Turning Stone Half Marathon (1:33.50)

As I stated the other day, I decided to sign up for a half marathon on a whim.  Mostly because I wanted to get out of my town and had nothing else to do last weekend.  I had optimally decided that I would do it as a training run and there was no need to get my panties in a bunch if I was slower.   Which as far as timed half marathons go, this was pretty much one of my slowest ones. 

But this is also the only race I’ve ever had to stop and pee.  (more on that later).

So anyways, I heard a radio ad for the race on Saturday (that I could still sign up) so I thought…eh I’m crazy…why not.   So I drove the hour, signed up and then drove back so I could know where it is rather then getting lost at 6:00am.

Once I signed up, I realized, oh neato it’s at a Casino and we get some Casino vouchers (sadly I did not win!).

Race day morning, I drove back and quickly found the starting line.  I did no warm up and went when it was time to go.  The first mile, I think I got a little excited and took out too quickly (5:58!) and then took it from there.  I literally told myself “Hollie, do not race this.  You promised tempo…cross country is next weekend…race those…”

Don’t act like you aren’t surprised I talk to myself.

Moving along, by mile 3, I knew I was going to have to stop to pee.  I have never had that issue before but I was thinking “hmm, maybe my body does know we are not going all out”.  So when I saw a porta potty, I stopped and went.  A few dudes passed me, but I caught up around mile 7.  Only to have to pee again around mile 10.  The second time I was little bit frustrated, but I wasn’t all that worried.  This wasn’t going to make or break my race.

The last three miles felt like they were taking forever, but I noticed around mile 11 that they had my favorite gas station (and coffee) and I would come back afterwords (I did).  It was the motivation I needed to take me through the final push.

We met up with the 10kers around mile 12 and they were really supportive.  Some ladies told me my spandex was sweet!  (I forget if I’ve posted a photo of these…they are close to being ass out class out.  New balance briefs are  shorter then nike spandex but these are not even bikini cut collegiate racers).  Anyways.

Since it is quite difficult to spot on match a loop course in distance (what you didn’t know roads were originally created to make perfect half marathon and marathon loops?), this half marathon ended up being 13.3.  People complain it’s too long or whatever, but all hell would be raised (or the entire fact would be ignored and insta PR) if it was too short.  I think it’s impossible to match a course to .01, and it doesn’t bother me either way.

I finished the 13.3 in 1:33.50 or 7:03 pace.  Subtracting the bathroom breaks would be losing 65 seconds…but I pee all the time in training runs and the watch doesn’t stop.

I was second woman overall.  I overheard a lady saying when I accepted my award(and this made my day) that I looked like a model!  (I know that probably makes me look like a shallow whatever but it made my day).

Question for you:

Do you ever do training race runs? 

I don’t do them often, but I am really trying to network being in a new area.

Have you ever been to a casino?