you learn nothing about my running but everything about my alcohol habits.

I don’t have any green smoothies or green oatmeal to post today because I’m not clever.  I’ll save that for instagram.

Since I enjoy my memes here are a couple: 

st patricks day meme

shamrock 2

I guess this is a super random post for today but that happens occasionally.  You learn my favorite drinks and that I occasionally cook with Guinness.  A few more fun facts in case you play jeopardy about my life…

Finally..stay safe my friends!

Questions for you:

How are you celebrating St. Patricks day?

I am working..wahoo…then probably hanging out a local bar.

What is your favorite beer?




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  1. I did a 5K race Thursday night to celebrate. Other than that, I won’t really do anything… not a holiday I really celebrate. I will eat a salad tonight and that’s green so surely that counts? Clay made guinness brownies once and they were delicious… my favorite alcohol is Bailey’s Irish Cream, I like it in hot chocolate… so I guess that’s kinda Irish too.

  2. I will eat some corned beef and cabbage to celebrate. As with any holiday I celebrate it’s an excuse to eat 🙂

  3. my favorite beers are IPAs… any type! guinness is good too, though 🙂 we celebrated st pattys with our friends saturday and my parents on sunday, so I think today we aren’t really doing anything!

  4. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m not Irish but totally wearing green anyway. I’ll be celebrating in the office too – but we had an “irish breakfast” today with steel cut Irish oats to kick off the day! Plus, our city parade route goes right by my office so I will definitely check it out later.

    Favorite beer- I love seasonal beers. In the winter I love pumpkin beers (pumpking and shipyard!), christmas ales, etc. In the spring I like bud light lime and am most of the time not ashamed to admit it 🙂

  5. i never ever understood the hype that comes with st pattys, just seems like a day for people to get silly drunk… as if most Wisconsinites need a reason.

    anyway, i digress. those pancakes do sound pretty delish.

  6. My favorite beer is called Sweet Baby Jesus – it’s a chocolate peanut butter beer that tastes like Reese’s! We need to go to The Pour House someday. They have a great selection.

  7. No drinking for me today. I’m working and then running after work. My favorite beer is probably Pyramid’s Apricot Ale, an apricot wheat beer. I also really like most Shock Tops, most fruity blends and most shandys.

  8. I only like beer when I add it to recipes actually. I like my alcohol in sweet things like margaritas and cider. I have beer batter stuff before (read, everything in my fridge that could be battered) and it turned out really good! Nothing like beer after a race though, I can totally drink to that!

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