Black Friday at Sears

Black Friday is an emotional time of year.  I would know I’ve gone Black Friday Shopping the last 5 years.  In all honesty I don’t ever get the best deals and I don’t camp out overnight but I love the thrill of getting a deal (Does that make me sound like a shopping addict?).

I found the article: 15 Emotional Stages of Black Friday Shopping LOLZ worthy and true (Probably because they had the Tyra Banks snap and wave).

For me I never struggled with waking up early.  I always had coffee ready to go.  I struggled with the overhwleming crowds and people running around.  As someone who suffered from social anxiety and chalustrophia, having people running around screaming for deals.  After I went I felt oddly accomplished that I had been out there (and it was probably only 8 am).

This year however, I am on the other side and working on Black Friday.  Since I work at a running store, we aren’t as busy as Sears is but we will be busy.  I should do a 15 Emotional stages of Working on Black Friday.

This year Sears has everything you could possibly need or want, making it a great stop.  Sears will open 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day and have over 1,000 doorbuster deals.  1000 deals of 1000 items!. While you are letting our turkey digest, you have the option to head into a Sears and shop.

One item I’m eyeballing myself is the Sears NordicTrack® C900i Treadmill;that will be 800 dollars off.  I don’t need a treadmill at my house but it’s a great treadmill and the price is inexpensive (700 dollars for a nice treadmill is a great price).

sears treadmill

Anyways partnering with Sears for the Holidays, they asked to talk more about Black Friday shopping and my personal Christmas list.

Something I am personally asking for is a new coffee maker.  My coffee pot has lasted me since sophomore year of college (I know you are probably as shocked as I am).  It is starting to fall apart so I’ve been searching around for a nice coffee maker.

I had no idea that some coffee makers cost over 850 dollars.  I would prefer to buy 850 gas station coffees for that price.  I wanted something that I had the option to brew a lot or a little.  One of my housemates had this one, so I decided this one would be awesome.

sears coffee pot

As I said a few posts about, Tim really enjoys getting his tools at Sears.  There are a few appliances I have my eyes on for him such as Craftsman Home Series 3-Drawer Project Center.  I’ll probably get the red because that matches our house.  (Just kidding, I’ll get him whichever one he wants LOL).

Finally all Sears deals at your local Sears can be seen at so you can figure out your plan.  (If you are anything like LOLZ then you thrive on planning).

Deals at all Sears: 

  • 55% off Kenmore 3.9 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer – White & Kenmore 7.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer w/ Wrinkle Guard – White; sale priced at $799.98 for the set; regular price $899.99 each
  • Save $100 on the RCA 40” Class 1080p HDTV; sale price $249.99, regularly priced at $349.99; plus members get $50 back in points
  • Jeans for her and him – sale price $14.99 Canyon River Blues® and Roebuck & Co.®, regularly priced $30.00-$40.00
  • All DieHard® work boots – sale price $49.99, regularly $65.00-$110.00
  • Save $50, plus a Free Craftsman® drill when you purchase the ; sale priced $99.99, regular price $149.99
  • Save $800 on the NordicTrack® C900i Treadmill; sale price $699.99; regular price $1,499.99
  • Buy four Sears RoadHandler tires and get up to $150 in value, including an $80 mail-in rebate via an American Express award card when you use a qualifying Sears card plus a $70 Sears Award card

LD_Sears 11.27.14 Super Tab w/Lip Thanks-609 WP 703054 P ST1_¥

All thoughts are my own.  I have partnered with Sears this Holiday season.

Questions for you:

Are you going Black Friday Shopping?  When do you do the majority of your Holiday shopping? 

What is on your personal Christmas List? 

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  1. Signs of being a homeowner: Reading that post and thinking about what a deal that washer and dryer are and how I wish we needed a new one so we could get that set for only $800. I’m so lame in my old age! I love that coffee pot! I have a Keurig at home but have been using a regular coffee pot on this assignment and I actually want to buy a regular one again now! I think I’ll just go with the cheap single serve coffee pots though.

    1. It’s funny you say that. We had to by a washer and dryer for our last hour and I was thinking “gosh I wish I would have gotten that deal”.

  2. If there was a Sears near me and I had the room I would totally buy that treadmill! What a steal! I never go black friday shopping, though. Too crazy.

  3. The washer and dryer are $400. more if you want the pedestals. With the pedestals you get a storage drawer and they sit up higher off the floor. We just bought the washer and were surprised to find out the hidden cost of the pedestal. We actually found a better deal than that one too. Our Sears store has closed in our area. It is so sad. I shopped there all the time in the Land’s End shop and they always had great deals for Christmas trees.

    1. Thanks for sharing Lindsey! I like the Lands End as well. That stinks though that the Sears went out of business around you!

  4. I just opened a new checking account at the bank and was given a “free gift” of a 25 piece tool set. I think I’ve checked my dad off my shopping list. I have black Friday off this year so I might take a gander around. Most of the things I needed I knew I was not going to find on sale so I bought them already. I don’t make Christmas lists because I’m too proud…that might sound rude, but I always feel bad asking for something.

  5. My Christmas list this year includes a new pair of nike frees because mine have holes in the heels I’ve worn them so much. I also want some oiselle leggings and smart wool socks.

  6. I love going shopping, but only because I go with my sister in law. I do hate the crowds, but since most people seem to be going ON thanksgiving (which is ridiculous) there havent been too many on Friday. I always go to target, jcpennys, and home depot. Need to check out sears 🙂

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