I’ll keep this post short because tentatively, I’m on my way to see Nikki from Life after Swim.  (Could I be anymore lucky?)

Wow this was from April, where did time go?

She is up north a few hours from me and I wanted to see her (plus I have the day off work so it makes it 100 times better).  Hehe.

So anyways, tomorrow I am racing the Allen Stone Run Swim Run.  It is a 1k run on the beach, 1k swim in the ocean followed by a 5k on the Boardwalk.  If you are a year long follower you know last year it ended it 100% failure.  You can read about that here because well, it’s in the past depressing and what’s done is done.  Essentially I logged too many miles on the treadmill and that race was just a culmination of all of that.  It wasn’t that particular race or environment that gave me my injury, it was just where it happened.  It could have happened anywhere really (and to be honest probably would have)…

mmmm. injury.  Actually word-I was more p.o’ed because I couldn’t wear heals.

I ripped my IT band and got a stress fracture all in one race.  It kept me from having a good cross country season and kept me from running for about 8 weeks.  But it healed WITH REST.

Lots of rest and lots of cross training.  

So here I am today, being hella nervous.  Though I know in myself, I’m much more prepared then I was last summer.  I have logged zero miles on the treadmill.  None-nada-zip.  I’ve done my easy and recovery runs at APPROPRIATE pace and I’ve listened to my body (cliché but it’s a fact).

So needless to say-I’m ready for a win tomorrow.

Question for you: What are you up too this weekend? 


Bloggers Exist in Real Life Too!

It all started at 6:17 am Monday morning.  Why  I woke up I don’t really know-my alarm clock goes off at 6:30.  I think I was just super excited to have breakfast with NikkiAnyways-the wedding was lovely (maybe I’ll have some photos in another post…no it wasn’t my wedding.)

So anyways-Nikki and I were meeting at The Biscotti Café located right near her in PA. 


I was super excited because come on…who doesn’t love going out for breakfast?  Or meeting really cool bloggers?  Or having breakfast with Nikki?  Gosh could this day get any better. 

We met right before 8:00am and I automatically knew it was a place  I would love.  They had chocolate chip biscotti that came with the coffee.  I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to dip the biscotti in the coffee but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And it was.  HA!  I wanted to get more of those guys to go-but decided I would probably be eating poorly on the road so decided to let me taste buds experience other places along the road.

Anywho-for my breakfast I had “Nova lox (salmon) with poached eggs on a muffin”

And a fruit cup because I feeling healthy. 

So anyways-back to my meet up with Nikki.  She is so awesome and absolutely hysterical.  We traded terrible swim stories, chatting about life and had such a great time.   I honestly can’t wait to hang out again.   If you don’t follow her blog (you should) she is a great athlete and downright awesome and most interesting blogger.

Question for you: Tell me your favorite blogging adventure. 

Shamrock Half (1:33.30)

Well I have finished my fourth half marathon and I could not be more pleased of how it went.  I finished in 1:33.30, which was not at all what I was expecting (like I said somewhere…between 1:35-1:40) would have been fabulous.   I got my A (1:35), B (<1:40) and C (finish…duh) goals.

But I did better.

I was obsessed with wearing the finishers hat...I'm not even a hat person.

Anyways, I didn’t put on the blog much about my knee and IT Band the last week (until Monday), but they had been acting up a lot.  So much so-that I was at 50/50 running the race…the morning of the race.  Although-they felt okay in the morning, they didn’t feel amazing prior and I didn’t want to be injured even more so.

But I decided to run it and immediately into mile 1-I realized I had no pain and was running quickly.  So I was happy. 

I also decided to run it in my trainers because this wasn’t the race I was trying to PR.  I was just trying to finish successfully and have some sort of base to kick back on.  Having more support was so necessary. 

Dad and I woke at the ripe hour of 4:30.  Left the house by 5:15 and were at the race by 6:15.  I was almost late for the start because I had to check my bag in (the race started at 7).

I didn’t warm up at all…unless you count walking to the race start which was about 1 mile.  I don’t really warm up for half marathons and it’s struggle to get me to warm up for most races. 

Then at 7am, bright and early the race started.   I was in corral one and we all went on our ways and speeds.  So many people started off so quick (it was super nerve racking per usual).  I just kinda let my legs go their speed-cautious and not pushing anything.  It ended up being a 7:05 pace.  7:05 pace into the wind.  7:05 pace up hills.  7:05 pace down hills.  I literally hit all my miles between 7:04-7:06 pace.  *I don’t have a GarminI just had nothing to think about and math is fun to do while your running

Until mile 10, when it got hot and I slowed down to a 7:10 pace.  I was somewhat sad-but then I realized I was still going to be under my goal of 1:35 so I just let it all be what it was.

