Turning Stone Half Marathon (1:33.50)

As I stated the other day, I decided to sign up for a half marathon on a whim.  Mostly because I wanted to get out of my town and had nothing else to do last weekend.  I had optimally decided that I would do it as a training run and there was no need to get my panties in a bunch if I was slower.   Which as far as timed half marathons go, this was pretty much one of my slowest ones. 

But this is also the only race I’ve ever had to stop and pee.  (more on that later).

So anyways, I heard a radio ad for the race on Saturday (that I could still sign up) so I thought…eh I’m crazy…why not.   So I drove the hour, signed up and then drove back so I could know where it is rather then getting lost at 6:00am.

Once I signed up, I realized, oh neato it’s at a Casino and we get some Casino vouchers (sadly I did not win!).

Race day morning, I drove back and quickly found the starting line.  I did no warm up and went when it was time to go.  The first mile, I think I got a little excited and took out too quickly (5:58!) and then took it from there.  I literally told myself “Hollie, do not race this.  You promised tempo…cross country is next weekend…race those…”

Don’t act like you aren’t surprised I talk to myself.

Moving along, by mile 3, I knew I was going to have to stop to pee.  I have never had that issue before but I was thinking “hmm, maybe my body does know we are not going all out”.  So when I saw a porta potty, I stopped and went.  A few dudes passed me, but I caught up around mile 7.  Only to have to pee again around mile 10.  The second time I was little bit frustrated, but I wasn’t all that worried.  This wasn’t going to make or break my race.

The last three miles felt like they were taking forever, but I noticed around mile 11 that they had my favorite gas station (and coffee) and I would come back afterwords (I did).  It was the motivation I needed to take me through the final push.

We met up with the 10kers around mile 12 and they were really supportive.  Some ladies told me my spandex was sweet!  (I forget if I’ve posted a photo of these…they are close to being ass out class out.  New balance briefs are  shorter then nike spandex but these are not even bikini cut collegiate racers).  Anyways.

Since it is quite difficult to spot on match a loop course in distance (what you didn’t know roads were originally created to make perfect half marathon and marathon loops?), this half marathon ended up being 13.3.  People complain it’s too long or whatever, but all hell would be raised (or the entire fact would be ignored and insta PR) if it was too short.  I think it’s impossible to match a course to .01, and it doesn’t bother me either way.

I finished the 13.3 in 1:33.50 or 7:03 pace.  Subtracting the bathroom breaks would be losing 65 seconds…but I pee all the time in training runs and the watch doesn’t stop.

I was second woman overall.  I overheard a lady saying when I accepted my award(and this made my day) that I looked like a model!  (I know that probably makes me look like a shallow whatever but it made my day).

Question for you:

Do you ever do training race runs? 

I don’t do them often, but I am really trying to network being in a new area.

Have you ever been to a casino? 

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  1. Sounds like a cool race! I would be worrying about having to pee the whole time if I ran a half! And I was just in AC this summer.. Fun time 🙂

  2. Awesome time and congrats on your 2nd place. I’ve been to Turning Stone a few times (my mom loves playing Bingo there, lol) and my sister likes their Spa there (she’s gotten a few massages there). I barely race and therefore definitely do not do training race runs, lol.

      1. I do now (in NJ)…but my sister lives off exit 30 (about 45min) and my parents are off exit 26 on the thruway (about 90min). My mom and her sisters just went last month for a girls day trip. I love bingo though, lol. I used to live in Geneva which was also only about 90min from there.

  3. I’ve never done a race and considered it more of a training run… I’ve done a few to lead up to bigger races like 10Ks to help me train for my half, but not treating a race as anything but a race. I can see why you would though because you race a whole lot. You still did amazing at your half even though you weren’t racing it.

    Sorry you had to stop to pee :(. Doesn’t look like it hurt ya too much but it’s annoying! And I love how the coffee motivated you at the end, that sounds like me haha.

  4. way to rock it girl, that is a bomb time! I hate when I have to stop mid race, I actually never do. I am one of those people that during a race I can’t stop.

  5. quite the bonus when your last-minute, training races garners you an award, huh?! Awesome job!
    This will be my first season trying out a couple local races, for training. I’m excited! Seems like it’ll be less pressure & more fun.
    Sorry about your lack o’ luck at the casino. We only go once every couple years or so. I love casinos, though! Good thing there’s not one closer, I guess. 😉

  6. I use races for training events all the time. I like the social aspects and feed off the energy of the event. I love catered runs 🙂

  7. I used to do a lot of races as training runs, but I wasn’t paying for them. I always felt training runs during races were way easier though. I’ve never raced long enough that I’ve had to stop and pee during a race, but then again maybe if you weren’t thinking of it as a training run you wouldn’t even have realized you needed to pee!

  8. You ran a 1:33 and still stopped to pee twice? Jesus. And I can see why the lady said you look like a model – you do have the right bone structure and figure – only thing stopping you might be height (I can’t remember how tall you are – 5ft 6?)

    I tried to run the London Marathon back in April as a training run for the Marathon of the North the following month, because I knew I’d be up against it with the crowds being so insane (both in terms of getting tripped and having 60 panic attacks per mile :P) but I can never intentionally hold back during a race. I CAN however have a crappy race and then write it off as a ‘training run’ haha. I’m very good at doing that!


    1. I understand that too. I feel like that is such a good idea…eh bad race=training run and in your mind it doesn’t seem to bad. But really, we can only be well tapered for a few events!

  9. You are insane. But in the best way possible!

    Congrats!!! (and umm… I’d love for someone to say I looked like a model! Love that woman’s comment!)

    1. You are insane. Together we would make the perfect team. You do strength and I’ll do cardio. And you do look like a model-I’m staring at your avatar now! 😉

  10. I do like your spandex! I think you are stunning-ly beautiful inside and out! It’s nice to get compliments, doesn’t make you shallow. Nice tempo race! I do 5k’s sometimes on tired legs as a tempo work-out. can’t wait for my next 5 k race though.

  11. I have to hand it to you. I don’t enjoy running at all and when most people post about their races I get so bored and usually skip them but I always look forward to reading your recaps! 🙂

  12. Great job Hollz! I drove by Turning Stone when coming back to college and thought of you. 🙂 PS, this weekend isn’t good for me because of rugby clinics, but next weekend may be! I can’t wait to meet up!!

  13. Congrats on the race and your speedy finish! One of my secret “fears” is having to use the bathroom during a long run or race. Luckily, it’s never happened but now I totally jinxed myself and it will 🙂

  14. SO speedy! Congrats on the finish! In the last year I have been signing up for half marathons as training runs. It helps me get the miles done (run a few before and/or after for the long runs). I also pretend the crowd is there cheering for me.It works out perfectly!

    I also go to casinos more than I should admit and always end up alone at a blackjack table. I love it! I’m going to Vegas next week and I am beyond excited.

  15. Wow that is amazing 🙂 and on a training run no less! Just found your blog… I would say you look like you could be a model to me! Beautiful!

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