Funk ‘n Waffles (Restaurant)

Funk ‘n Waffles (Syracuse)

I went to Funk ‘n Waffles last weekend.  My housemate and I have been dying to go and what better night than a Friday (because we can still be back to watch TLC at night).  We are both are waffle obsessed and Funk ‘n Waffles was actually on man versus food. It’s been on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Plus owner, Adam Gold, does a great job hosting bands and live music.


Funk ‘n Waffles Atmosphere: 

To give you a brief overview, Funk ‘n Waffles is a small little café across from Syracuse campus that serves waffles.  Funk ‘n Waffles has a lot of different combinations (and many that inspired me).  They also have live bands as well but we weren’t going to be in town then so we just went for dinner.  I’d also assume it’s a real hit for people hungover to go and get their carbs the day after as well.

When I saw they sold coffee mugs, I needed to buy one for my collection. I appreciate a good coffee mug, especially from a local restaurant.


Funk ‘n Waffles Food:

The Funk ‘n Waffles menu has all types of waffles from sweet to savory. If you want a regular waffle with syrup, Funk ‘n Waffles has that too.

At Funk ‘n Waffles, I decided to go with one of the savory waffles. I know I’ll be back to get a sweet waffle.

I decided to get the “Florentine” which was salmon, feta and spinach.  Then I decided to be creative and get a buckwheat base.  I’ll tell you; it did not disappoint.  I wish there had been a bit more salmon on it, but that’s okay; the food was less than 10 dollars so I can’t complain.

Funk ‘n Waffles Conclusion:

I think for me if I had gone to Syracuse, I would have probably been down here a lot more than I should.  Not only is the food at Funk ‘n Waffles great, but the atmosphere is just as cool.  It’s “funky” and has that band scene vibe which I enjoy.  Funk and Waffles also hosts a whole slew of open mic events so if that is your scene and you are in Syracuse…well, I recommend it.  Or if you just like waffles (like me).


Question for you:

 Favorite college (or now) restaurant hangout? Have you been to Funk ‘n Waffles?

Favorite breakfast restaurant? 


  1. I wish we had a place like this around here. I haven’t been out for breakfast food in so long. Like, probably since we went to Miss Shirley’s. It’s time to change that…

    1. I’m sure you have some equally as good breakfast places down there. There are so many awesome foodie places. Hope you get out for breakfast soon, November is way to long for that.

  2. I HAVE BEEN TO THAT VERY FUNK N WAFFLES!! One of my high school and college friends started her music career there (she’s now living and California and being a rockstar!), so I used to go there quite a bit. I vividly remember ordering a waffle with salmon, so we probably had the same one, minus the buckwheat base–so good! A brownie/super chocolately waffle also comes to mind … 🙂

  3. That looks like a neat place :). I like how they make the waffles so different, I’m guessing you can get a regular waffle too but it’s neat you got the buckwheat base and the salmon on it. We don’t go out for breakfast too much, but I do like getting waffles or pancakes when I go and wish we had something like that here, it would be a neat niche in Charleston! Plus being cheap and having their own coffee mugs seals the deal :).

  4. I really wish I had more places like this in my town. We have about two “breakfast” restaurants in the surrounding areas but it’s quite a drive. I just wish I could walk down the street and get me some kick ass waffles or pancakes; however, I’d definitely go sweet all the way 😉

  5. That place has an awesome logo. Good call getting the mug. I think my current favorite breakfast/hangout place is Cheeky Monkey- they have a killer brunch menu and mimosas! I have not tried their waffles yet. Maybe this weekend….

  6. This place looks and sounds really cool! You just reminded me that I have yet to buy the smoked salmon you put into my mind a few weeks ago!

  7. Yum, I want to try a savory salmon waffle! I don’t eat smoked salmon enough…it’s a problem. Every once and awhile I go to this crepe place near me for breakfast/brunch that has savory crepes but I always gravitate towards sweet.

  8. I remember you telling me you were going there, and I remember thinking that it should be named after you, or that you should be a guest chef there. Anywho, glad you liked it…and um my favorite place is wherever the hell I can drink coffee and gossip with you about people and things that annoy us while eating good breakfast food. On that note….I’m mapping a route from my house to VA…and all the towns in between and all the places we could meet for runs and food. Finally found a friend I can tolerate (haha 🙂 you know what I mean) and someone who understands me… i’ll be damned if I let distance change that!

    p.s. you made me really hungry for waffles now.

  9. that waffle looks and sounds fantastic!! I usually prefer sweet waffles but I think I could get on board with that savory one. And coffee mug for SURE. I collect them too 🙂

    There was a cute diner on campus that had the BEST breakfast. But it was always packed with hungover people so I’d go super early. Now I hangout at Starbucks.!

  10. Geneseo had GFR “Geneseo Family Restaurant” – I am the BIGGEST sucker for diners and a lot of hung over mornings I would call them (I lived in an apt on 99 main street and they were oh 105 main street or something haha) and order an omelet with home fries and toast. I would drag myself out of bed with out bothering to dress and eat the entire thing out of the styrofoam container on my couch in drunken college heaven. I was a class act.

    My OTHER favorite was a sub place called Aunt Cookies that I lived across the street from. Their subs were awesomeeeeeee.

    Waffles and salmon scare me but I like the idea of a fancy waffle fo sho.

  11. I have never heard of savory waffles! That is such a cool idea for a restaurant and I’m sure it does well being by a college campus- I’d be interested to know about what other crazy waffles they have on their menu

  12. I collect coffee mugs too. Mostly mugs from starbucks of different states. I love them! 🙂 THey look pretty to look at in our kitchen cabinet! 🙂
    I’ve tried savory crepes but for waffles? Hmmm… interesting. 🙂

  13. I basically need to plan a trip to Syracuse just for this place I stalked the website and OMG how do you even begin to decide. We have Macados here which is a slew of amazing and creative sandwiches. But I would prefer waffles lol

  14. this place sounds legit! I love that they serve waffles every meal of the day, savory and sweet. We had an awesome place in Williamsburg called Aroma’s….they had different menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, but the most epic thing was probably their brie-stuffed french toast…..YES.

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