Gifts in Reserve

Christmas Eve:

The last day before Christmas. 

A time to celebrate with your family.

A time to get last minute gifts (oh wait, just me?)

Today I’m working and then driving home.  I am actually 100% done with my Christmas shopping.  I managed to get all of my gifts for friends and family.  It was rather surprising.

Occasionally there will be someone you might have accidentally forgotten for a holiday, birthday or another celebration.  My parents once taught me to keep a box of gifts like giftcards or useable gifts for such an occasion.  Plus you can often times get certain items for much cheaper during the Holidays.  I often see gift giving guides on blogs so I thought I would do my own version of what is in my “Reserve Box” (I just made that name up, I’m not exactly sure what to call it?).  None of these are sponsored links.

Right now, I have a few things in my box of goodies.  Some of these things I bought doubles (one for myself).

Sears sent me this hilarious video to share if I wanted.  I LOLed so hard, it would be sad not to share. All I have to say is “so celebrate and booty shake”.  I can relate to this woman because if it wasn’t for work, I would be shopping until the very last moment (like every year).  I wish someone who come shop for me and we would celebrate with fun music and random people dancing.

Mrs. Fields Cookies and French Press 

If you are looking for a gift for a relative that drinks a lot of coffee (or your neighborhood LOLZ), this gift can never go wrong.  I feel like when in doubt you can never go wrong with a holiday basket.  I’ve always enjoyed Mrs. Fields cookies in the mall (and obviously enjoy my coffee).  It wasn’t until I tried their cocoa did I realize how good that was good.  I thought this was gift is personalized (from me) and a great gift for relatives that I had no idea what to get them. I actually got this gift for a few of my relatives (and mailed it directly to them so they have it now).


A lot of jewelry is currently on sale too right now.  While I’m personally not a big jewelry girl, I know a lot of woman are.  It’s always nice to be able to pick up a few items deeply discounted.

I picked up this bracelet. It’s regularly 299.99 dollars but currently is 69.99.  I thought it was cute for 230 dollars off, I couldn’t go wrong.

sears bracelet

Men (in my life):

I have often found the men in my life are the hardest to shop for.  The men in my life equal: my dad, my brother, Tim and my father in law.  All four of them enjoy keeping their car’s pristine condition (especially Tim).  I obviously didn’t get one for each but I did pick up a few of these car cleaning sets.  I have a few of these in back up and also if they never get used I can use them for my car Lorraine.  So win, win!

car cleaning set

Who doesn’t need an Ugly Sweater? 

Finally, for those with a sense of humor (or the perfect LOLZ gift), there is always an Ugly Sweater.  It seems like 2014, was the year you couldn’t go anywhere without an ugly sweater party, so why not prepare your friends for next year?

This sweater is only 9.99 and 3D.  I think it might be the best 10 dollars I’ve spent all holidays.

ugly sweater sears1

 This post contains no sponsored links and all items were purchased by me (LOLZ). 

Questions for you:

Do you have gifts in Reserve incase you forget someone? 

How are you celebrating the Holidays? 

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  1. We do have a ‘card reserve’ with a variety of birthday and other cards, but no gifts.

    But then again, we have a notebook where we list all people we’re gifting, with budgets, ideas, and actual purchases and spends 😉 So we have different issues … haha

    Interesting all four of your guys are meticulous car guys … that would be wasted on me 😉

  2. My grandparents came from Florida and will be here a week. They are two of my favorite people. Christmas Eve is the big day in our house, not much happens Christmas Day.

  3. Great idea. We have tons of holiday cards, but no safety gifts. Thank god for the gift card rack at CVS.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. I have a few reserve gifts. I think holiday foods and baked goods always make the best reserve gifts and gifts in general, you can just bake or make some extras and you’ve got them in case they don’t get used. Plus it’s something people consume and doesn’t take up a lot of space in luggage, cars, etc.

  5. I have a stash of random cards for last-minute situations (birthdays, congratulations, etc.), but not actual presents. Have a safe drive home and have fun with the fam!

  6. That is such a good idea. I should do that. I love that bracelet. i have a necklace my grandma gave me that would go perfectly with that.

  7. I have never thought of having gifts in reserve. If I find out it’s someone’s birthday, I usually bake for them. It’s the only time I bake so I don’t mind and they really appreciate it.

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