I hit a serious boredom wall at mile 10, but then some water hander outers screamed my name (it was on my bib) and said looking good.  I don’t know why but it made me say-hell I can do it.

At exactly 1:31 into my race, I heard the marathon go off.  I silently wished my dad good luck and thought of the good fortune he had taught me to really enjoy running.  My dad is my idol.   

Then I finished at exactly the same pace that I had been going.  I haven’t done enough long runs lately to develop any sort of kick for a half marathon.  So I knew that was not on my side . 

This was a great race for me.  I had gone in, hoping to be around 1:35-not expecting to be anywhere faster and came out better.  I really hope it sets the tone for my next race in Plattsburgh, NY on April 22.  I want to be under 1:30.

Obsessed with the hat? maybe...

While waiting around for the marathon-I crossed into one of my favorite bloggers- Alyssa!  It was finally nice to be able to chat for more than a hot second!   Can you believe how awesome she looks after running-I look like I’m about to die.  Good thing she snapped a photo because I’ve been failing miserably at that.  😉

Question for you: 

What is one of your most memorable races?

2 Mile Open Water Swim

Okay so 8ish hour drive from home to New York City=finally stalking your lives and catching up.  I’ve missed you guys.  I have passed my lovely human anatomy class and now sadly I don’t have a date with Latisha every MW night.  So sad…

Anywho-so back to my daily musings.  I’ll begin with a race recap because it’s more interesting than food.

On Saturday, I swam an open water 2 mile swim in the NYC area.  I have actually been participating in this race longer than any other races-both running and swimming.  This year was particularly brutal but still fun.

After getting to the pier, I checked in where the race official/register simply calls me Potsdam.  Since I swear he can’t remember my name and I’m the only person in the world that goes to college at Potsdam.  I arrived and he was like oh Potsdam gonna drown today?

True life. 

Anywho, after getting all my crap and getting my race number drawn on, I shot the breeze with people and waited for the ferry.   I am still extremely bitter that I’m not in the 19> age category so I can’t be race number 1.  Sadly-I was 5.

The daddykins

The race actually begins on an island in the sound, so we have to take about a 15 minute Ferry there.  But first-guess who was racing too?!


I also met Beth who is equally as awesome and a kick ass athlete. Can you guys both do all my biking (they biked 20 miles after the race…I went shopping…)

(PS: force her to make you the greatest orange chocolate cookies ever.  I ate the entire bag in the car 5 seconds after getting into it.  True life..that is why there is no photo.)

Anywho-we got to the island around 7:45 and the race started at 8:30.

I did a nice warmup of about 10 meters  Please don’t think I’m joking because it’s not.  I don’t warm up for open water swims very often.  I get used to the water and call it a day.

The buoys were so straight...

This year the temperature was 72 degrees and when I got hypothermia 2 years ago, it was 71.

So it was cold.

The race was an out and back course.  You swim out a mile-look back and think oh dear god and then come back.  At least that is what I do.

There were some crazy waves that drowned me lungs with salt water.  I feel like I got enough of that.

I’m terrible at sighting during open water swims so I normally find someone to creep on and follow them.  It normally works out well but this race I creeped on the wrong clown.  He ran straight into the 5 foot buoy.  Like legit just swam right into it.  I nearly had to stop because I was choking on salt water already and then laughing at him did not equal.  I then decided that it was 600 meters to the shore and I could find it myself.

True life.  The hardest part of the swim for me was the 10 meter dash up the beach at the end.  I kind of limped my way up there and called it a day.  One guy fell-so I didn’t feel too bad for taking it slow.

Please enjoy my uncle. He is adorbs.

I ended up getting second in my age group (ha).  I finished the 2 miler in 1:01.  This is my first year over an hour but I’m not too concerned since it was so choppy.  This race has seen me at my best and worse.

I was the top female overall 3 years back, got hypothermia 2 years ago, 1 year ago I finished pretty strong and this year I finished.  I think it just shows how mentally exhausted I am of swimming.  I love swimming, don’t get me wrong but after next college season-I’m going to take a few years off and come back another time when I’m mentally fresh. 

Now that I think about it-I have been swimming for about 15 years.  I have had a few months off now and again with my shoulder issues but I was still at the pool.  Swimming is different from so many other sports, that there really isn’t a definitive time you are “in season.”  It’s all the freaking time. I also manage a pool.  I spend 16 hours during college pool staring at a damn black lane.  I teach swimming lessons periodically.  I seriously never get away from the pool. Swimming has seen me progress and grow up but in a year it’s time for a break. 

I say that now…but I also said I would stop buying gas station coffee and I would never run.

Well enough of Sally Sappy.  I’ll have more photos later, because my aunt and uncles love taking them but these are just the ones from my camera.

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