Red Hut Cafe (Stateline, NV)

Red Hut Cafe (Stateline, NV)

The Red Hut Cafe in Stateline, Nevada, is technically my first Nevada Diner! I was actually contemplating if it was “really a diner,” but with the all-day breakfast and lunch, the menu, and the general atmosphere, the Red Hut Cafe is definitely a diner.

There are no hard and fast rules about diners. When people ask me: what makes a diner a diner, I always laugh. You kind of just know. It’s a feeling. I guess that’s what living in New Jersey taught me.

I’ve been to Nevada several times, but the opportunity has never presented itself to go to a diner. When I was in Lake Tahoe, steps away from the Nevada Stateline (literally, the name of the town I stayed in was “Stateline,” this made sense. I’ll probably go to more Nevada diners since I eventually want to get back to the Las Vegas area.

Red Hut Cafe (Stateline, NV)

Red Hut Cafe Atmosphere: A

As the name suggests, the Red Hut Cafe is located in a red hut. I haven’t seen all of the locations but I know the South Lake Tahoe was in a red style hut too. Since the Lake Tahoe area is a huge ski resort, it has ski resort vibes. It’s a little cabin-style restaurant. The inside has bright red chrome tables with vintage signs.

Red Hut Cafe (Stateline, NV)

Red Hut Cafe Coffee: A

The coffee was brewed hot and fresh. They added plenty of whipped cream, and it tasted great. With the pandemic and getting takeout, it’s the first diner coffee I’ve had in a while, and I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Red Hut Cafe Food: B

The Red Hut Cafe menu has everything you could want in a diner. From omelets, to waffles, to salads to sandwiches. There is a little bit of everything!

There is all-day breakfast and lunch (they close at 2 pm). There are several locations around Lake Tahoe. The website doesn’t work but you can find more information about the Red Hut Cafe menu on facebook. The one we drove by on the California side also had a sign that said “waffle hut”. I assumed this meant all of the Red Hut Cafe’s were known for their waffles.

Red Hut Cafe (Stateline, NV)

I decided to order the pecan waffle and a side of hashbrowns. I ordered takeout, so when I got back, the whipped cream had melted. The waffle was thin (like a Waffle House waffle). Had I known that, I probably would have ordered two. It was good, and the hashbrowns were as well. Next time I’ll order a couple of waffles and it will be a good-sized meal.

Red Hut Cafe (Stateline, NV)

Red Hut Cafe Service: A

I ordered takeout and the hostess/servers were extremely friendly. I could not have asked for a better experience.


For the pecan waffle, hashbrowns and coffee, it was $18. It is an expensive meal for the amount of food you get. The cost of diners in resort towns!

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I liked the Red Hut Cafe, and if I’m in the Lake Tahoe area, I will go back. While it’s more expensive than the traditional diners, it’s nowhere near the more expensive restaurant in the Lake Tahoe area.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite type of waffle?

Have you been to Nevada? 


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