Sage Diner (Onley, VA)

Sage Diner (Onley, VA)

Recently I went to the Sage Diner with my parents on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  This Sage Diner is not to be confused with the Sage Diner in Mount Laurel.  Coincidentally, my parents went too a few years ago. I drive down the Eastern Shore (from New Jersey to my hometown of Virginia Beach) regularly, but I haven’t been to a lot if diners on the Eastern Shore.

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Atmosphere: B
The Sage diner is located right on Route 13 and has a huge sign located outside, so it’s hard to miss.  There are several locations.

The building reminds me of a local family is owned business  It’s a casual brick building with a sign that says Sage Diner.  The inside is a large square room with several booths and tables as well as a bar.  There is nothing unique about it but does have a cute small town feel to it.

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Coffee: B
The waitress brewed a fresh pot and it was brewed hot. There was nothing unique about the coffee and there were a few grounds inside.  Other then that, it wasn’t too bad.

Sage Diner Virginia

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Service: B
Our waitress was very friendly but she got several parts of our order wrong including my parent’s soup as well as my pudding.  She blamed it comically on “being senile”. (Her words not mine).

She was friendly and treated us as if she had known us for years.

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Food: B
The Sage Diner menu is huge.  They have the basic breakfast staples such as eggs and pancakes but nothing unusual.  I decided to try the special, “The chicken souvlaki.”  To be honest I had no idea what would come out!

Sage Diner Virginia

I assumed there would be chicken but after that…I had no idea.  The chicken souvlaki had grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and a very thick and heavy oil.  To be honest, there was so much oil it turned into a soup at the bottom of my plate.  The meal itself was good though.  I enjoyed the roasted vegetables and chicken.  It oddly enough reminded me of a grilled fajita on a pita (diner rhyming?).

Sage Diner Virginia

It also came with a side salad which was a perfect compliment.  The menu stated the special came pudding, however, the waitress forgot and by the time she remembered it was time to go.

In summary, I enjoyed my food at the Sage Diner and it was typical of a diner.

Sage Diner (Onley, VA) Cost: $
For my special and coffee, the cost was $13.  It was a lot of food for not a lot of money so I can’t complain.

Summary/Would I come back to the Sage Diner (Onley, VA)?

I enjoyed the Sage Diner and it’s a great stop on the Eastern Shore.  If you are heading through the Eastern Shore, I would recommend stopping by the Sage Diner.

Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Coffee: B
Food: B
Cost: $10-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Have you ordered anything off a menu having no idea what to expect?
Have you ever traveled down route 13 on the Eastern Shore?


Vacation Life

I had so much fun the last week.  Honestly I had such a packed week! I don’t even know where to start.  I had a great time hanging out with my family, friends and seeing so much different faces.

The reason I came down to VA was because my youngest brother Steven, was graduating high school.  He is the last of us to graduate high school.  The graduation itself began pretty late at 7:30pm.  I was lucky my graduation began at 9:30 I guess.  One thing I love about our school district is that graduations are exactly 1 hour long.  There are multiple high schools that use this facility so the graduations are required to be exactly 1 hour long.  No long speeches, just boom boom boom.  So 507 candidates left as graduates in one hour.

But first, let me take a selfie with Matt.  We drove seperately since not everyone could fit in one car.  There was so much traffic to get to graduation.  It took us about an hour to drive about 10 miles.


Watching high school graduation made me realize that mine was 6 years ago.  I thought a lot about how much my life had changed since then.  Wow!  Now I wonder where I will be in 6 more years.  Six years from now will be 2020….what an interesting thought.

Anyways my three brothers and I post graduation.  (Doug, myself, Steven, Matt).


Plus who doesn’t love a great family photo (taken another day).  (Yes we took more…)


Speaking of high school, I also had the chance to meet up with someone I went to high school with Lauren!  It was so great to chat in person again.  We swam together way back in high school and now we are both respectifully planning our weddings.  (Speaking of weddings, I have a lot of news to share about mine…I actually have things accomplished).


As my last horah I got to have lunch with Theresa.  It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed chatting about training, life and just everything in general.  I always have a good time with T.  We actually ended up getting lunch about 40 minutes after my long run from last week so don’t mind that I look a straight mess.  I literally showered and went.  (Which is really hard after running forever).

So that is what I have been up to the last week…existing outside the internet.

Questions for you:

Where do you think you’ll be in 2020?  What do you hope to accomplish?

What is something exciting you have done this week?

VA Life.

I feel like I have so much life to catch you guys up on.  I actually just feel like I have more excitement the last few weeks then the three months living in New Jersey. 

Last weekend (Valentine’s Weekend) I went down to Virginia to run the Virginia is for Lovers 14k.  Although the Virginia is for Lovers 14k was my primary reason for driving down there, I had many other reasons like seeing family and friends like Theresa and Kris L.  I always enjoy traveling down to VA because I enjoy seeing all of my friends.  My heart and friends are in Virginia so it is always nice to visit.

Oiselle teammates: Stephanie, Mollie and I at the race start.

Oiselle teammates: Stephanie, Mollie and I at the race start.

I’m not allowed to call it home anymore because I do live in NJ. (with no chances of moving!) I am allowed however, to call it my hometown.

This is where I'll be...well not in front of this sign but you get it

This is where I’ll be…well not in front of this sign but you get it

So outside of the Virginia is for Lovers 14k what else did I do?

I saw Theresa.  We ended up hanging out and just chatting for a while.


I also was lucky to see Kris before leaving too.  Kris is an amazing athlete who I need to get her autograph before she goes to trials.  We’ve been good friends for a while but I can never sing her enough songs. 


Outside of seeing some friends and hanging out…I ate…I ate a lot.

pita bread, feta and olive oil is my favorite.

pita bread, feta and olive oil is my favorite.


I ate pita bread at a Greek restaurant.


I ate too much whip cream at the local froyo shop, sweet frog.  I definitely took my relaxing and eating too much on vacation.  I always say I’ll stick on a pretty tight budget so I can go out to eat.  That is definitely true.  After nearly 2 months of hanging out in NJ, it was nice to get out of town for the weekend.  I enjoyed seeing my friends and family.


Coincidentally last weekend was a strange one for my family.  My dad was getting back from a work trip; my mom was leaving out of town the next day…which left Tim and I seeing my entire family but at different points.  At least they will all be back when I go in a month for Shamrock half marathon.

Question for you:

What is something you will budget for?

I will always save to go out to eat.  It’s my weakness, I love restaurants.

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